Shadows Over Calixis

Through the Eye of the Needle into the Fire

After months of travelling through the webway we finally arrived at an Eldarr occupied Deathworld.  However something was definitely not right as the ground shake.  In the sky another planet loomed closer than naturally possible.  With the help of Prince Vharr we made our way to the closest eldar encampment which turned out to be completely abandoned, along with the psykic stones needed to impart the knowledge of the location of the craftworld back to Prince Vharr.  After accessing the various logs Trantor discovers that the planet hovering above the deathworld is populated by humans, which humans is still a mystery.  Also the planet had only arrived a few days ago.  After much debate we decided to head to the human world.  On the way to eldar hangar some ways a way from the main encampment I discover an area of the jungle that had recently had direct contact with the warp.  With that warning we picked up speed to the transport bay. 

As we took off we noticed some odd pillars in the distance rising up out of the jungle.  As we flew closer Trantor screamed for us to turn away in panick as he detected a massive radiation field around the pillars.  Circuits all across the control panel sparked and sputtered as we turned away just in time.  Contemplating if there was any way to approach the pillars we decided to resume course to the planet above. 

Now outside of the atmosphere and close to the other planet Trantor was able to get decent readings of the mysterious planet.  It is Salvation from the Segmentum Pacificus.  Silence filled the cabin as we approached the world from afar.  A flash of familiarity and homecoming was instantly replaced by foreboding and sadness as the arrival of this planet could only mean something terrible has happened.  The silence was broken by Trantor scanning through the various vox transmissions.  A few moments of switching a familiar sound filled our ears.  An inquisitorial order being transmitted to any that could hear ordering the Exterminatus of the planet.  We all exchange glances, realizing we have no means of carrying out these orders we decided to look Salvation.   After we landed near the bottom of the main hive, we geared up and left the Eldar Transport. 

 We made for the nearest Arbite enclave to discover it being beseiged by a mob.  We made our way through the crowd and managed to disperse them easily.  Magnus pulled rank and requisitioned the use of three rhinos and thirty arbites.  We mounted up and headed to the source of the Inquisitor's transmission in the Penny Pincher's District.  When we arrived chaos had erupted everywhere.  Gangs of thugs were kidnapping people and killing others.  Magnus took one of the Rhinos and troops to 'acquire' some subjects for interrogation while Trantor used the voxes on the remaining two Rhinos to narrow the location of the transmission even further.  Shortly Magnus returned with a subject.  I took him into the back of the Rhino while the rest of the squad stood guard.  Soon after my 'questioning' it became apparent that this individual was under some sort of influence, almost like he had been dominated. 

Shortly after my revelation my familiar, an impressive felid from the deathworld, began yelping in pain.  It became clear it was being attacked by something I couldn't perceive.  We mounted up the rhinos and moved out.  There was no way we could fight something we couldn't see.  By this time Trantor had located the transmission source coming from the main depository in the district. 

The driver made for the building, as we closed we detected eldar in the windows and on the roof.  They clearly had superior position.  We sent brother sergeant Agamor to distract the Eldar while we tried to breach the bank.  On Agamors mark all the arbites and him opened fire.  We took our rhino and tried to ram it through the front door.  We impacted the door with a great crash but it didn't feel like we smashed through.  Upon investigation it looked like we just damaged it.  We tried to ram it twice more, however on the third attempt the driver misjudged and caused the ammo bin to explode killing everyone within the Rhino except for the members of the Omega Death Squad.


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