Shadows Over Calixis

The Brain Fish

Spectoris Part III

Arch Magos Redoles deep sea research lab gave new meaning to the word secluded. Over 1000 feet deep in the water, sensor shielded and equipped with industrial strength Psi Dampers, there was no real way to find it, unless you knew where it was.

It was a giant sphere, and inside contained his most personal research that was never turned over to the inquisition. These texts would be heretical even to the most radical inquisitor I suspect.

They elaborated how the life on spectoris was in fact artificial, created by the Adranti… Obvious, I know. what was not obvious however was that life ALL OVER THE SECTOR was artificial. These Adranti were not only theoretical geniuses, they made practical application of their skills a point in their daily lives it seems.

Additionally, Redole had captured something I call, ‘the brain fish’. it was an over sized piranha, with a giant brain, suck in a fish bowl in the center of the sphere. what he was attempting to uncover from it I do not know, but he had acquired it by working with an indigenous sentient species on spectoris called the ‘xxx’. the brain fish was their ancestor, a being a great primordial power… The Psi Dampers were here to keep it in line.

There was a cult here on Spectoris that worshipped the ‘xxx’ as gods a few centuries back. They worshipped under the guise of claiming the fish was an aquatic incarnation of the Emperor… The Ministorium did nothing until the worship turned to human sacrifice. Always leave it to cultists to blow their cover by sacrificing. Idiots.

We found Caerivus and his band down near the brain fish. They resisted violently. They put up a good fight too. The Melta Gun momentarily kept us at bay. But you can only carry so many grenades, and when your side arms are Needle pistols, and your opponents wear power armor, The fight can only go one way.

Trantor hit the Melta Wielder with a fire bomb. He ran off around behind the fish bowl screaming and dying has he went. The remainder were shreded by my Avenger Shurikan catapult. Never in my life have I seen such a weapon of destruction. it tears through armor as if it were not there, and will turn anything it hits into a red mist and bone fragments.

We collected the relevant notes from Caerivus and the sphere in general. we didnt know what to do with the brain fish, so we just left it there… It obviously wasnt going anywhere!

We returned to the ship to find more bodies on it than when we left. The other ships had attempted to board us. but something had killed them. When we stood on deck, we found out what. A giant fish monster had jumped on deck with us, and because biting and mauling Trantor. after it was unable to kill him, and it heard the hum of my chain swords. It fled.

We had no idea how to navigate, and the ship had no emergency beacon (perhaps salvaged), so we roamed the ocean for the next 6 months trying to find someone else to help us. But that, is another story….


Gilgamesh achilles

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