Shadows Over Calixis

Sailing Sailing, sailing the ocean blue!

Spectoris Part IV

Day 1.

I remain in good hopes. I work in the machine shop with Novus, repairing the Las Cannon. hopefully we can repair this before we get back.

Day 3.

The Las cannon is finished. We go upstairs and squeeze off a few shots at birds and fish.

Day 5.

Our rations taste like shit. I hope we find someone soon. There are no women on this boat.

Day 6.

I’m bored. I start paging through Redoles work, trying to find out what he was really doing. Tech priest Magos’ don’t research something for the sake of research, and nor would they care about a local mystery of a planet like this outside of how to exploit it. there is something bigger here that he wishes to learn.

Day 14.

I vomit up the rations. They have gone bad. The humidity has caused bacteria to form on the dry stores, rendering them inedible. Everyone else stopped eating them 2 days ago. I did not notice as I was reading Redoles work…. you wouldnt believe what the Adranti created over this sector.

Redole was collecting things all over the sector for something…

Day 28

Immortality. So thats what Redole was looking for, and thats why Soldevan wants this remaining research. I dont know what day it is, These books are rotting me away. Time to put them down and do something else before I am like an Obscura addict. I have a beard now. Shit, I better go shave.

Day 30.

I’m reallly bored. I’m tired of the small fish Novus is bringing in with his psychic powers. I mop up all the human bits on the ship. I push half of them over board, I’ll save the rest for later. They form a giant chum lake in the middle of the ocean. I check the seals on my power armor, and Las cannon, and make sure everything is covered in Coral Paste. I secure a line to me from the crane, and nod to Novus to fling me into the trailing Chum Wake behind our boat.

The sea roils with fish, both large and small. My mind searches for even larger prey. I want to ride one. I watched an old Pict once where a real bad ass was riding a giant sand worm. I bet I could do it here too, only with a fish. One such creature comes, its giant fishy bulk was enough to swallow me whole, Power armor and all. I swim toward it lascannon strapped to my back just in case.I try to jump on its back and sink my hooks and ropes onto it. It seems incredulous that anyone would try this. As if no man has ever tried. Sane or otherwise. I will ride this beast.

It snaps at me and swats me at first, but when it sees the lascannon, it flees to the depths. It knows what it is, I can see the giant scorch marks on its face. I signal Novus to real me in, happy that we have fresh fish. I sigh. I wanted to ride the Kraken like a vengeful sea god delivering righteous vengeance to all who defy the emperors word!

Day 80.

We try again. I leave the las cannon on board this time. It fears it,and every other time I have brought it out has resulted in it not showing up. even the little fish arent showing up. Its playing with us. We need more food however, so we have to bring the fish back. I go down with some chain Knives, a chain axe, and a Shock Prod, I found amongst the dead.I will repair them later in the machine shop.

I have 2 long ropes, each with hooks on either end. I am going to wrangle this beast whether it wants it or not.

It comes this time. Smaller Fish come with it too, to watch in the spectacle, partake in the fish food, or assist. I don’t know. Novus Broad casts to them for me, “I am Constantine. I will break thee, Kraken of the sea, and I will ride thee. You will serve as my beast of Burden, and you will know your master.”

I can tell Novus is disapointed. This is probably the dumbest thing I have done. He thinks I will die. In fact, that was the only way I could get him to announce to the fish psionically. If I were to die, he would see that I go to the emperor Gloriously. Trantor manned the las cannon on deck should I need the help. Magnus was nowhere to be found. In fact we hadnt seen him in many days. I’ll take care of him when I get back.

The Kraken first tries grabbing me and dragging me to the depths. I knew he would try this. I chose a shallower area in the reefs so he would be limited. It was out of its depth here just as I was. It was a creature of the deep, not a small reef dweller. I stabbed the tentacle with my chain knife, its teeth hungrily sawing through its flesh. until it let go. The water was still deep enough here that I couldnt really see the reefs below, but I could see it coming for me again. another tentacle came at me, I hit it with my shock prod. The resulting roar vibrated my armor and caused the smaller fish to bolt.

It sped off. I sighed, thinking it was over again. Then it came out of the depths again, charging me, its mouth extended so large it caused a noticeable drag in the water. I’m not sure what happened next, but soon I was above the water being expelled from its mouth as it broke the surface, such was the fury of its charge. It smashes me with its tentacles in the air, dragging me towards its Gaping Maw. I rip the chain axe free and cut quickly sever the tentacle holding me, and I being to free fall towards it.

I get a good look at the Kraken finally. Like many of the larger creatures on spectoris, this one has tentacles. It resembles a giant shark and squid Crossed. Now that I have the moment to ponder, it seems obvious to me that no research would be required to determine that these creatures are engineered. Nature could not, would not produce something like this. It looks man made, like a submarine with arms to help it attack ships and eat the people on board.

I used the axe to slow my fall, I hacked into the beasts face as I fell, and used it to keep me close to the beast as I slid down it. I took out my hooked ropes, and hooked them to the krakens gills.

Thrash as the beast may, I managed to ride him for almost a minute before it kicked me free, and retreated to the depths never to be seen again.


Gilgamesh achilles

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