Shadows Over Calixis

Novus' Best Hits

... Novus and Constantine walked into the tunnel.  The criminal was just ahead of them, trying to run away but was only able stumble in fear.  Constantine prepared himself to run and tackle him, but before he could move, Novus spoke, Wait… I got him."  In moments he seized the thug's mind.  The man was paralyzed.  He couldn't move, his mind raced with fear. 

Novus and Constantine strode up to the man.  Constantine looked at him pathetically as Novus grabbed the man's forehead, his thumb and forefinger at opposite temples.  In seconds Novus was sifting through his mind for the answers to his questions.  Every important moment in his life swept aside as Novus searched for the information that the man wasn't even conscious of possessing.  Soon Novus possessed everything he needed.  With a nod to Constantine they walked away from the man paralyzed and slumped against the wall.  

Novus' eyelids close for a moment.  A sickeningly wet noise resulted from the criminals head exploding upon the wall.  His torture by corruption and insanity mercifully ended by Novus' will…

...Novus was apprehensive at the thought of being separated from his new position within the Holy Ordos.  His encounters with the Inquisition have been less than pleasant, but now he's on the other side of the glass, at least that's what he thought.  Now this new assignment.  Novus' strength of will is well documented and known within the Scholastica Psykana.  He can only assume the Inquisition checked him out and are testing him prior to assigning him to the cadre. 

The Thunderhawk hit the deck of the cruiser with a thump.  Novus' mind wandered to the sight of the sight of the mighty ship as they approached.  Aboard was his assignment, the astartes had captured a target that they couldn't break.  

Five psykers have tried, and five have failed.  Their minds broken, and their will shredded.  He wasn't nervous about losing himself, or dying.  He'd already lost himself, he'd been mind cleansed, the only life left is that which he lived from that moment from leaving the Scholastica Psykana.  

Novus approached the reinforced door.  Two large astartes marines flanked either side.  He could feel their contempt pouring through their armor.  He didn't know much about the different astartes chapters, but he had heard that the Black Templars are especially intolerant of psykers.  He can only assume this must be an important prisoner, or a prisoner with important information.   The slid open like large slabs of granite grating across the floor.  The chamber beyond the door was pitch black except for center which was illuminated by a single intense light.  Below the light sat a man, from this distance and despite the terrible wounds across his
body, you could see something wasn't right.  Most of his wounds were fresh, but others looked like they'd been weeping open sores for days, or even longer. Even from this distance, Novus could feel the corruption emanating from this individual, tickling at his mental barriers.

As he approched the chair he could sense that the two of them weren't alone.  He dare not reach out with his mind as he didn't want to provoke the Black Templars anymore than he had to.  He circled around the chair and could see the man's head was slumped forward, staring at the floor.  The restraints were thick and covered in hexagrammatic warding.  At this distance Novus could see he was covered in chaos runes.  As the being raised his head he could see the spiking emblem of chaos tattooed across his head.  Novus could see this experience was going to test every fiber of his being…

...Novus had been released by the Black Templars.  Apparently they were satisfied that the encounter with the Chaos Sorcerer hadn't tainted Novus.  En route Inquisitor Marr had sent orders for him to meet up with the rest of the Cadre at an auction of some sorts.  He sat in his quarters reviewing the dataslate containing the details of the mission.  He was relieved to be heading back to his squadmates.  Something started nagging at the back of his mind.  Someone was in the room with him.  He looked up to see the dart spinning inches from his forehead.  A green film coating the dart.  Two more darts joined it, spinning silently before him.  

Novus rose from his position, in the shadows across the room he saw the glint of glass right before the cloaked individual burst from the shadows.  Her black hair flowed behind her, her red stained lips peered from beneath the photo-goggles.  

She elegantly unsheathed two powerblades from her back.  Her lithe form slid around the obstacle between him and her.  Novus still felt nothing.  He could tell by her facial structure and body that she was very beautiful.  His mind slid into carnal thoughts for a moment before he snapped back to reality.  The two blades arced towards him with deadly intent.  

It is strange that they send a simple assassin to kill him.  Perhaps they didn't know of the power he could wield.  As she pounced, she slid through the telekinetic wave that would have thrown a space marine across the room.  The blades pierced him through the lungs.  A sly grin washed across the assassins lips, just inches from Novus' face.  He didn't react, it happened so fast.  The nymph of death withdrew her blades.  Blood bubbled from Novus' mouth.  To her surprise, instead of agony, Novus was smiling.  She puzzled for the second that cost her life.  She slumped to the ground, a cauterized hole through her chest.  Novus slid into

...the new lungs worked well.  They were the best respiratory implants they could find.  It wasn't even necessary to breathe anymore, however he kept the breathing anyway, it made him feel human.  The encounter with the assassin happened only weeks earlier.  They had replaced his lungs before he became conscious.  He couldn't regenerate the damage now. It was in the past now, and the past is nothing, just like his past.  

The doors to the auction opened.  The corruption issued forth like a roiling fog.  This has to be the place he thought to himself.  He reached out with his mind and found Constantine and the others.  They communicated their plans in silence.  Constantine warned Novus of a woman nearby who was apparently a dangerous psyker of notorious repute.  Novus decided to test the woman's resolve.  

The first shots rung out, Novus plied past Sartha Garns mental barriers, and seized her easily.  She had scholastica psykana training, however her will was weak.  She most likely followed the discipline of the weak, pyromancy.  Novus pulled her strings like a master puppeteer, dispatching the heretics at will.  It wasn't long before another psyker in the room noticed Novus take control of Sarth Garn.  This other psyker attempted several times to destroy Novus' mind and body by his sheer will, but time after again Novus withstood the attack and repaired any damage caused by the attacks.  Novus lashed out with pure anger and destroyed the psyker that was assailing his mind.  In the end, Novus alone stood, while the auction house lay in ruin, most dead or hiding behind cover… the distance.  Clearly the pirates were studying something.  They were stationary.  Constantine and Novus decided to assault the main ship under cover of night as they were the ones with heavy armor and infiltration capabilities.

They made their way slowly across the distance between their small boat and the pirate flagship.  Constantine began climbing the side of the ship in his power armor.  Novus timed his arrival at approximately the same time Constantine arrived on deck.  Suddenly the scene before him blurred and distorted and in a split second re-focused.  He had arrived on deck as he had hoped.  Constantine had arrived a second before Novus and was surrounded by pirates.  They had taken them by surprise.  Constantine shot the las cannon on the foredeck with his krak launcher, severely damaging the gun.  

Pirates burst forth from the holds.  Novus whirled on them, distorting his features into an image of utter maddness and fear, torn from the minds of the most vile and debased creatures that Novus had encountered.  Pirates abandoned ship, some passed straight out, while others just huddled in a corner murmuring to themselves.  Only a few stalwart individuals were unaffected.  It wasn't long before Constantine and Novus had cleared the ship, however the two other pirate vessels turned towards them…

...being stuck on this damned ship is a curse worse than death.  It is all he can do to stay sane. Novus has taken up a curious hobby.  The las cannon lay on the workbench, damaged by the krak missile.  Novus examines it curiously.  

The cannon raises off the bench and hovers in the air.  Novus examines it as it slowly twists and rolls with a thought.  Pieces start to disgorge from the cannon.  First small screws, then larger plates, springs, wires, and lenses.  It's not long before a cloud of parts hang in the air in front of Novus.  He identifies the parts that need repair or replacing and has Trantor make new parts.  While he waits for trantor he amuses himself by making the parts orbit each other in interesting and seemingly random patterns.  It's not long before Trantor enters the room muttering to himself something about monkeigh and disrespecting the machine spirit.  He's clearly uncomfortable with this method of repair.  The pieces
float from Trantors grasp into the whirling maelstrom of parts, the same number dropping to the floor that enter, presumably the damaged parts.  Within seconds the parts come together to form a las cannon.  Novus slowly rests it on the workbench.  Novus depresses a button and the cannon hums to life.  He smiles at Trantor as the tech-priest turns shaking his head…

...something is drawing Novus into the woods away from Landing.  He decides to explore this sensation alone, informing his compatriots he's going to look for some local fauna to subjugate. 

He wanders further into the woods when he comes across four pillars in the ground.  The trees envolope the pillars.  They appear to be covered in runes of some sort.  Runes he's never encountered before, maybe xenos.  "You're very powerful mon-keigh…" a voice says from behind him.  "I have only encountered a handful of mon-keigh with your strength, however I sense you possess a stronger will than the others.  You must understand that we must have that beacon.  Don't bother calling your friends, even you can't send a message from within these pillars." The eldar steps from beind a pillar with is arms raised to punctuate his words.  Novus turns toward this eldar.  "You will have the beacon when our Inquisitor's mind has been released from its prison."  The eldar's face contorts in frustration. "I have told you, there is nothing we can do for him."  Novus turns to leave, "Then I guess we have nothing to talk about."  With a sigh the eldar whispers "I may know where to go to help him, if you give us the beacon, I will do what I can to help."  Novus glances over his shoulder,"then we follow through with our deal.  Meet us at Landing and we will make the exchange."  With that Novus leaves the ring, leaving the Eldar standing alone, looking after Novus as he leaves…

..."you have not come to retrieve the beacon eldar, we will not leave completely until you uphold your end of the bargain." Novus telepathically communicates with the eldar he had met previously.  Before the eldar could respond Magnus reports that Dark Eldar are heading to Landing and they will arrive shortly.  "Too late eldar, your mistrust has cost you your beacon."  With that Novus motions for the bag the beacon was in.  The bag floats into the air and towards Novus.  With that the eldar open fire.  A massive hail of shuriken assault Novus.  The ineffectual fire spins harmlessly feet from him while other ricochete off his force field…

...Novus turns to see Magnus' shot barely miss the driver of the Dark Eldar transport, only to see the driver's head errupt in plasma as Constantine relieves the eldar of life.  Suddenly the transport veers out of control straight for the doorway that Novus is standing in.  Before he can react the enormous transport slams into the building and exploding killing all aboard and showering the town center with debris.  Novus pulls himself up, several meters from where he was standing and brushes debris off himself.  The wounds seal and melt away as if they were never there.  To everyone's amazement he strides out of the now destroyed doorway brushing himself off…

...Constantine and Novus both react before the others.  Their supernatural senses alerting them to danger approaching.  The first of the assailants bursts from the treeline straight for Constantine.  The tawny furred feline pounces on Constantine raking him several times, causing deep gouges in his power armor.  The second erupts into the clearing charging at Magnus. Constantine spins on the cat attacking him and tears it open with his sword.  With a demon-like howl of pain the feline dies at his hand.  The second feline had leapt and missed Magnus, however he was entirely unprepared to respond.  Quickly Novus seized the cats mind, and ordered it to lay down.  Constantine instantly recognized the tell-tale sign of a Novus-puppet and uneasily sheathed his sword, knowing that usually he is the recipient of any backlash cause by Novus.  Novus beckons the cat to approach and sit next to him.  He closes his eyes and caresses the poor creature, attempting to calm it.  Minutes pass for everyone, when Novus' eyes flick open.  He smiles at his new friend and strokes the fur on it's neck…


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