Shadows Over Calixis

Amphibious Assault!

Spectoris Part II

Having secured an ocean going transport, We made our way to Skellas reef in pursuit of Caerivas. When we got to the den of Scum and villainy, we didn’t learn much that we didn’t know. Caerivas was in ‘the Gorges’, a region of deep sea, that was little traveled on account of the high depth of the water, and accompanying extra-large sea beasts. Magnus was able to barter the power swords we retrieved from the drug lord earlier for some coralite made heavy stubbers.

we then made our way to the Gorges. We were faced with 3 large pirate ships, equipped with Las Cannons and heavy stubbers! These ships would tear our small cargo barge apart without even getting close to them. They hung stationary in the Ocean, clearly using their diving apparatus to search the bottom of the ocean for whatever they were looking for.

It was then I realized I would have to swim underwater, board their ships, and disable the Las cannons at the very least, less they bring them to bear on us in the water and tear us to shreds. Novus accompanied me, as he was the only other one who could swim in the water, as his armor was coated in the same coral paste to deter the marine life that mine was. I ferried him through the water as he was unable to swim (why they fail to provide Psykers even minimal physical education is beyond me).

Once we reached the flagship, boarding was a trival matter. I simply walked up the walls, and Novus Teleported. I used my Missile Launcher to disable the lascannons on each ship, while Novus paralyzed them all with fear, while he amused himself by flicking people overboard when it suited him.

Upon seeing the explosions from my krak missiles, Magnus and Trantor ordered our Ferrywoman Tam to bring them in close during the fighting so that they might board safely.

The occupants of the other 2 ships trained their Heavy stubbers on us for a time, but after watching futily as the bullets bounced from my armored bulk, and just stopped in front of Novus, they then set about to perforating our Transport! within moments they had sunk our ship, and both our Ferryman Tam, and our informant died screaming as the ship sank, and the fauna of Spectoris consumed them utterly. Magnus and Trantor made it safely to us, thanks due to the carapace armor we had taken from the kill team on Solomon once again saved us!

By the time they reached us, the flag ship was ours, and the 2 other ships had retreated, unwilling to challenge us w/o their las cannons.

We discovered Caerivus had indeed found what he was looking for, and had found some deep sea labority in the form of a giant floating sphere beneath the waves. we hauled up the diving bell, so that we could follow him down into the depths…


Gilgamesh achilles

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