Trouble on Iocanthos
   Part 1: Iocanthos
   Part 2: Debriefing Kiyra

The Joyous Choir (Scintilla)
   Part 1: The Joyous Choir Affair

Search and Rescue on Twilight (Scintilla System)
   Part 1: A Spacehulk Gone Wrong
   Part 2: Die Eldar Skum!

Transit from Scintilla to Elros
   Part 1: Internal Affairs
   Part 1: Message from the deep

Tyranids on Elros
   Part 1: Elros Mission Briefing
   Part 2: Bugs
   Part 3: Tyranid Mutants on Elros
   Part 4: Queen Maker
   Part 5: Fun with Rope!
   Part 6: The Butchers Bill
   Part 7: Orbital Bombardment
   Part 8: Finishing up Elros

Trouble on Gunpointe
   Part 1: The enemy among us
   Part 2: Cult Exterminated
   Part 3: Bad Robot
   Part 4: Shoot out at the forum

The Haarlock Legacy
   Part 1: The Rebeginning
   Part 2: Where am I?
   Part 3: The Wheels of Misfortune
   Part 4: Shootout at Gabriel Chase


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