Group Loot

Group Loot
Last Updated: 09/27/08

Why do we need a group loot list? For the various worlds we visit. Each world, each mission requires a specialized tools for the job.

Being acolytes that we are… we dont have access to vast resources and as such must make do with what we have on hand most of the time.

The Reaper -With 3 spare auto cannons and 5.5 extra clips

bullets : 150
Chain Axe
Chain Sword
Monoblade : 3
Splinter Rifle Ammo : 1200
Best quality Flintlock Pistol
Best quality Mono blade

Armor Mesh Armor : 2
Power Armor, military power supply (looted from inquisitor andojan)
Shroud Cloak

Basic MIV Interface
Auger Array
Respirator : 2
Optical Mechandrite
Data slate : 4
Personal cogitator
Vox Caster
Photo Visor
Eldar Warpbeast Collar
Auto Stylus
Silk Satchel with purity seals

‘Quest Items’
Xenos orb, aka annunciator (from worm dude on elros)
Hivemind Vox caster (from tyranid guardsman on emperor island, Elros)
Book of Dark Alliances (Dark Wizard of Kyber Pass)

Group Loot

Shadows Over Calixis Gilgamesh achilles