Name: Constantine
Occupation: Guardsman
Rank: Veteran
Inquisitorial Rank: Acolyte
Status: Active
Inquisitorial Activities:
   Personal activities
   Omega Cell activities


Veteran Constantine Has been in service of the Imperium for some time. Of Noble Birth (if you could call any noble from Zillmans Domain noble…), he lends a commanding presence uncommon to Guardsman, and as such is suitable for officer material.

He is a Veteran of the Mara Landing massacre. Inquisitor Van Vuygens must have seen him as a valuable asset because of this.

Recently he took it upon himself to board a black ship to be returned to Terra for Sanctioning, as he had developed some small amount of Psychic ability. This is unusual in that most Psykers do NOT return from Terra, and most people avoid the black ships, as it is rumored (and rightly so), that those who enter never come back. For some reason, the emperor saw fit to return him to the Calixis Sector as soon as he left it; a normal trip to Terra could take nearly 30 years, he returned 2 days earlier than he left! Details on this incident can be found here.

He has a strong sense of duty to the Imperium, almost to a fault in some cases. He can be confrontational, and is overly paranoid at times (doubtless because of Mara).

I believe he sees his duty first and foremost to the Imperium, and NOT to his immediate superiors, and so this could be a problem.

Constantine has been placed on watch for one of several reasons:

  • Nobody came back from Mara without some of its taint. Whatever happened there, it has left its mark on all of the remaining survivors.

  • Self admittedly hears daemonic voices inside his head. Analysis at Terra during Sanctioning showed unusual willpower in a Guardsman and a focused mind. It is unlikely he is insane (yet). I have not made a decision on his ability to resist this daemonic influence yet.

  • Perhaps because of the Daemonic influence of Mara, or simply being late in maturation. He is a psyker, and as such must be watched in case he falls into damnation.


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