Shadows Over Calixis

The End
Epic failure of rule set

The shadows of calixis campaign has come to an end.

Not by an epic fight against the overwhelming tide of evil, not fighting an endless hoard of Tyranids, but to the simple failure to overcome a flawed rule system.

While manifesting a minor healing power during a minor combat, in the attempt to heal a fallen comrade, who was gunned down by a heavy bolter on full auto, Constantine exploded due to the perils of the warp, thereby nearly killing everyone (including himself) and rending himself naked (because thats what the power does).

He then ran fearlessly (because thats what fearless makes you do) into combat (naked) which resulted in his death. Despite the large amounts of fate he had built up in the emperors favor, he decided before letting his soul drift into the warp, he would no longer prolong the inevitable within this flawed system.

The End.

The remains of Kaplor

On our way to Kaplor, we were accosted by what appeared to be automated Battleship sentries guarding the planet. They seemed to be ancient relics of the original Angevin Crusade, and were far more armed than a normal ship of their size. Fortunately our credentials prevented them from exterminating us on the spot.

Orbital scans indicated an airless vacuum and a massive cloaked ship in the ruins of a city! Further investigation of the planet revealed slimy pink skined Xenos with tentacles and a beak for a mouth, not unlike a squid…

We were able to find passages into the under city Via our alien scanner technology. Trantor was able to get us into the tunnels due to his understanding of the technology. What we found were long windy tunnels that seemed to go down. the air, while breathable, was determined to be unhealthy after long term exposure.

Trantor managed to modify the environmental controls in the area, changing it to breathable air much more favorable for our existance… unfortunately this was not the case for the Xenos, and as a result they Attacked us in desparation! I believe they did this out of their belief that removing us would remove their breathing problems.

I believe Trantor should be watched… He seemed to derive an unhealthy pleasure from their wholesale slaughter. and while I fully agree that the Xeno should be killed. His urges and desires could carry over to the imperial citizen!

these Xenos seem to be innately Psychic, and have seemed to mastered the Warp. during our brief encounter with them, it would appear they are degenerated from a more advanced life form, which high levels of technology.

Further investigation of their technology could be potentially useful to man kind.

I reccommend exterminating the Xeno Scum permanently and collecting the useful odds and ends their technology has produced.

Harbingers of doom


I know not if you will receive this message or not. The warp has been unstable as of late.

Attached are a list of occurrances that seem related to the Tyrant Star. I can say this with certainty because of the last appearance of the Tyrant star I witnessed while living on Zilmans domain. The more notable occurrances include Nightmares regarding the end of the world, Warp instability, and a near deamonic possession of those we have questioned.

We have no leads here at present, other than the potential necron menace. We believe the Tyranids are no longer a threat. We will investigate Kaplor, the planet where the Serrated query appears to be operating. Afterwards we will continue to wait for the Tyrant star threat to manifest.

A little gift from Constantine
gifts from the heavens

Governess He-Hoe,

I hope your reign as Governess is going well. In fact, I’m counting on it! I have come across a business opportunity that will cement your power of Elros for all time.

In the execution of my holy duties for the imperium, I have discovered that nearly all the food supply for Gunpointe, a nearby planet in the same sub sector as your own, has been tainted with poisons. As such, I destroyed it! This however left a famine in its wake.

This world is starving! But the heresy and vile taint of the xeno has been rooted out, so at least there is plenty of food for their soul if not for the body.

The ship that carries this message is a transport ship capable of carrying much more than you can supply I suspect. Fill it to the best of your ability. I have attached handsome payment terms for your efforts in the form of precious metals, weapons and ammunition.

In the crates I have included two Metal Box guns, and enough ammunition to ensure your dominance for a time. I have included several pallets of Lasguns and reserve charge packs as well. And for you my dear, I have included a power sword. with this weapon none will be able to stand against you in personal combat!

I have seen to it that also included are many tools and manuals that will increase your production of essential foodstuffs, so that the next time you are visited by my contacts, you will be better able to. I do not intend to turn your planet into an agri-world, but certainly enough to become the primary supplier of Gunpointe for a time.

I urge you to accept these terms, as the people of gunpointe are desperate. I assure you the price I have negotiated for you is excellent. Why can you be assured? Because it will be in my interest to do so!

I have included my finders fee in the documents. Dont worry, I have limited it to a few points only. Please set it aside for me. Feel free to loan it out and make money on it. I expect my cut from it to be set aside for me as well however.

I have of course one other request. I will require marriage to a suitable female who is well connected is made available: young, attractive, loyal,and intelligent.

Fear not, I have no desire to rule Elros, or even take any hand in its politics. My duties don’t leave me with much free time, and my organization is not the kind you merely retire from (and not that I would either, it is my calling) But what I do need is a steady revenue stream, an excellent man-power resource in the form of skilled warriors, and good breeding stock so that when my inevitable death occurs, my line is carried one.


PS: Send me another musa warrior. Musa Pa isnt dead yet, but in my line of work, it never hurts to have replacements. See that she makes her way to Gunpointe, and awaits my instruction. my associate Baron Carr will pick her up and have further instructions for her there. Make sure she knows not to kill him if he is rude. That would involve a great deal of financial loss for us both.

Potential Tyrant Star Sighting
This could be the one

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Anonymous
To: Shadow King
Subject: Potential Tyrant Star Sighting
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Change in the wind

Shadow King,

I know not whether this message will reach you or not. Astropathic communications from and to Gunpointe have been sporadic. Many Strange occurances have appeared, and bear similarity to the effects of the Tyrant star appearance on Zilmans domain.

Nightmares, prophets decrying the end, Warp Instability, famine and worse. While I must admit that a number of the problems plaguing Gunpointe are due to my own hand in the execution of my holy duties, enough of them are not.

In particular the doomsaying and the nightmares… and most peculiar is the Sudden lack of stability in the warp, preventing stable interstellar communications.

The nightmares could be occuring in those infected by the genestealer patriarch and its ilk, perhaps that is to say, they no longer feel its touch and are now slowly going mad because of the contaminants in their bodies.

The breakdown in Psychic communications could also be due to the warp shadow of a large Tyranid hive fleet, however I see no reason they would single out Gunpointe. The infestation here was relatively small, or so I presume…

While I see no daemonic incursions, as was experienced the last time I witnessed the Tyrant star, Something major is happening, be it Hive fleet or Komus itself.

I urge you look into this matter quickly, and if so deemed, to make all possible haste here.

Commissar Kahn rids City of Tyranids!
Breaking news at 11!

Commissar Kahn, a little known commissar from offworld, in conjunction with a small arbite task force, led the 107th PDF regiment into the underhive earlier this week upon hearing rumors about a Tyranid infestation.

Fully 100 Noble PDF troopers, and 20 Arbite enforcers descended into the depths of the undercity intent upon removing yet another threat plagueing our fair hive.

Eye witness accounts said less than 20 survivors made it out alive, driving their troop carriers as fast as they could, a wild look in their eyes. There was no sign of Kahn or his aids.

The governor and his ilk stood by helplessly, paralyzed with fear! First the mutations, and now the Tyranids!?

Fortunately Lord Sector Marius Hax’ specially selected Commissars are made of sterner stuff! Days after the surviving troopers fled, an explosion rocked the underhive. The entire city shook with the blast.

Shortly thereafter, the grime covered commissar, and his band of heroes clawed there way from the depths of the underworld!

The surviving troopers told a tale of horror! Giant clawed beasts hacking them to pieces, helpless citizens of the imperium infested with the Tyranid plague, forced to attack their fellow citizens, and worst of all, the fusion of xeno and divine human flesh made real in the form of Human-Tyranid hybrids made solely to breed and kill!

The Tyranids would not carry the day however! Newly promoted Sargent Jos, one of 12 survivors, told us what he saw first hand, “Everyone knows no good comes from seeing a commissar, and Commissar Kahn was no exception. But there is nobody I’d rather have at my back, pushing me forward. Balls of Steel, and as indomitable as an Imperial Battle Cruiser!”

The veteran soldier paused a moment, recalling the horrible encounter further,”We came upon him, the commisssar I mean, in the tunnels, after some horrible fights. We had barely managed to kill any of the genestealers. Mostly we just ran…” he swallowed again,”but when we found the commissar, he was standing on a pile of corpses, five deep in places! Genestealers, Hybrids, infected, all of them blackened. Their blue blood everwhere! Every man who was with him was down on the ground, dead or dying. Kahn had propped up any of the survivors he could find, and put them against the wall and tended their wounds as best he could. he sat there waiting for us, smoking on lho stick on a pile of tyranid corpses! A real hero of the Imperium he is!”

The Commissar and his band then proceeded to track them deeper into the bowels of the city, led by the only arbite with enough courage to follow him, and not turn tale and flee! They tracked the Tyranids to their lair, but instead of fighting them in their lair, they detonated a large bomb, collapsing the sections above the Tyranids.

“We decided to try and kill them at once, because otherwise, they could have split up and fled from us. Them bugs are fast!”

It has been noted that this group was seen in the council halls during the unmasking of Baron Rhines plot to poison and mutate the population, and played a part in the apprehending him when he tried to escape, and bears similarity to the Omega Death Squad. Sources within the military also indicate they were also responsible for putting a halt to the arson in the grain district. It has been speculated they were the ones who supplied Baron Carrs curious information, as sources close to the baron mumbled softly that the Baron wouldnt know a good idea even if it hit him in the face!

When Asked about their involvement, and if they were the death squad, Commissar Kahns Techpriest glared menacingly at me and responded “Thought begets heresy, heresy begets retribution”

I then decided to give these elusive heroes the peace and quiet they Sorely deserved.

But just who is this Commissar Kahn, and his band of stalwart heroes? Nobody seems to be talking.

This is Lori Matsukawa, signing off.

In the Undercity
We've got movement!


I write this as I am being stitched up by Trantor. I took a PDF regiment down into the underhive to use as a distraction while we hunt the Tyranids.

The curs run in fear from the Genestealers, but they have provided adequate distraction. Emperor bless their souls, they have done their duty to the Imperium with Honor.

We have terminated 6 more genestealers, there should be another 25 guarding the patriarch. my hope (which is a futile one), is that we can evade them and exterminate the patriarch.

However, there is little chance for us to end them all I suspect. additional military assets are likely required to hunt all the individual cells down.

I leave this with Musa Pa, a warrior I appropriated from Elros. In the case I do not reconnoiter with her in 1 week, she will assume I have fallen,and will deliver this message to an astropath. should you receive this, I urge you to proceed with all haste and dispatch any available units to exterminate the threat.

The passing of a hero
he probably deserved it though

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: a hero passes

It is with great regret, that I must inform you of a passing of a hero. Interrogator Blade lies dead by my own hand. We went to confront Blade, knowing full well it was a trap. Our intent was to spring that trap and bring him back alive. What we didn’t count on were the 30 or so pure strain genestealers supported by a veritable army of Hybrids.

After a tense standoff with him, where I tried to talk him into surrendering to us, Trantor grew bored and set up his Heavy stubber, intent upon killing him! I was under the impression Tyranids never talked, but apparently the sight of several of the weapons provoked a very loud, verbal response from his actual lips!

When he invariably bolted for cover, I attempted to maim him, in hopes of taking him alive, but fate it would seem, had shined upon his soul, and had decided to grant him a quick and merciful death, rather than slow agonizing interrogation by my own hand…

My gun Jammed! As such, I had nothing but a Kronos Maximal Plasma Pistol, and my Bolt pistol. Even though I must admit a strong desire to fire the might plasma gun, I was still loathe to do so, knowing that while they are beautiful, they are temperamental as well, and hardly worth the effort.

Blade was able to make it to cover and with that, his hoard of stealers came bounding over crates, jumping out of refuse, and swarming over the roof behind us.

Without Trantor and Magnus laying down vast sheets of suppressing fire at our forefront, Kiyra and myself would not have been able to hold our rear.

Shortly after we had dispatched the stealers behind us, Blade took aim and nearly killed Kiyra with a bolt round. It was fortunate that the explosion was mostly absorbed by her armor, for she was barely able to stand. As a result of that I made the decision that he must die b4 Kiyra did… and so I put a bolt round in his eye socket, with lamentable be predictable after effects.

What followed was absolute mayhem. But in the end, the emperor saw fit for us to continue on. All of them lay dead at our feet, only Magnus and Kiyra had been wounded by the foul claws and teeth of the stealers.

Trantor and I checked everyone over regardless to make sure we were free of the infection. We will of course submit to inspection at your earliest convenience.

Blade no longer possessed his Rosette; we will be picking up his associates as soon as we return, with the mass carnage earlier today, I would have hoped for at least a single survivor. They fought with such single minded ferocity that we were unable to take a single one alive.

With any luck we’ll get something useful out of them. I’m also hoping you can send me all of the correspondence he may have sent you already. Perhaps he had found something that he passed on before he was compromised.

Shoot out at the forum
and I dont mean the online kind!

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: its in the food

We have tracked down the mutation problem on Gunpointe to a Baron Rhine , who was importing his grain from Hesiods wake. However, I do not believe he is knowingly spreading his dubious wares amongst the populace.

We made use of a Baron Carr, a grain importer who’d been hit the hardest with all the arson of late. We forwarded him the information, and waited to see what would pan out as a result.

Predictably, A Forum was called amongst the nobles of the Hive, where Baron Rhine was apprehended and then the guard attempted to take him away for questioning. Ahh the forum. I remember them fondly on Zilmans domain… Except they let us bring weapons to it… and for good reason too! How else could you prove someones guilt or your own innocense without one! The council chambers where the forum was held was grandiose. It was a large circular hall, with several Tiers of seating each one higher than the previous, and recessed alittle more into the walls, much like a Stadium, only indoors, with fine decor and smaller.

Baron Rhines men would not allow this however… but instead of defending him, they attempted to kill him with a Melta pistol and grenades! Fortunately due to Trantors newfound ability to fall from great heights without hurting himself too badly (no doubt an upgrade after the fall in the metalimax factory), we were able to reach the bottom of the forum hall and make it to him and protect him from being overly ravaged by the melta wielding madman. I took his head off with a clean swipe and saved the baron.

Rhine had been horribly wounded in the fighting, and it was only by sheer luck he had not bled out, since the melta had cauterized his wounds and miraculously missed his vital organs. We got him carted off to a close by hospital, and began interrogating him.

He is either an extremely accomplished liar, able to hold his facade under Trantors painful ministrations, or he was actually telling the truth, and that truth being that he knew nothing about the mutations, or any of the odd properties of his grain.

We gave him a once over with an auspex, in order to see if he was a tyranid,but while we were scanning him, we picked up something in his leg. It turned out to be a bomb, and we were unable to diffuse it (with dire consequences for the Baron). After questioning his wife, it became obvious that while the Baron was undoubtedly the perpetrator of these crimes, he was not knowingly doing it. At this time we have no suspects regarding who could have planted the bomb in his leg. Clearly this is the organization responsible for the arson

The arsonists are still at large as well. We suspect someone in the barons organization was perpetrating these crimes, most likely to spread the consumption of the grain.

We then went to search his residence out for any clues. After finding detailed documents after the fact in his personal residence showing that he was purchasing it from a Mr X at a below cost rate, it is no surprise that he was able to overturn the entire market place and gain near total control over the local grain supply.

Currently we are unable to determine the motivation behind this scheme to mutate the people of Gunpointe. It is possible it is demonic in nature. but it works equally well as a diversion to hide Tyranid Hybrids. We will head to Hesiods wake after resolving the tyranid problems here.

Regarding Interrogator Blade:

It has been sometime now that we have been on this planet, and we have seen zero progress from him. We have set a meeting with him, under the guise of a status update, but in reality to bring him in for questioning. Blade is no fool. he has set a meeting with us in the Lower hive. This is undoubtedly a Tyranid trap, and obviously confirms our suspicions. We are going to spring it and bring him back.

Bad Robot!
who equipped them with krak missiles!?

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Necrons

After finding the Barons grain down with the mutants, we moved to have a sample of the grain examined. We are still waiting on the results to come back. We also played doctor for a day and examined the the mutants, the results of which were also inconclusive.

We DID uncover a few things tho:

1: The food shortages started a few years ago. 2: the mutations also started a few years ago. 3: The Baron started shipping in his own supplies, a few years ago.

At this point we are leaning towards arresting the Baron and wringing the information out of him.

We moved to search the grain silos and the surrounding area. And during one of the nights we were there searching the silos, another arson occurred! We tracked them to another burnt out silo and thanks to Magnus’ years on the force hunting down criminals, we were able to track them to the roof, where they had exited this hive level to the one above us via a cleverly hidden passage (protected by melta bombs of course) the secret passage opened into an upper middle hive night club!

at this point we lost the trail, so we alerted the authorities to the existence of the tunnel and had it sealed permanently.

As we are currently at a stand still until our results come back for the grain and mutants, we turned our attentions elsewhere.

During our investigation of the Tyranid on Gunpointe, we came across rumors of the Serrated Query again. Although we didn’t know it yet, their head quarters were located with the Metallimax manufacturing facility. The green lights that seemed reminiscent of the necrons had intrigued us, and so we set about to sneak into the place and look around.

Observation of the facility proved useless, so we decided to enter the complex via the massive ventilation shafts that proved air circulation for the toxic chemicals.

When we found a vent leading to Metallimax, we tried to remove it and drop down from the roof using our mag-grapnels. Pressing my face against the grill, and focusing my will, I was able to detect two hulking presenses below us, and Trantor confirmed them with his auspex. We decided to carefully try to remove the vent grill and descend into the manufacturing plant silently.

Unfortunately, Kiyra set off a melta bomb attached to the air duct, causing a massive explosion that nearly killed us! The explosion also destroyed our ropes holding us to the ceiling, which left us free falling towards the ground!

What happened next, I don’t know if I should be thankful or fearful. My suspicions were confirmed in that moment. Kiyra stopped in mid air, floating 30 feet off the ground. Trantor and I were able to grasp onto her, saving our own lives as well. Kiyra is a rogue Psyker. I have witnessed it many times since Elros, and possibly even on the Space hulk twilight. I hope she will go to the black ships willingly as I have, realizing it is the only way to safeguard her self and those around her, from the daemons of the warp.

The commotion however alerted the 2 unknown entities to our presence… Two Praetorian battle servitors, one of them armed with Krak Missiles! After a furious fight (which mostly involved Kiyra chopping them up with her sword, since our small arms fire did absolutely nothing to them) we left them as two smoking heaps of metal and flesh. By some twisted turn of fate, Trantor was able to avoid the missiles that came flying at him! Being a krak missile enthusiast myself, I can say with a degree of certainty that being hit with one of them is not conductive to long life.

At that point, we had decided that something illegal was going on here. Who guards their warehouse with melta bombs and Military grade war machines? I must admit, even if there wasnt something illegal here, we’d certainly be planting some evidence of something illegal after this mess!

We worked our way back , careful to remove any evidence of our presence here, and then found a familiar sight, an extra dimensional drug lab!

Kiyra also found, when she opened the door, a volley of fire from several men covered by large crates firing Necron weapons and hell guns erupted around her. Needless to say, she wasnt standing after the volley, and by some grace of the emporer, she even survived (mostly intact anyway)

Trantor rushed their position trying to get to Kiyra to save her life before she bled out, but met the same fate as the she.

It was then left to myself and Magnus to take care of business. So I did what I do best, and sniped them with Krak Missiles! Despite my best efforts, I am not well equipped to take prisoners. I blame it on my Imperial Guard training. Emporer bless the core, I am too well trained to kill , and not to maim! it is no wonder the imperium rules the galaxy!

Fortunately, Magnus is a far worse shot than I, and he was able to disable one of the guardians which enabled us to subdue him….

As Trantor was barely clinging to life, and missing a hand entirely (a blast from a Hell gun melted it off, boy will he be happy about that when he comes to), it was left to me to investigate the place. I profess to be no great sage of technology. I admit I am but a novice with Archeo-tech, but I was not so inept as to not recognize a count down on a bomb when I see one! They had rigged the place to blow!

I grabbed what was close by and handy and ran towards the door, sure to grab the prisoner on the way out.

We weren’t sure if only the extra dimensional space would implode or if the entire building was, but given that the timer said 5 minutes, I could only drag our downed comrades to some metal crates outside the pocket dimension, and build a flimsy cover that I hoped would be sufficient to save them should the entire place blow!

I then quickly ushered Magnus towards the vent shafts and climbed up and ran for it down the vents. and as luck would have it, only the pocket dimension dissolved.


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