Shadows Over Calixis

The Game begins!
Spy vs. Spy

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Soldevan Cell Infiltration Status
Location: Scintilla
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Heresy or Incompetance?

As per your permission, I have infiltrated Inquisitor Soldevans Organization. While I have not detected any heretical behavior in his actions yet, he HAS divulged other information of useful import.

During the altercation between kyra and the Serrated Query cell that resulted in the massive explosion in Hive Tarsus, Lady D managed to find out that the Aquila Lander escaped the destruction and boarded a tansport vessel named Calixis Rejuvinate. Other agents, dicovered the Calixis Rejuvinate was headed for Gunpointe.

With your permission, after dealing with the matter on Elros I will gain passage to Gunpointe and investigate the matter there further.

Soldevan claims he did not know of Sergeant Forden’s double allegiance. Given he is of Ordo hereticus, and the Query’s primarily commercial interests, I have no reason yet to disbelieve him.

I believe I have gained the the trust of Lady D. Upon my return I will see to it she is properly utilized to our best advantage, and coax the latest activities in his organization from her.


Long hours, lousy pay
and the Perks Suck!

Personal Log, Constantine.


As I fly back to Gunmetal City, I find myself reflecting on Soldevans offer to work for him.

A learned man perhaps. a Wise one I think not. A man who wishes to hire another man need only pay. A man who wishes to command others must demonstrate his ability to command. A man who wishes to subvert others must show his own superiority.

In soldevan, I see none of these.

Can he pay? he lives in his government appointed barracks. Can he command? perhaps… although I see no great initiative from his followers. And Lastly, can he demonstrate his Superiority? His followers have divided loyalties! He cant outshine petty criminal organizations?

Or perhaps he is quite clever…

Can he pay? his choice of venue a cleverly neutral one. Can he command? Yes, his charisma is such that he can command his men to kill their friends. Can he subvert? Yes, even so much as to turn a soldier away from his beloved imperium.

His promise of advancement… I see nothing in this. only followers without their rosettes. Incompetent ones at that. His secrets bear little use. and he turns a blind eye to his own house, or is an insidious, perhaps even murderous, betrayer.

However perhaps I will join… In either case his Ordo is Ripe with potential promotion. Either through incompetence or treachery, he has failed the imperium.

Working for him I’m sure would give me first grab to expose these. So in that sense, he IS right… I will advance quickly!

Still even his ineptness could have great value… I’m sure he does have a great many secrets. Can I plunder his resources for my own due to his poor performance? do I take them from the outside or from within.

Should I subvert his subordinates from the outside or from within? How do I best get them to do my bidding and uncover the diamonds in the rough of his vast expanse of knowledge?

Internal Affairs
Friends are Close, but Enemies are usually closer

Ref: Inq/084635455/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Mission Briefing
Location: Samson IV, orbital Dock, Dylars Lament
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: The rot within

Inquisitor Van Vuygens,

I attach this report as an interim update should you not hear from me in the short future due to the incident on our Elros bound transport.

As you know, we utilized the mid range trading frigate , Dylars Lament, to travel to the eastern most fringes of the Calixis sector, and reach the hive world Samson IV.

Magnus had found a merchant ship headed to Sampson IV to drop off an ex governor named Mithra to the authorities via a posting in the Arbitrator Halls looking for additional manpower to guard this high profile suspect.

We signed on to provide that additional support. Afterward we were to find a tramp trader to the Backwater planet Elros.

It was during this trip to Sampson IV that we picked up some additional passengers. One of them was a woman with a Robotic arm, who introduced herself as Erya Nepthis. After approaching her (I must admit my libido may have been getting the best of me on this year long voyage), I learned of her stern and dour demeanor. What I did not do next, I consider a failing on myself, one I will rectify from this day forward.

With the exception of spending time with the condemned Governor of Samson IV, I spent my time in solitude in the Aquila lander we had acquired on Twilight.

For whatever reason, I did not spend my time attempting to converse with the rest of the crew, or with the other passengers. She struck me as odd, and for whatever reasons, I did not pursue her. Perhaps she used her abilities as a psyker to dissuade me from attempting. Had I bed her as I would have done with any other woman, I may have found her secret long before it became a problem.

In the future I will be more diligent in my efforts to bed any suspicious women (even if they have robotic arms) and use whatever means at my disposal to make accurate threat assessments of them!

Sometime during our second warp trip, the ships Gellar field collapsed. it was down for 7 minutes. A number of Daemonettes boarded the ship and proceeded to kill a great many of the crew. While they were dangerous to the crewmen, and were tough to kill, they were in my estimation not terribly dangerous to ourselves. After a lengthy conflict, we prevailed and moved on to the crew quarters, on a hunch of mine regarding our new passenger.

Upon arrival, my suspicions were confirmed. The prisoner was gone, and so was Erya Nepthis. We searched her quarters and found the remnants of a dark ritual on the floor! The arbites transporting our prisoner to Samson IV were dead, however it appears they had helped some of the other passengers to safety, locking them securely in their rooms.

We then made our way to the Bridge, which we found to be empty. Empty but for Erya in full Storm Trooper armor complete with Hexogramatic wards. She informed us she was an Inquisitor, and that these demons had come to hunt her. Obviously we had our suspicions… but she DID have a rosette, and knew her part well.

I did not inform her of our own status, since I was suspicious. Instead we acquiesced to her orders and formed up around her and proceeded to sweep the ship for the demon she claimed hunted her. I found it curious however. she did not proceed in any logical fashion. Either she was inexperienced in search and destroy missions, or she knew where she was going.

Eventually we found Mithra, our prisoner. He had become a Daemon host! After a furious battle, we best it in combat.

Shortly afterward we found the captain and his bridge crew huddled away from the slaughter. What a cowardly man, He left his entire crew and passengers to die!

During the final months of our voyage, I had decided to tell Erya that I was an acolyte. I wanted more information about what was going on, and I felt hiding my occupation from others in the inquisition as wrong. She didn’t tell me much, other than the Daemons’ name was Kalvar. I know not if she spoke the truth or not. I do know after what happened next that she had no real reason to lie to me though.

I awoke to agony in the last day of the trip as I was burned alive by her will. She unleashed a firestorm in the cockpit of our lander. Not once, but twice. By whatever twist of fate I survived long enough to engage the warp suppression fields in our modified black ship transport and get to its safety (the field does not extend to the cockpit. Having my sleeping quarters in solitude, away from the rest of the passengers, and my traveling companions, saved many lives. Had I stayed with the others, they would now be dead. In this I am consoled; My sins and faults did not cause others harm.

I have sent this correspondence to you and Interrogator Blade via astropath relay, so that you know to send another group with all haste to Elros should we fail to contact you once we are safely away from this Inquisitor Erya. If she is waiting for us outside, I fear the worst. I am presently huddled Warp Suppression field transmitting this message to the astropath via vox-link. I am certain in my heart that if I were to step outside she would slay me.

Should I live to see scintilla again, I would like to start a full scale investigation on the Ordo Hereticus. it would appear to me they are woefully inadiquate at policing their own. Between this woman and Inquisitor Soldevan, I do not have a very high opinion of their ordo, and would further appear they do nothing but hinder our own efforts at every turn.

The Tyranids must be stopped! if you do not hear again from me in 1 weeks time, assume we are dead and send another group to Elros!

Re: Rotten Apples
Caution is your watchword

Ref: Inq/084635003/QP
Author: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
To: Constatine
Subject: Investigation
Location: Scintilla Hive Tarsus
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Watch your back

Continue your investigation. Keep your eyes open. Report everything Soldevan tells you.

Explosion Rocks Libertine District of Hive Tarsus

Scintilla Administratum News Fax Update 0657845M41

A massive explosion rocked Hive Tarsus in the early hours of the morning. Initial reports indicate thousand’s dead and trillions of thrones worth of damage. The Libertine district has long had a disreputable image and has long had a reputation as a haunted locale. Rufius Murry, owner of Tarsus Tours, reported that this is really going to put a crimp in his famous and always well attended Haunted Tarsus tour.

Ecclesiastical sisters and brothers have flocked to the region to assist in Adminstratum clean up efforts. Dead and wounded are still being pulled form the wreckage that is thought to have destroyed over fifty warehouses and the stores within.

The day prior to the explosion the entire glass front façade of the Libertine Auction house had inexplicably exploded leaving many wounded by glass shards. Administratum officials deny any relationship between the two events. The cause for last nights explosion still remains a mystery, but sources suggest that some of the warehouses were being used for promethium storage and the explosion is the result of mishandling of the promethium.

Arbites have vowed to find all who were responsible and bring them to swift execution. Arbite Justicar Horus Thavus reports that he is assembling a special task force to root out those responsible and bring them to justice.

Rotton Apples
Who lost their Marbles?

Ref: Inq/084634999/QP
Author: Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Mission Briefing
Location: Scintilla Hive Tarsus
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Sleeping with the Enemy

Inquisitor Van Vuygens,

I write to inform you of my activities regarding the investigation of Inquisitor soldevan and his acolytes Calculus-Logi Trempan and Lady D, and the coersion of D as a potential double agent.

Although she is still receptive to me, I believe after my questioning and insinuations that she is still very infatuated with her master. After all, he did remove her from a short and violent life… I would not expect any less. I suspect I will need more time than allows here on Scintilla to finish this task. If I am unable to turn her, before my departure to Elros, I will finish the job upon my return.

After questioning Lady D regarding the now deceased seargent Forden, and his ties to the Serrated Query. I am convinced that perhaps Forden was getting his orders from inside the Inquisition! D was adamant that she had not noticed anything out of the ordinary with his activities, aside from constantly associating with PDF forces on whichever planet they went to.

This leads me to believe that it many parts of Soldevans organization are corrupt, if not he himself as well. I wonder if Sergeant forden was sent to kill everyone on behalf of Soldevan… including the other acolytes to hide the presence of the book.

Shortly after this line of questioning. Lady D insisted I met with her Master soldevan. She further insisted she contact him with my vox caster in my ship. b/c perhaps HE would certainly be able to answer my questions with a clarity she lacked. soldevan of course agreed immediately to meet with me.

Considering the amount of time I spend speaking with you, the fact that Lord soldevan would immediately meet with me leads me to believe he wants something.

I’m under no illusions that he would be happy sit around, sip coffee and gleefully answer questions about his traitor acolyte, to another acolyte. Further more, I wouldn’t tolerate my inept assistant setting up more meetings with someone who was investigating my operation.

So that leaves us with one reason. He wants something. From you. I ofcourse dont presume to know the history (if any) you and he and myself have, so I must base my guess on the history I know you and he have. The Twilight space hulk, The luminous Reproach, and the Space Marine demon killing howto. Given that I have handled the Sword personally, and knowing it to little more dangerous than Kyra’s Lathe blade. I am forced to therefore assume he wants the book.

Not only that, given that I am (at least I’d like to believe) and trusted acolyte, and one who’s earned the use of a rosette at that, He must want the book badly to make this risk.

I am a Noble. Even though D might not know, He most certainly would, and b/c of that, he would further know that to buy my complicity in such a theft, it would not be cheap. So therefore he not only desires this book intensely, he is also desparate for it.

Any information illuminating this matter to me would be of great import. Further, I reccomend a Partial but flawed copy of this book be immediately produced. Perhaps I could dangle the duplicate in front of him long enough for him to tell me what is in it that is so important.

And Lastly, should I discover heresy with him, I ask for permission to put a Bullet in his head…Many bullets that is.

Die Eldar Skum!
Violence Really Does Solve everything!

Author: Constantine,
Type: Personal Journal Entry

After discovering that Dark Eldar were here, and that furthermore, they knew of the book, and even more, there were lots of them, and their little chaos doggies too, I decided I wasnt going to play this one fair.

Like I always say, you there are the smart, quick, or the dead. I suppose if you were an imperial battle Titan, then you dont have to be any either. Exceptions aside, I find these fundementals to be true, every single time.

Somehow I always thought that these larger than life space marines were unstoppable brutes. Today I was both wrong and correct.

Brother-Sergeant Agamorr, Space marine designated to escort us to the Wreckage in order to recorver the Luminous reproach (I now believe van vuygens not only knew about the book, but wanted us to retrieve it without alerting others to its presence) stopped to annihilate an oncoming horde of Chaos Beasts. while we fled onwards to complete our mission. At the time I thought him the bravest AND dumbest person I had ever met.

I was wrong. But I digress, we’ll get back to that later.

I had waited near the crack in the hull of our black ship for over an hour. After repeatedly doing the math on the odds we faced, I decided this plan would fail. Not only would we have to hold the eldar at bay, we would have to find a way off the hulk… WHICH would have meant we’d have to travel back to our drop ship (an unlikely prospect given time constraints), OR wait for the navy to blow the space hulk apart and use escape pods to get out(equally futile if you ask me).

So I did the next best thing. I went and got a new Lander, flew it through the many cargo holds of our black ship until I found the Eldar , and blasted them to pieces with an Auto cannon!

Hah, I bet they didnt expect that!

There were some unfortunate mishaps however. While I was in the shuttle bay, I used a power loader to rip off the auto cannons from the other drop ships, and attempted to rig them up to the cargo ramp and top mount for additional firepower.

Some of the Eldar flew in using some sort of flying device, and during the ensuing firefight, brought the tech priest Xbox and the Arbite X down. I’ve seen a lot of death in my time, and I must say even I might believe in miracles after seeing they hadnt died. Kyra Rushed them with a sword (even more insanity if you ask me!) and I was forced to bring the eldar down with my auto gun.

After the Brawl in my lander, I Turned the guns on the foot soldiers. They couldnt even penetrate the armor of my lander. Oh but did my bullets pierce them! It was akin to blasting overripe melons with bolter rounds… The voice in my hand returned, urging me to kill them… to gun them down like my fellow soldiers on Mara IV … For once I agreed with the voice. Dark Eldar skum should be systematically butchered. I suppose I should thank the Eldar the next time I run into them for being negligent in their duties to cull the dregs of their decaying society… I still have nightmares of Mara. So many deaths. No small number due to myself. Yet it could not be helped… I cannot write on this more… it pains me to even think on it.

We had some others in the brawl too. 2 Acolytes of Inquisitor Soldeven. how these incompetant fools got to the center of this hulk , let alone how they became acolytes is beyond me. Calculus-Logi Trempan the tech priest, a nice enough fellow, but not terribly good at killing, healing , or Teching in my opinion was next to useless. Lady D WAS useless. I think in the end, I had brought down over 30 Eldar warriors. She might have seen 1 of them. maybe even shot at it. I dont know.

During this massacre, Brother-Sergeant Agamorr came crawling through the hull of the Black ship. Somehow he had beaten those Dogs! That man is made of Sterner stuff if he survived them. I’m still stunned.

Now that they were dead and we were aboard our shuttle, we waited until the Black ship was blast free of the Space hulk wreckage and we flew ourselves free of the debris.

All in All, They can have the damn book, AND the sword. I got myself a space ship with big Honkin Space Guns!

Elros Mission

Ref: Inq/084634839/QP
Author: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
To: Omega Cell
Subject: Elros Mission Briefing
Location: Elros – Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis (Hazeroth Sub)
Tithe Grade: Solutio Prima
TFTD: The female is deadlier than the male

Omega Cell – Remit Four: Proceed to Elros. Investigate possibility or actuality of genestealer cult infestation. If deemed within your capabilities – destroy infestation. If cult deemed to be too widespread for single cell resolution – contact Interrogator Blade on Gunpointe for further instructions.

Mission Details: As you are aware your cell found a data slate on the Space Hulk Twilight on the body of a dead commissar. The data slate contained the flight plan of an imperial ship called the Emperor’s Bliss and marked two planets in particular, Gunpointe and Elros. Trantor was able to activate the console that the commissar was using before his death and extract the beginning of a message the commissar was trying to send. The message read, “Tyranid infestation likely to have occurred on Elros and Gunpointe, I have discovered…” The message seemingly interrupted before it could ever be finished or sent. You are being sent to discover the veracity of this commissar’s message. I am also sending forces to Gunpoint under the leadership of Interrogator Blade. Should you encounter unforeseen difficulties you may try to contact him for aid. One of his aliases on Gunpointe is Alvar Farb, a traveling gun merchant.

Addendum 1: Emperor’s Island
The only port of entry for incoming shuttles and spacecraft, it is here you will find what Administratum, Arbite, and other Adeptus presence Elros has.

Addendum 2: People and Government
Elros is dominated by a female death cult. Sources suggest that males are treated as second class citizens. The Planetary Governor is Governor Sarna. She is the nominal head of government and the one ultimately responsible to the adminstratum for the planetary tithe. Sources suggest that Elros is a feudal world and loosely knit together. Individual Musa Jang, seem to rule their own bits of land and war with other Musa Jang for territory and status. Culture con Elros can be equated to medieval Korea and Japan on ancient Holy Terra. The main tithe from Elros is assassins for the Officio Assassinorum and a small tithe of food stuffs, mostly rice.

Founding: The first imperial guard forces to arrive on planet were met with fierce resistance by what was termed, “a host of women warriors.” Subsequent pacification forces were met with open arms and treated with deference, until, “ the night of red beds” when a mass of imperial forces were cruelly slain after apparently having accepted the favors of the local women. Final pacification of the planet was only had when the Sun Blades Astartes Chapter was brought in to crush the resistance against the Emperor’s will.

Past Inquisitorial Involvement: To the average resident of Elros, the Inquisition is merely another half-legendary power from beyond their world or perhaps unheard of altogether, and while there have been several Inquisitorial missions to Iocanthos in the past, such missions are beyond your security clearance and are not deemed relevant to your current mission.

Inside Constantine's Head
Its big and empty in here

The low sound of static suddenly enters Constantine’s head, over the static at odd intervals can be heard a deep male voice, his voice often times fading to insubstantiality.

“I know what you did…”

”...I saw you do it…”

”...I saw you cry…I saw you smile…I saw you exult in the killing…..”

“I know…who you are…”

The voice fades out and the static recedes, but the nightmares never die.

A Spacehulk Gone Wrong

Constantine, acolyte of the inquisition, servant of Inquisitor Van Vuygens

Private Journal Entry

Ah Spacehulks. What would seem to be a treasure Trove of forgotten Lore and Xenos Tech, usually turns out to be a pile of Trash infested with all manner of Evils.

Fitting really for those that travel there for plunder.

I find myself sent there to recover the Luminous Reproach, a holy sword made for killing demons. As I learned from some of the unfortunate souls Living there, well if you could call it living, since they are in fact ghosts, and living as in trapped for all eternity, the Sword isnt all that its cracked up to be, and what was really important was the Space marine Demon killing howto guide that was about to be snatched up by Eldar Skum.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m sent to pick up Trinkets, and who forgot that the book was here. Seriously, its so hard to find good Adepts these days to do all the digging that is required.

Or why I was sent to recover a weapon for the Ordos Malleus… Myself belonging to the ordos Xenos.

What I do know, is that I am sitting here in the middle of a space Hulk, waiting for the Eldar to come, and try and take this book from me, and simultaneously waiting for my commanders in the Battle fleet outside of the Space hulk to start blasting this thing to pieces, so I can escape upon an escape pod!

Another Group of inquisitors was sent here to recover the luminous reproach as well, one of their band was a traitor. He found the price for treachery on the business end of a Great sword. I will have a word with their master when I return. again, so hard to find good help…

I prevented the Loss of Life of the other acolytes who were duped, but only barely. My companions are Bloodthirsty! After killing the traitor, and one of the acolytes, they wanted to kill the remainder, meanwhile calling my desire to preserve life into question, b/c one of them was a sporty little poke Hole!

I can already sense corruption seeping into them. Wanton killing shall not be my way.

The Voices I’ve been hearing in my head for sometime feel more focused here. I am concerned the Warp is seeping into me. Perhaps it is my desire to learn more of it… I know I shouldn’t, I’ve seen what it does to you… Yet I feel I am denying part of myself. Part of my humanity. Its probably a foolish and terrible mistake, but I MUST know about the voices. I Bought some spook planet side and I think I will use and see if I can bring a little more understanding to myself about whats going on. True, I might just go insane, or worse yet I could get picked up by the black Ships… but the alternative… slowly losing my sanity over the course of my life by hearing this voices seems equally unappetizing.

I hear them coming. I must prepare…


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