Shadows Over Calixis

Bad Robot!
who equipped them with krak missiles!?

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Necrons

After finding the Barons grain down with the mutants, we moved to have a sample of the grain examined. We are still waiting on the results to come back. We also played doctor for a day and examined the the mutants, the results of which were also inconclusive.

We DID uncover a few things tho:

1: The food shortages started a few years ago. 2: the mutations also started a few years ago. 3: The Baron started shipping in his own supplies, a few years ago.

At this point we are leaning towards arresting the Baron and wringing the information out of him.

We moved to search the grain silos and the surrounding area. And during one of the nights we were there searching the silos, another arson occurred! We tracked them to another burnt out silo and thanks to Magnus’ years on the force hunting down criminals, we were able to track them to the roof, where they had exited this hive level to the one above us via a cleverly hidden passage (protected by melta bombs of course) the secret passage opened into an upper middle hive night club!

at this point we lost the trail, so we alerted the authorities to the existence of the tunnel and had it sealed permanently.

As we are currently at a stand still until our results come back for the grain and mutants, we turned our attentions elsewhere.

During our investigation of the Tyranid on Gunpointe, we came across rumors of the Serrated Query again. Although we didn’t know it yet, their head quarters were located with the Metallimax manufacturing facility. The green lights that seemed reminiscent of the necrons had intrigued us, and so we set about to sneak into the place and look around.

Observation of the facility proved useless, so we decided to enter the complex via the massive ventilation shafts that proved air circulation for the toxic chemicals.

When we found a vent leading to Metallimax, we tried to remove it and drop down from the roof using our mag-grapnels. Pressing my face against the grill, and focusing my will, I was able to detect two hulking presenses below us, and Trantor confirmed them with his auspex. We decided to carefully try to remove the vent grill and descend into the manufacturing plant silently.

Unfortunately, Kiyra set off a melta bomb attached to the air duct, causing a massive explosion that nearly killed us! The explosion also destroyed our ropes holding us to the ceiling, which left us free falling towards the ground!

What happened next, I don’t know if I should be thankful or fearful. My suspicions were confirmed in that moment. Kiyra stopped in mid air, floating 30 feet off the ground. Trantor and I were able to grasp onto her, saving our own lives as well. Kiyra is a rogue Psyker. I have witnessed it many times since Elros, and possibly even on the Space hulk twilight. I hope she will go to the black ships willingly as I have, realizing it is the only way to safeguard her self and those around her, from the daemons of the warp.

The commotion however alerted the 2 unknown entities to our presence… Two Praetorian battle servitors, one of them armed with Krak Missiles! After a furious fight (which mostly involved Kiyra chopping them up with her sword, since our small arms fire did absolutely nothing to them) we left them as two smoking heaps of metal and flesh. By some twisted turn of fate, Trantor was able to avoid the missiles that came flying at him! Being a krak missile enthusiast myself, I can say with a degree of certainty that being hit with one of them is not conductive to long life.

At that point, we had decided that something illegal was going on here. Who guards their warehouse with melta bombs and Military grade war machines? I must admit, even if there wasnt something illegal here, we’d certainly be planting some evidence of something illegal after this mess!

We worked our way back , careful to remove any evidence of our presence here, and then found a familiar sight, an extra dimensional drug lab!

Kiyra also found, when she opened the door, a volley of fire from several men covered by large crates firing Necron weapons and hell guns erupted around her. Needless to say, she wasnt standing after the volley, and by some grace of the emporer, she even survived (mostly intact anyway)

Trantor rushed their position trying to get to Kiyra to save her life before she bled out, but met the same fate as the she.

It was then left to myself and Magnus to take care of business. So I did what I do best, and sniped them with Krak Missiles! Despite my best efforts, I am not well equipped to take prisoners. I blame it on my Imperial Guard training. Emporer bless the core, I am too well trained to kill , and not to maim! it is no wonder the imperium rules the galaxy!

Fortunately, Magnus is a far worse shot than I, and he was able to disable one of the guardians which enabled us to subdue him….

As Trantor was barely clinging to life, and missing a hand entirely (a blast from a Hell gun melted it off, boy will he be happy about that when he comes to), it was left to me to investigate the place. I profess to be no great sage of technology. I admit I am but a novice with Archeo-tech, but I was not so inept as to not recognize a count down on a bomb when I see one! They had rigged the place to blow!

I grabbed what was close by and handy and ran towards the door, sure to grab the prisoner on the way out.

We weren’t sure if only the extra dimensional space would implode or if the entire building was, but given that the timer said 5 minutes, I could only drag our downed comrades to some metal crates outside the pocket dimension, and build a flimsy cover that I hoped would be sufficient to save them should the entire place blow!

I then quickly ushered Magnus towards the vent shafts and climbed up and ran for it down the vents. and as luck would have it, only the pocket dimension dissolved.

Cult Exterminated
Purge the unclean!

Still needs revision

One of the subjects of interest that came up recently, was a cult in the underhive distributing food for cheap. This seemed suspect to us because of the Remarkable lack of food anywhere else in the hive! Further investigation led us to the fact that the cult was populated by many mutants! After the Tyranid infestation on Elros, and seeing the vast number of Human Hybrid mutants, we concluded this would be a good way to lure unsuspecting citizens into the waiting arms of the Hive mind.

As such, we went below and tracked down this cult… and in the slag fields far below the city, we found them preaching their dark arts in a profane temple of some chaos god!

After Kiyra snuck about the temple and witnessed them transforming someone into a giant metal encased super mutant, we took upon ourselves to apprehend the priest and exterminate the cult.

The temples double doors led inside to a small antechamber with another set of double doors leading to the chapel, and two flights of stairs to either side that led up to a ramshackle balcony. We rigged the inner doors with frag grenades in order to stop people that would flee, then proceeded to the balcony to lair down fire and separate the hoard from the priest (the former which would have presumably flee into the waiting grenades.

Our plan worked all too well. after I fired a frag missile into the big mutant, the resulting explosion blew apart the priest (somehow the big one survived), and goodly amount of the mutated parishoners. The survivors ran towards the doors, which exterminated anyone else in the room. Trantor put a bullet into the large metal encased mutant, and despite his heavy armor plating, it penetrated just slightly enough to bring him down, dead on the spot. The sole remaining survivor knew nothing of interest, which wasn’t surprising, as he was a puppet for the priest.

Unfortunately, searching through the cults belongings we discovered little of interested. The priest had given the Super mutant some wafer or something before his transformation. The blasts destroyed most of the equipment anyone was carrying. We werent able to determine if the transformation was due to Daemonic or Xenos influence. None of the dead bled blue however, and further inspection revealed none with Tyranid traits… Whoever these mutants were, they werent Tyranid in origin.

We DID discover however large tracts of grain stored in this area, stamped with the symbol of Baron Rhine! We took a sample of it, to see later if it was responsible for the mutation (indeed mutation is completely rampant on this world)

Alittle investigation of the Baron revealed he was an impoverished nobleman, barely able to make minimal tythe requirements until recently, and now he is Emporer sent, and not only feeding the whole of Gunpointe (underhive mutants included!), AND far exceeding his tithe requirements! Clearly he has a patron backing him with vast amounts of capitol in his bid for taking over the planet.

We are now inspecting the Grain silos that have been under constant threat for the last few years. Hopefully we will find something that ties this Baron to the recent crimes and suspicious activity here.

The enemy among us
They Got him, sir!

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Defectors

I do not presume to act without your permission, however given that we had not received additional instructions, I took it upon myself to link up with Interrogator Blade on the hive world Gunpointe.

Shortly after arriving, we took the time to get up to speed on the local gossip. Of the more interesting finds, we learned that there was a face off b/t the inquisition and some mutants…and the inquisition LOST. I found this news disturbing mainly due to the fact that we know Tyranids can ‘infect’ others with their filth, bringing them under the hive minds’ control. How did Interrogator Blade survive this?

Secondly, news of an ‘Omega Assassin Squad’ going around killing corporate types… They even have a Tech priest with them! This sounds remarkably close to our description. and it was further confirmed shortly after returning to the lander to sleep fitfully in it.

Around midnight, Trantor had decided it was time to try and find Blade. So the rest of us cloaked ourselves in the Slau Shroud cloaks, and moved to surround him invisibly. Almost immediately when he started to use a public terminal, a Bounty hunter approached him and demanded to know where I was! He had a number of others with him as well (also hidden in the shadows as we were to learn shortly). Their insistence was their undoing ultimately, as we cut them down with brutal efficiency.

At this point I would like to commend Trantors growing combat skill! Should he ever tire of his current duties, I believe he would make an excellent conscript in the imperial guard! His skill with a gun is fast approaching that of a guardsman, and his fervor for destruction would lend him to being an excellent storm trooper in time, after he learned to shoot a little better! But I digress…

after a brief and disturbing interrogation (Trantor and Kiyra removed a leg from one of the men she had knee capped, and were in the process of reattaching the leg WITHOUT the missing joint, which they couldn’t find anywhere…), it came out they were hired by a woman named Olivia, a member of a rival noble house of my own. Such rivalry is not uncommon, but that she knew where to find me within hours of my arrival, gives me great concern… mainly because they knew where I was within hours of arrival. They knew I was coming here, before we got there.

We literally didn’t know where we were going until we got on the military transport. there was no further instructions

I sent 2 messages out from leaving Elros One to you and one to Interrogator blade. I don’t believe you would be intentionally sabotaging your own mission, so Blade must be compromised. Only he would have had time to notify Olivia and spread rumors of an elite Hit squad bent on murdering corporate executives. Couple that with the knowledge that he was ambushed by the Tyranids and lost that encounter!? I can only assume he has been compromised.

When we later met up With Blade (we located him after dealing with the bounty hunters), Trantor scanned him, and proclaimed he looked clean. Likewise after making him cut himself he bled red, which doesnt make any sense! I am sure he is. Its possible trantor failed to detect tyranid life signs (he failed to detect 20,000 of them in Gorgon, and 10,000 of them in the Tyranid army moving on Taejon), or more possible Those infected by tyranids dont bleed blue… I suppose it is also possible one of his cadre was infected, one that had access to his reports… but if this were the case, surely they would have found Blade already as well.

I must also make note that there are other things happening on Gunpointe as well. The serrated query is here as well. and they are selling Farcosia. I was under the impression that Farcosia was now deemed heretical… if so, how is it still being sold so openly (relatively speaking). I’ll track that down and deal with them as well.

I strongly recommend sending additional resources for the purpose of testing all inquisitional assets for infection on Gunpointe. If Blade or any of his staff has been comprimised, everyone in the inquisition here could be.

Finishing up Elros
I hate cleaning up

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros solved
Location: Elros
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Space Marins 4 teh w1n

Inquisitor Van Vuygens,

Before leaving Elros upon military transport, we attempted to board the Slau ship, but it was apparently booby trapped. Using the Alien teleportation device, we were able to “beam” ourselves up, as Trantor put it. When we materialized upon their ship, we noticed a number of things.

1) it had some sort of alarm system designed to Gas anyone (presumably non slau) upon entrance. This had little effect as we donned our Vac suits before entering (in case of this event, or that the atmosphere was unbreathable.)

2) if that measure failed, a self destruct activated, which canceled itself if one left the ship. We aborted our attempt before that happened.

What we saw was the fleshy interior of some organic ship, with irregular openings which could only have been doorways. Stacked around in this area, were about 100 Psyker bodies in Stasis. That however was as much as we were able to learn, as the self destruct began at that point (tho we didnt know definitively)

So upon returning to elros, we found a cat, got out our pict recorder, and sent them both through.

Miraculously, the cat survived the poison gas, and the countdown started. after about 1 minute, we teleported the camera back to us, downloaded the data, and sent it back, afterwhich we were unable to use the teleportation device again… Checking with ships in orbit confirmed something had indeed exploded in space.

And that, is that about the slau, and Elros. May I never return to this back water of a planet again!

Screts remain secret

Ref: Anym/000894253/OZ
Author: Constantine
To: Shadow King
Subject: Elros successful
Location: Classified
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Use of power ultimately unnecessary.

I believe Elros activities to be coming to a close. Please see attached correspondence regarding Elros incident.

Of the 4 factions vying for control, I believe 3 of the 4 have been terminated.

1)Tyranids. As I write this, Space marines are bombing the crap from the Tyranids below. I will go and see the patriarch dead by my hand now that we have some space marines to wade through the army of Tyranids for me.

2)Maggot men Aka Slau. They are dead now too. They were gathering Psykers for some reason and placing them in stasis tubes. They have some interesting teleportation technology. We’re hoping it will lead to a cloaked alien space craft. Wouldn’t that be nice!

3)Dark wizard of Khyber pass. The Dark wizard and his Book of Dark allegiances has now been put to an end. He had a number of daemons in his tower, and additionally a Daemonhost in the closet (literally) as well! Crated up all his books and anything else that looked suspicious for processing. Although he was able to wield warp powers against me in combat, I believe most of his power came from the rituals contained within his books. In any case, as soon as he perished, some daemon reached out of the warp and took his associate Hyua, sister of the late governer Hyun back to the warp with it. This will be one book I’m happy to not see again.

4)potential other human off-worlders. We still have not found any evidence of them ourselves yet aside from assorted reports. Hopefully this can be addressed shortly before we depart. Their motives or goals are also hidden from me.

I have also set up agents in place to report any strange occurrences matching or coming close to Tyrant star sightings. I have not disclosed the reasons why this is important only that it is of interest to me.

Ultimately use of legature was unneccessary, so risk of exposure is minimal.

Orbital Bombardment
I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Tyranid infestation
Location: Elros
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Mission accomplished

It was no surprise to me that a good nights sleep resolved Trantors inability to deduce the purpose of the alien device we found in the windmill the night before.

With nary a thought he determined it was some sort of enhanced Auspex! It quickly produced a 3D map of the surrounding area, and all Psykers within its locale! The results were most illuminating…

What was more interesting, was the way one tuned the device… you see, the reason this device was so large, was not apparently because of Maggot men had a penchant for the grandiose, but because a living sample of the biological life form one was trying to detect had to be placed into a hidden compartment of the device!

So it was no surprise that when we opened this compartment that we found a starving and mostly dead psyker, driven completely insane, most likely due to his extended internment inside the device.

It is important to note, when the psyker was in the device, it detected psykers only. The psychic ability of the Tyranids to communicate was apparently NOT detected. This I believe lends to the theory that the device detects life forms with certain active genes and not specific abilities.

So we did what any good servant of the emperor would do; End the psykers miserable life , and throw one of our Tyranid prisoners in!

We took the reaper to Gorgon, purportedly where the Tyranid Patriarch had taken root. This city was odd in that it had large stone walls around it… very odd considering every other city we had seen on the planet had none. My musa servants confirmed this as well.

And this brings me to my favorite part of the report; the part where Trantor, with all his techno-superiority, his fool hardy belief in this ‘machine’ god, fails to detect the teaming mass of Tyranids below us, and the beginnings of very deep cave complex below the city!

I Constantine, Surivor of Mara, Slayer of Thousands, Servant of the Emperors Ideals, brushed him aside and turned the alien’s sensor device downward , to detect that the city was almost entirely Tyranid!

Since none of us thought crawling through a complex of caves to try and combat the Patriarch was a particularly intelligent idea (to his credit, Trantor wasnt against it, but he thought that perhaps fighting so many of them would make him late for dinner, and furthmore he didnt want all the blood on his new robes, since we would run out of bullets long before all of the ‘Nids were dead, which meant he’d had to perform several ‘meaningless vivisections of aliens for no other purpose but to pass the time when an imperial fleet could save him the muscle cramps he would get killing them’), we elected to try and assault the city again with our small Arms fire and fire bombs.

Within minutes of raining death on them however, they all went to ground, and unlike the fields where I slaughtered them, this place was rife with places to hide from my peerless aim.

Further, their Psykers prevented me from burning their city, as they surpessed the flames with their abilities.

So we instead settled on leaving you with a notification about the ‘Nids, and moving on to purge the unclean from the dark wizards tower.

His Tower was situated against the side of the mountain side, within a lifeless, secluded valleyone of the highest peaks. Large Stone doors barred our entry, and upon inspection, it seemed to be trapped. Trantors ears perked at this, and he promptly decided to ventilate the doors with his heavy stubber, until they came crashing down!

I will leave what transpired inside to a separate report, however suffice to say the tower was cleansed. Regretably I must inform you that the horrors within have left their indelible mark on Both Kiyra and Magnus. Surveillance of them should be increased. I myself find myself less and less concerned with my own well being, perhaps Trantor enthusiasm for violence has rubbed off on me. Despite me trying to be the voice of reason, I had my Taro reading when inducted into the inquisition to be more and more true. Violence solves everything. However it would seem there is wisdom in this… Despite Trantors obviously bloodthirsty nature, I see none of the corruption in him that I see in the others.

Suffice to say, there were many daemons inside, including a Daemonhost! I have never been hit so hard in my entire life, and I never intend to repeat that experience!

It should also be noted we found 3 cases of Mark 3 Hellfire bolter rounds in his tower. SOMEONE has been stealing powerful technology designed to combat Tyranids and giving them to Heretics! Some investigation of ships in this area recently is recommended.

After this, I thought that perhaps salting the fields of the Tyranids would work, for such an town would require vast amounts of food to support itself.

This of course failed, as the fuel requirements far exceeded the amount of salt I could ferry there and drop in any reasonable period of time.

It was during this first trip of salting, that the others discovered the whereabouts of the last maggot man!

After yet more violence from Trantor (he mowed down atleast 20 civilians by my count in the gunfight that erupted outside this beings lair, truly he has some issues that counseling might resolve), they brought it down, and proceeded to discover 10 psykers in stasis pods.

From what I can gather, Trantor opened one of the pods to have some sort of discussion with one of the latents (as if you can could actually have one with these criminals who do not turn themselves in!), and it proceeded to use its power with disastrous consequences, turning himself into a daemonhost!

Amongst its possessions, we found some sort of Teleportation device, of which we intend to investigate in more detail after the Threat of the tyranids are removed. We suspect it must lead to some cloaked ship in orbit where these beings operate.

When the Death guard arrived in orbit, they promptly informed us to get out of the way, so they could bombard the countryside with artillery and clean nuclear weapons!

The Space marines came and blasted city from orbit. now they are invading. we will have to go as well! p.

Woe to my enemies

Ref: Anym/000894753/OZ
Author: Constantine
To: Shadow King
Subject: Inquisitor Hadrian
Location: Classified
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: unknown allegiances

Apparently my Rosette has been taken away pending investigation regarding the incident on Sampson IV.

I am incredulous that Van Vuygens would take this matter seriously.

How is it this man Hadrian cannot bring an end to a cult in 10 years such as this and I can not only stop a Daemon worshipper from taking over Elros, clear out all daemonic artifacts, and daemonhosts in his tower, stop 3 onrushing armies from overthrowing the government of Elros (one of which was an army of 10,000 TYRANIDS), eradicate the insane plot of the Maggot-men known as the ‘Slau’, and discover the location of the Tyranid patriarch, in under 2 weeks, and have such power to make Van Vuygens cow tow to his wishes?

I realize I am new to the organization, and still new to its ways… however why would this other inquisitor from a different Ordos even have enough sway with Vuygens to make such an immediate action regarding me?

I can only assume something is amiss here. Tell me more about any information you have regarding Hadrian, his relationship to van vuygens, Van Vuygens and his relationship with Erya Nepthis, and anything you can about this cult Hadrian was investigating.

Something is amiss. Despite Van Vuygens obvious pre-disposition towards Kiyra, My usefulness seems apparent, and for him to take action like this towards me seems to reek of covering something up he doesnt want found, even if he is completely within his rights to do so.

The Butcher's Bill
The peace attained by eternal violence

Now that we had that taken care of, it was time to deal with the ‘Unstoppable’ army of the west. Little did they know they would have to contend with the General of the metal box guns!

We found them. An entire army of Tyranids. We thought at first they might be atleast partially human. We were wrong.

Fully 10,000 strong, they marched in utter silence. I had loaded up the landed with as many flame grenades as could be built. Even after burning them alive at high altitude with Flammables, they still did not cry out. when the fire ran out, I shot them with my Long Las. When my charge packs ran out, Trantor charged them. when my strength ran out, my Musa servants head me up so I could continue firing on them.

After several days of non stop slaughter we dispersed them. Magnus thinks we may have missed about 1,000 of them, but even if that is true, then we have saved many lives and only a few of the enemy escaped. Their plans to spread forth across the planet had been stymied.

It was the next task set before me that made my stomach turn. This Governess He-hoe of Elros wanted a show of power so that her enemies would not come to unseat her. To that end, she beseeched me to make a display of the large army coming up from the south. A show of power if you will. I needed her support to conduct my operation, and turmoil in the face of the Tyranids was exactly what I didnt need. So I turned my weapons on the army coming from the South.

It should be noted, that the Musajung coming from the south had reason enough to make war upon our new governess. In taking the hand of Ex governer Hyun’s son in marriage, the new governess denied her the chance at the throne after Hyuns passing.

I proceeded to cut them down. One Musa at a time, putting Las-Bolts through the Eyes. It should be noted I am a marksman without peer. If these were Tyranids or other enemies of the Imperium I would have done it with enthusiasm. However my heart was not in it and I sometimes missed with clean kill shots. Some of them writhed on the ground in agony for minutes before their deaths set in. It was grim work, and I feel somehow permanently scarred from it. After executing 1000 of their commanders, they were understandably more willing to converse. We sent a negotiator to them and brokered a peace… for as long as peace can ever really last on this world.

Fun with Rope!
whats a worm do?

After Defeating the Dark wizard of Khyber pass, we decided we had a little time on our hands to finish up some loose ends, like picking up the alien paper weight in the top of the windmill!

I devised a system to crane the device out from the roof of the windmill. I intended to accomplish this by building a rope basket around the device and using the support beams underneath it as the base. once the basket was constructed, I would run a goodly amount of rope out throug a hole in the roof to The Reaper, and cut away the support beams from the floor. and then pull it straight out through the roof, set the device on the ground outside and push it in to our Spacecraft.

After devising the system to remove the device through the roof of the windmill, I then set about to execute the plan. However, as we were about to leave the moldering remains of this once great structure, Magnus noticed the telltale shimmering we saw earlier at the base of the tower… One of the maggot men had been watching us the entire time!

After a furious fight, we persevered and defeated it. this time it left another curious artifact… a curious pistol of sorts. It fired at me in the fight, but it seemed far less proficient than I with a gun, and it missed with the pulsing black and red energy ray that issued forth from its weapon.

While upon our errands to pick up copious amounts of rope, pulleys and a wagon, we yet again noticed another of these demons following us. They seem to be masters of disguise (given that they look like large roving masses of worms), appearing as deformed parodies of the people of the noble Imperium. Despite their deformities, they still passed enough to not be given much of an afterthought by those around them.

Kiyra split off and tried to get around behind it, so that we could ambush it in a manner similar to what we did with Theodosius on Scintilla. Unfortunately these maggot men seem to have a keener eye than he, and it quickly caught wind of our game and as such confronted her with us several meters in front of it.

Whatever was said, it resulted in Kiyra drawing her Greatsword and slashing through it with great fury. afterwards, I drew back its hood and by some supernatural ability of sorts caused an irrational fear to creep into everyone nearby, not unlike the feeling you get when confronted with Warp-Daemons. Kiyra promptly passed out and it then proceeded to grab her and slink off through the now-panicked crowd with great proficiency!

Trantor was able to keep us close enough to it with his auspex that we eventually found Kiyra.

From what I can gather, it drew her into the basement of a warehouse where it attempted to question her, but she escaped its clutches.

She led us back to the warehouse, but the only thing waiting for us was a sophisticated alien bomb that Trantor was unable to defuse, so we did what any smart acolyte would do, run for it and later act as if nothing had happened.

It became clear to us that this being was trying to cover its tracks. We rushed to the windmill to head it off. We werent able to stop him from setting the bomb, but Magnus’ attention to detail detected the bomb in a corner under some rubbish. Trantor then bravely set about to disarming this one and managed to do so!

Then, after a little work on my pulley system, we were ready to try it. Much to Trantors dismay (which I suspects stems from my refusal to believe that machines have spirits), my pulley system worked, and after cutting the support beams holding the alien device away from the floor, it hung freely in the air! Pulling out of the windmill and then getting it into the lander was a simple matter.

He said it would never work, and paced about angrily refusing to help me, but once it did work his attitude shifted to one of glee as he realized he would soon have a new toy to play with!

Queen Maker
I brought a gun to a knife fight

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Tyranid infestation
Location: Elros
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: There be monsters here

I never been shot by an entire regiment of Savages. Even with their Flint-lock pistols, they managed to severly wound me in my Storm Trooper Armor.

Fortunately it takes a long time to reload these weapons, and so it gave me plenty of time to Deliver my speech.

“If any of you have honor enough to treat with me inside and not attack me upon entrance as your others did, I invite you to do so, in the hopes we may yet avoid any more violence and blood shed.”

With that, I was able to bring one of these savage women, Mi-jin, inside and have the remotest of conversations.

After briefly conversing with her, I was able to convince her to take a note to her Master, the Governess’es Sister Hyua. I enclosed a micro bead to see if I could get a response.

When I asked her about the rumors regarding the Dark wizard of Kyber Pass, she flatly denied the use of Daemons. I was inclined to believe her based on her units conviction to the Emperor I had just experienced when they pierced pierce my armor with flintlock pistols!

I was to find out later that I was so very wrong.

As we waited in front of the oncoming army it became apparent they had no intention of stopping to converse, regardless of the might of my “metal box guns” (we call them Auto-cannons in the civilized parts of the galaxy)

Governess Hyun’s army exited the city, and marched by us, and both proceeded to form great lines so that they could butcher each other with great efficiency.

Imagine them! The governess was outnumbered 3 to 1 and she rides out IN FRONT of her city, and decides to fight them on an open field! Lunacy from all of them. So I did what any perfectly insane Imperial commander would do when being ignored; I bullied my way to the command center near the front lines!

When Trantor and I arrived, we attempted to talk sense into her, tried to get her to take refuge on my Lander. Then the battle started. Bullets were flying everywhere , and it was at that point we decided to leave. Unfortunately as the press of soldiers behind us moving up to the front lines was so dense, we couldnt leave the command area of get away from the fighting. We radio’ed Kiyra and Magnus to come pick us up with the Lander, and waited.

As it turned out, the Usurper Hyua and her elite guard were hacking a way to our very position. When we got wind of this, Trantor knew immediately knew it was a trap of sorts. May the emperor bless his rickety metal body! He thought it was a bomb of sorts, which I agreed with, assuming the Xenos Tech we found in the windmill definately indicated someone else from offworld was trying to influence the politics around here as well.

What we got instead was a hideous Daemon that appeared in a flash of white light, and proceeded to paralyze everyone with fear. I know not what this daemon was, only what it did to me. I have seen daemons before, and while they all possess the ability to inflict supernatural terror in their victims, they themselves might not be worthy of that fear. This monstrosity deserved his fearful reputation every bit. It had its compliment of claws, fangs, horns and sharp pointy teeth… in reality, what daemon didnt! What really disturbed me tho was the all-pervasive smell of blood, nausea and the continuous screaming at the edge of my hearing.

The governesses guards discipline broke apart and Hyua’s elite forces breach our defenses. Even I found myself unwilling and unable to approach it. Only Trantor seemed possessed, seething with fury and a strong desire to see it gone from his presense! At this point the governess was a gibbering mess, fortunately for her, her low profile made it difficult for the daemon to execute her as it slipped on the corpses around it!

Trantor did what any good soldier would do, he raised his grenade launcher and hit it with a krak grenade! I followed with a Krak Missile, straight to its face, blowing most of its features straight off! This didnt stop it tho… it charged me and by some twist of fate (or the lack of any sensory organs intact on his mangled face) missed me with its massive rending claws. I tried finishing it with a toss of a grenade, but it nimbly twisted out of harms way (more likely I was busy avoiding its rending claws!). It went to crush me in earnest this time, but it was if it was pulled back into the warp by some unseen master. With a flash of light it was gone once again. Even though I know it would have done no good, I would have rather I sent it back personally. I still feel its corrupting touch upon me, and no amount of showering will get rid of it.

At this point, the elite guard were on us, butching everyone they could find (which wasnt very hard considering most of them were still terrified, passed out, or gibbering) and shortly after we saw the Dark wizard of Kyber pass, and his associate Hyua. The wizard attempted to dominate me, and force me to attack Trantor. I resisted not once but twice. It was at this point I made a horrible mistake. I assumed b/c he was trying to dominate me, that he had already in fact dominated Hyua, and that she was under his control, and so I directed Trantor and myself to concentrate all fire on the wizard, in hopes of breaking the spell he had over her.

Our grenade and bullets passed through him as tho he wasnt there. Trantor however, was able to pinpoint him with his auspex, and then I illuminated him with my bolt pistol. Boltguns are perhaps one of the most horrible of weapons man has ever created. Essentially miniature armor piercing rockets fired from a weapon the size of a pistol, they penetrate the body and explode inside of it. They are guaranteed to send gore, shrapel, and just about anything else in close proximity flying.

After seeing him explode into bits, this didnt stop Hyua one bit. She proceeded to behead the governess and scream with a perverse pleasure…At least until a whole in the sky to the warp ripped open and a giant clawed hand reached through it and dragged her back with it.

I STILL don’t know what I saw, what the daemon was, or anything else about this dark wizard. I DO know he had Xeno Mesh under his set of Feudal Plate…

After picking us up, we looked for anyone in charge of the army. The battle had degenerated into a mass melee… neither side being controlled at all as both rulers were dead. we eventually found a Musa Jung under the former governesses control by the name of He-Hoe (yes. you heard me right) after explaining the unfortunate demise of the governess (and showing her body to her in the lander), we proceeded to snipe the enemy commanders with the auto cannon. Let me tell you, even krak missiles pale in comparison to the explosive ordinance released from an Auto-cannon on full auto! Whole swathes of people exploded under the fire! the trampled ground changes into red-mud slurry in moments!

And so, with our superior firepower we turned the tide of the battle and won it. He-Hoe was the unreasonable sort, and didnt know who or what the inquisition was. After taking her back to the palace she proceeded to ignore us, marry the Governesses Son, and proclaim herself governess. I dont much care if she wants to rule this mud ball filled with lunatic women who dont know their place. What I DO care about her apparent lack of understanding of what a Tyranid is, and the threat they face in the form of an unstoppable (tyranid) army from the west.

With barely a thanks, she proclaimed me ‘general of the metal box guns’ and told me I could have more status than any other MAN on this rock. I told her of course I would help her so long as she helped me. I learned later that she seemed dubious and so she cornered Trantor and pressed him to see if would in fact help her.

I think on hindsight I will have to help her. I am low on ammunition, have no more Krak Missiles and only a few more Grenades, and according to the Tyranid prisoner we have in the back, there is a Patriarch on this planet.

Considering my inability to bring the daemon down, and the past performance of the Acid-Spewing Tyranid hybrids, I feel I cannot execute this war against them, and as such I will need the aid of the new governess, or someone else at the very least to bring death to the ‘Nids.

In Any case; I count now 3 distinct power groups on this planet excluding the Imperium, vying for its control.

1) The Khornites. I can think of no other chaos worshipper that would engage in war the way I saw it outside of Taejon.

2) the unidentified Xenos who have the ability to animate worms into coherant masses. I’m not sure what they are, who they are, or what their goals are. Their technology is a mystery to us. but I’m hoping we can find them and kill them. They MIGHT have firepower to stop a Patriarch.

3) The Tyranids. it would seem they have the virtue of numbers on their side, AND several 4th generation human look alike hybrids. They have infested the administratum offices, and emperor knows what else.

Magnus has also heard rumor of a 4th group

4) a potential second group of off worlders (aside from us), here for purposes unknown. They could be the ones with the Xenos Tech.

We have also heard tale of a few shuttles leaving orbit over the last couple years, with no records in the administratum available as they did not land in port.

Much to the disappointment of Trantor and Kiyra, I don’t not yet believe Exterminatus is necessary, unless you feel it is not worth the effort to save this world. However even If I am somehow able to Kill the Patriarch, I believe this infestation has progressed beyond individual Cell resolution; they will just breed more with their newly born full-blown genestealers.

At the very least, please send the Imperial guard, and a detachment of space marines if they can be spared,unless you hear from me in 1 weeks time. Be advised that the Acid from these Tyranid hybrids far exceeds the destructive capability of a Lasgun, and while it is of short range, they are very fast and in the rocky terrain can avoid the long reach of our weaponry.

I also reccommend extermination of this new governor He-Hoe. She is remarkably thick headed, and may prove troublesome in the future. I suppose a tutor may also work, but I’d just assume save us the time and make an example of her. Works for insubordination in the guard, it will work for her.


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