Inquisitor Van Vuygens


Slender, bespeckled, and usually wearing an archivist’s robes, Van Vugyens does not cut the imposing figure that many other Inquisitors project, but he has the intellect and will to delve into the mindset of the xenos and still maintain his humanity.


A quiet spoken man who is more of a scholar than a warrior and, though he can look after himself if required, he sees more value in dissecting and studying xenos than exterminating them.

Inquisitor Van Vuygens leaves the human and Daemonic threats to the other inquisitors, focusing instead on helping provide the Imperium with its chief weapon against the alien: an understanding of what the aliens want and what they will do to get it. Though Van Vuygens seeks knowledge about aliens, he does not trust them and would never fraternize with them. He has not studied a single alien species that does not pose some threat towards the human race.

A disciple of the legendary Inquisitor Kryptman himself, Van Vuygens is in the Calixis Sector to watch for the signs of a Tyranid hive fleet invasion from beyond the edge of charted space. Kryptmann has theorized that the earlier Tyranid invasions of Imperial Space have been testing the Imperium’s defenses and that the next invasion will come from an unexpected quarter.

The inquisitor has not seen any evidence to support his theory that the next Tyranid invasion is coming through the Calixis sector, but he has seen signs of plenty of other xenos activity, from cyclopean ruins to disturbing similarities between the mythological cycles of primitive worlds. The inquisitor naturally subscribes to the view that the Tyrant Star is a mater of xenos origin and has grave fears that it is linked to with the dreaded Tyranids.

Inquisitor Van Vuygens

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