Shadows Over Calixis

Where am I?

And where are my companions?

I awoke to find myself and about a dozen others nude upon blood drenched sands in a pit! the corroded blood slick metal walls around us were 6 meteres high, with barbed wire surmounting the top and inwardly curving spikes drove downward to hinder us from climbing out. around the base of the pit were several grates covering man sized tubes leading away from the arena. The rank smell , and the way the blood-soaked sand caked together in some places and was fused together in others made it obvious this place was no stranger to slaughter. We seemed to be in some sort of gladitorial pit. I tried to use my psychic ability to walk on the walls and climb out, but I couldnt focus enough. I feel drugged, intoxicated still…

Kyra, Magnus and my loyal serven Musa Pa were nowhere to be found… but Trantor was here. Probably the only Tech Priest I could ever call friend was here in this nightmare reality with me. The dim red lights made this place even worse… if such a thing were possible.

A man in a Heron mask (I can only assume he was a man, but who knows) appeared at the top to look at us. He looked like one of the beings I saw in my memories earlier, only he this ones mask was different. No sooner did he turn away did one of the grates start to open. With my strength I was able to prevent it from opening all the way, and for that , I was glad… For I heard , perhaps felt, the ravenous beasts beyond charging down the tunnel for their meals. I can only assume that we were, since nobody had come to watch us kill each other in an orgy of slaughter. No weapons were thrown to us, to make the blood sport more exciting, only whatever was rushing up the tunnels to eat us.

Try as I might, I was was unable to force the gate down. I am no small man. I am massive. While in the imperal guard I was given drugs to enhance my strength. My time in the inquisition gave me access to some of the gene enhancement drugs that they give to those who were too old to go under the Astartes transformation. That damnable gate should have went down.

I backed away from the grate before an onrushing tide of demonic dogs crashed through it. These beasts had no eyes, no hair, and their skin was so translucent that I could make out their organs beneath.

Fortunately, only one got through b4 the remaining pack caught them selves on the grating, none wishing to be last to the feast in front of them.

We set upon this dog-thing. We pummeled into the sand with our fists. Trantor finished it by snapping its neck with an upper cut with his robotic arm. No sooner than we executed it, did 2 more escaped through, and set upon Trantor and myself.

With rage filled Eyes I fixed my gaze upon its chest, hit the beast so hard I smashed through its ribcage and ripped out its still beating heart! I reached above my head with the heart in my hand and screamed in pleasure! Blood sprayed everywhere. covering myself and all those around me. Even the man in the Heron mask backed away from the railing at this point, shaken, and disappeared. Two more people, had engaged the dog on Trantor at this point, and in a cacophany of savage survival fueled desire in the hearts broke the back of this daemonic dog. I watched curiously as their repeated bludgeons cause the beast to whimper in agony and saw their innards become pulped, and their organs rupture from the trauma.

At this point a ladder decended down into the pit, stopping a couple meters from the ground. Why? I dont know. I started for it. Trantor , in his haste attempted to jump up and escape, only to slip back down the ladder, his hands slick with the blood that had sprayed from the corpse I had ripped the heart from. The two men that had aided us rushed towards it as well.

Meanwhile the grate holding the remaining dogs burst apart, and six more tumbled through. I almost went up the ladder as well, a moment of cowardice… until I looked upon the faces of the cowering people. The citizens of the Imperium that I am sworn to protect from Xenos, Heretics and Daemons. I turned away from the ladder in shame, gathered my nerves and upon the dogs beasts.

Trantor, Emperor bless his soul turned around and aided me, even tho he was badly damaged from the last two that we destroyed.

And so it was, we Acolytes of the Inquisition. Servants of the emperor of mankind set upon these beats Naked, unarmed with naught but our fists, and our desire to do them ill. While lesser man fled the scene below them. We strode fearlessly into the breach and did battle to protect the other innocents from death.

In the end, in a whirling dance of death, we brought ALL of them low… but at great cost. we were only able to save 2 of the cowering citizens, and one that had fled up the stairs.

In the end , I felt alittle more of my humanity flee me. I was becoming like Trantor, like Kyra, like Magnus. Perhaps I am now just as jaded as the rest. Perhaps we men do not deserve to stride the stars as Gods. We are no better than the animals that just tried to eat us… We are worse in fact. THEY attacked us out of hunger. whoever put us here did so for sport.


Gilgamesh achilles

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