Shadows Over Calixis

The Rebeginning

Its Rogue Trade-tacular

In an orgy of Rogue Tacular rules revisions. We have been reborn!

(insert JAMES T KIRK punctuation) Due to, our, inability, to negotiate, appropriate rules for pyskers, The party died in a firey convocation of coke fueled-gay-psychic-butt-lust death..

However, thanks to the ones known as ‘fantasy flight games’ , we have been given an entirely new set of mostly broken rules, but not nearly as broken as the original black industries rules, and thus the galaxy is reborn right again.

Yes Folks, nascent psykers can only intentionally blow the galaxy up now, instead half-hazardly. AND as an added bonus , plasma weapons no longer explode in your hands!!!

Oh YES, i ts on baby, OH YES….


Gilgamesh achilles

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