Shadows Over Calixis

The Joyous Choir Affair

Location: Hive Sibellus, ambulan

After landing in Hive Scintilla, I realized how different Zilmans domain is from the modern worlds of the empire. Normally I would have gotton straight to the matter at hand, and solved your problem. Were this Ioconthas, I would rooted out the problem immediately. Unfortunately the Joyous Choir has many more people to hide behind.

After being debriefed by the Strophies family, we decided to contact their PI and see what he had found out himself. Ironically, his name now eludes me. I believe getting shot with an autogun at point blank range may have caused temporary amnesia. Perhaps after my recovery I will remember. In any case He claimed to have damning information on the Choir, and we agreed to give him 2000 credits in exchange for that information and for a piece of flesh that we could use for to obtain a bodyguards permit. The meet was to be the next day in the middle hive.

After we returned we submitted the flesh in lieu of Isaacs own so that the Abite might better bring our heavier weapons in the city for us. This ofcourse alerted the Choir, who thought him to be the PI. Aside from the unfortunate side effect of having to turn him in the the authorities, this also gave us a glimse into the scope of the Choirs operations.

clearly there is signifigant corruption in the administratum, and I reccommend and immediate investigation and purge of them.

After getting the matter cleared up with the local police force, we detected a man (and I use that term loosely) who we later learned was named Theodosius. He wanted to know where the PI was. He then Threatened us and after nearly gutting Kyra and the Arbite with his powerblades, I was forced to put him down with a Krak Grenade. Its funny, they teach us in the military that Krak grenades are most effective as anti vehicle weapons, due to the small, focused blast they put out. I find them much more effective in City environs. With such little need to worry over hitting innocent bystanders I was able to quickly disable the android-man thing Theodosious.

This landed us all back in prison only hours after we had left it! before we were apprehended I was able to secret away some keycards that he had on his body. Kyra evaded escape (which perhaps was for the best considering the condition that Theodosius had put her in), and came back later to see to our release. Unfortunately as time was pressing she revealed her rosette to the Lead investigator in order to assure our immediate release.

I wanted to search over Theodosios’ corpse more thoroughly, but we needed to make it to a party hosted by the Choir in order to learn more.

We were fortunate I keep myself in good shape, for the affairs the the nobility once again differ substanntially from Scintilla to Zilmans domain. Where I would have shown up with clothes, and a large weapon. I must present myself here in lingerie and small lights hi-liting my manhood!

it was this well groomed presentation of myself that in fact won over the hostess of this small party and got us an invitation to the alabaster court.

The Alabaster court was a gathering of the Joyous choirs’ elite. it was held regularly at their headquarters. in the upper hive.

Kyra and I attended this party, and after watching a dissapointing display of violence on a poor lower hiver, we learned that the Androids named was Theodosius and that he had somehow escaped alive from the administratum morgue! We also learned of the Choirs activities on ambulan.

After seeing him, this was all the reason I needed to arrest all these people and interigate them. I made my way to the imperial navy garrison to requisition weapons more effective at dealing with Theodosius, as only heavy armor piercing rounds were sufficient.

While we were returning, the Strophies manor had been decimated by mercenaries in the employ of the choir. I have submitted the video evidence to this effect. Later conversation with the administratum and subsequent failed raids of the mercenary companies headquarters leads me to once again point out the importance of an immediate investigation and purge of the administratum. I find it frustrating that these people refuse to cooperate with the will of the emperor. Lord Strophes was slain in the altercation.

Shortly after, the Alabaster court was also hit and destroyed, and so we quickly made our way to ambulon to catch the choir before they were able to fully cover their tracks.

The oracle was able to teach us about the devices that the Lord strophes had retrieved for you. They are ancient Xenos tech that originated from Ambulon! their purpose is to detect psychic energy in beings.

After learning what we could from the oracle, we made our way to the Joyous choir temple, at which point their guards opened fire on us and we were forced to cleanse all of them. It is here that Theodosius made his second appearance. This time I made sure he was dead, as I vaporized his head with a grenade. After a furious fight with the choir, we learned what they were using these psychic detectors for…

The people they find with psychic ability suitable for their processes are harvested and have their brains removed and with some other components, form a highly addictive drug. they then turn the bodies into servitors.

They did all this in an extradimensional drug lab. Despite the supposedly mundane nature of this operation. I find it extremely odd that these people would a) use xenos tech and murder people to make drugs, and b) have an extradimensional space to make it in. Perhaps something else is going on….


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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