Shadows Over Calixis

The enemy among us

They Got him, sir!

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Defectors

I do not presume to act without your permission, however given that we had not received additional instructions, I took it upon myself to link up with Interrogator Blade on the hive world Gunpointe.

Shortly after arriving, we took the time to get up to speed on the local gossip. Of the more interesting finds, we learned that there was a face off b/t the inquisition and some mutants…and the inquisition LOST. I found this news disturbing mainly due to the fact that we know Tyranids can ‘infect’ others with their filth, bringing them under the hive minds’ control. How did Interrogator Blade survive this?

Secondly, news of an ‘Omega Assassin Squad’ going around killing corporate types… They even have a Tech priest with them! This sounds remarkably close to our description. and it was further confirmed shortly after returning to the lander to sleep fitfully in it.

Around midnight, Trantor had decided it was time to try and find Blade. So the rest of us cloaked ourselves in the Slau Shroud cloaks, and moved to surround him invisibly. Almost immediately when he started to use a public terminal, a Bounty hunter approached him and demanded to know where I was! He had a number of others with him as well (also hidden in the shadows as we were to learn shortly). Their insistence was their undoing ultimately, as we cut them down with brutal efficiency.

At this point I would like to commend Trantors growing combat skill! Should he ever tire of his current duties, I believe he would make an excellent conscript in the imperial guard! His skill with a gun is fast approaching that of a guardsman, and his fervor for destruction would lend him to being an excellent storm trooper in time, after he learned to shoot a little better! But I digress…

after a brief and disturbing interrogation (Trantor and Kiyra removed a leg from one of the men she had knee capped, and were in the process of reattaching the leg WITHOUT the missing joint, which they couldn’t find anywhere…), it came out they were hired by a woman named Olivia, a member of a rival noble house of my own. Such rivalry is not uncommon, but that she knew where to find me within hours of my arrival, gives me great concern… mainly because they knew where I was within hours of arrival. They knew I was coming here, before we got there.

We literally didn’t know where we were going until we got on the military transport. there was no further instructions

I sent 2 messages out from leaving Elros One to you and one to Interrogator blade. I don’t believe you would be intentionally sabotaging your own mission, so Blade must be compromised. Only he would have had time to notify Olivia and spread rumors of an elite Hit squad bent on murdering corporate executives. Couple that with the knowledge that he was ambushed by the Tyranids and lost that encounter!? I can only assume he has been compromised.

When we later met up With Blade (we located him after dealing with the bounty hunters), Trantor scanned him, and proclaimed he looked clean. Likewise after making him cut himself he bled red, which doesnt make any sense! I am sure he is. Its possible trantor failed to detect tyranid life signs (he failed to detect 20,000 of them in Gorgon, and 10,000 of them in the Tyranid army moving on Taejon), or more possible Those infected by tyranids dont bleed blue… I suppose it is also possible one of his cadre was infected, one that had access to his reports… but if this were the case, surely they would have found Blade already as well.

I must also make note that there are other things happening on Gunpointe as well. The serrated query is here as well. and they are selling Farcosia. I was under the impression that Farcosia was now deemed heretical… if so, how is it still being sold so openly (relatively speaking). I’ll track that down and deal with them as well.

I strongly recommend sending additional resources for the purpose of testing all inquisitional assets for infection on Gunpointe. If Blade or any of his staff has been comprimised, everyone in the inquisition here could be.


Gilgamesh achilles

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