Shadows Over Calixis

The Butcher's Bill

The peace attained by eternal violence

Now that we had that taken care of, it was time to deal with the ‘Unstoppable’ army of the west. Little did they know they would have to contend with the General of the metal box guns!

We found them. An entire army of Tyranids. We thought at first they might be atleast partially human. We were wrong.

Fully 10,000 strong, they marched in utter silence. I had loaded up the landed with as many flame grenades as could be built. Even after burning them alive at high altitude with Flammables, they still did not cry out. when the fire ran out, I shot them with my Long Las. When my charge packs ran out, Trantor charged them. when my strength ran out, my Musa servants head me up so I could continue firing on them.

After several days of non stop slaughter we dispersed them. Magnus thinks we may have missed about 1,000 of them, but even if that is true, then we have saved many lives and only a few of the enemy escaped. Their plans to spread forth across the planet had been stymied.

It was the next task set before me that made my stomach turn. This Governess He-hoe of Elros wanted a show of power so that her enemies would not come to unseat her. To that end, she beseeched me to make a display of the large army coming up from the south. A show of power if you will. I needed her support to conduct my operation, and turmoil in the face of the Tyranids was exactly what I didnt need. So I turned my weapons on the army coming from the South.

It should be noted, that the Musajung coming from the south had reason enough to make war upon our new governess. In taking the hand of Ex governer Hyun’s son in marriage, the new governess denied her the chance at the throne after Hyuns passing.

I proceeded to cut them down. One Musa at a time, putting Las-Bolts through the Eyes. It should be noted I am a marksman without peer. If these were Tyranids or other enemies of the Imperium I would have done it with enthusiasm. However my heart was not in it and I sometimes missed with clean kill shots. Some of them writhed on the ground in agony for minutes before their deaths set in. It was grim work, and I feel somehow permanently scarred from it. After executing 1000 of their commanders, they were understandably more willing to converse. We sent a negotiator to them and brokered a peace… for as long as peace can ever really last on this world.


Gilgamesh achilles

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