Shadows Over Calixis


Part i

Erya nepthys killed again! Lord, please find the enclosed gene data against secured remains of erya nepthys. I have encountered, again on Solomon.  Here are

Spectoris, the azure water world gem of the calixis sector. Teeming with so much life, it can It sustain several nearby systems… also happens to be a death world…it’s local flora and fauna attack anything not natural to it with murderous intent. Marked by Angevin during his initial crusade to conquer the sector, it has finally been put to use within the last 600 or so odd years to feed the starving masses of man.

  Its many delicacies also attract poachers. The many tastes of spectoris are said to make men strong and women wet. It boasts the largest and most hostile marine life on the western fringes.

inquisitor sills marr, in his generosity, decided to strip us of the vast majority of the equipment we had picked up on Solomon, AFTER we had spent our pay on unnecessary frivolities! This left us with little money for anything else we moth need.

Another Inquisitor, Soldevan, had re tasked us to spectoris with little time to spare.

We were penniless when we got there, so we decided to take up a bounty on a local criminal to get us some operating capitol. A local drug lord had set himself up in the bowels of the Fishing Hive. He was using an airlock to lure in large marine predators whose body parts could be refined into an addictive narcotics so that he could kill and process them. When we found him, he was equipped in Light power armor, with several Xenos watchdogs and well armed minions. A swift thought from Novus mind sent them reeling, and we were able to apprehend the criminal, but not before a large deep sea predator broke through the air lock during the fighting and began to flood the place.

We took his gear, and brought him to justice, procuring enough money to pay for transport into the oceans of Spectoris.


Gilgamesh achilles

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