Shadows Over Calixis

Shootout at Gabriel Chase

Gabriel chase

Acting upon a tip from the ‘spider bride’,  we sought out Obediah Salter. A man who seemed to have first hand knowledge of heron mask. He said the Heron mask had corrupted his followers and defiled a temple to the God Emperor of mankind. 

Indeed he was right, inside the temple we did find it had been defiled. Dispatching the Daemons inside was easy. hardly a footnote. Perhaps they may have been dangerous to a normal Acolyte, but with my Strength and The psykers Warp spawned might, they were dispatched almost immediately.

Inside we found maps of Gabriel Chase, astronomical charts, and a list of names… of which listed my name on it as well. after a brief lookover, this list confirmed what the white sage had already concluded: All the names on the list were decendants of the Haarlok Rogue Trader family line.

The Star charts seemed to indicate a conjunction of sorts, I believe the coming festival of darkness. Clearly whatever this heron mask intended involved Haarlock descendants, the Festival of darkness, and Gabriel Chase.

Having already ‘earned’ our tickets from the spider bride,  we gained entry to the opulent seat of Haarlock power. The Haarlock line seems wealthy… wealthy beyond even the mightiest of houses, planetary governers, and maybe even an entire sub sectors. It may be something worth throwing my hat into later into the future for right to claim this prize. I am sure the inquisition could use these resources! Everywhere in the house lie trophies to conquered planets, and souvenirs from broken heathen empires. There are even a number of Xenos artifacts… presumably leftovers from their destruction. 

One of the pictures we saw, was of a dead planet tanis… A world destroyed for the most heinous of crimes…. [CHRIS FIXUP]

Thanks to the half burnt maps we found in the defiled chapel, we were able to make use of the numerous secret passages with the estate. In one of corridors we found an aged painting of a regal noble woman. Due to it’s advanced state of decay, Magnus’ keen eye spotted a door concealed behind it. 

It was in this room we discovered Erasmus harlocks darkest  secret: his beloved wife and child, both murdered in ages past by rival family members, have driven him mad with grief. His journal described how he sought a means to revive his lost family members, using warp magics or xenos technology. Furthermore he’d been embarked on a bloody path of revenge… Killing not only his rivals,but also anyone with title to the harlocks name!  

As we ventured deeper, we came across a dead noblemen, wearing  xeno mesh armor. And other assorted finery. Wanting the added protection of the armor, I removed my clothes to don his armor… Just as I had started to pull it on, four cultists who had set this As a trap rushed around a corner further on, grenades in hand,  and murder in their eyes! Knowing my death was at hand, I reached out through the warp and called forth my rocket launcher! The krak missile that was designed as an anti material weapon, vaporized the cultists, and took a good portion of the wall! The nobles attending the party, already nervously anticipating the violence to come, opened fire on the hole! Realizing  our hideaway was no more, we beat a hasty retreat and made our way back to the clock room.

The giant clock chimed 13 times, and all went silent, and then the suns light was instantly eclipsed by a black sun, blotting out most of the natural light with blackness, leaving only the thin corona around it to illuminate the world below. 

The baleful glare of the tyrant star beat down upon us, causing those around us to go insane, and kill each other, tear at their own eyes, and even mutate the blessed form of man. Having felt the effects of the tyrant star first hand, I knew not to look at it.

But before I could warn them, Tranter looked up, and I could tell the warp spawned light of the star worked it’s way upon him. He shuddered, but before he could be warped by it’s light he turned away from the abyss.   

A tense moment passes, then the unbridled orgy of slaughter begins. Generations of pent up rage and rivalry is released as the nobles wreak their cruelty and violence as few of their non elevated kin can.

-widower and heron mask show down, widower wrecks heron, but Constantine interrupts. [CHRIS FIXUP]

The widower. This being of fell power, supposedly immortal, and awesomely strong.  I witnessed it’s strength. But immortality? No I think not. I took aim with my twin hand cannons, and fired 2 rounds into it’s face. I must admit I was stunned! Awed even. The widower reeled, but refused to die. I watched it heal before my eyes. It looked me, a sudden hope in it’s eyes. This being WANTED to die! It came at me with abandon. My trained hand turned it’s claws aside. Not losing a step, I drew my chain sword and chain axe , and buried them in the widower, bisecting it in two. This time it did not heal. Its remains fell to the ground and immediately began to disintegrate to dust…all but the face. It lay there gibbering, somehow slithering away much in the way a slug would crawl across the ground. I was unable to give it further attention however as the cultists continued their assault on the partygoers and ourselves.

Heron mask, now seeing an opportunity to escape with the remnants of the widower, ordered some of his cultists to retreat with them while the remainder to screen their getaway. Unfortunately, as warp worshippers oft do, heron made a foolish mistake; he attempted to pit his sorcery against novus’ will. While he managed to wound the psyker with a lance of telekinetic power, novus’ retort was instantly fatal. Herons head exploded in a deluge of psychic power, causing panic among party goers and cultists alike.  

Magnus now free from the melée, saw the pilgrims of hate making off with the widowers face! He and Novus gave chase, running through the now bloodied halls.   

Everything I understood about this festival of darkness, was that it was supposed to end… Something was wrong, the tyrant stars dark light was not fading. Having lived through this nightmare on zilmans domain, I knew full well what would happen if it did not end soon…the bloodlust and insanity ran through these nobles would grow worse… Even if their bodies survived the chaos, their mimes would not! It would eventually run throughout the city and indeed the entire planet, man would become savage mutants and animals would become warp spawned predators. They would then proceed to slaughter each other in an all out battle royal! 

Trantor looked at me, his time in the service of the emperors most holy inquisition had taken it’s toll on his soul. Yet I saw no yielding in those tired eyes. With unwavering resolve he went to the clock, out under the baleful light of the black sun once more, and proceeded to try and smash the doomsday clock. First with a meat hook, and then with grenades… The ancient technology that had withstood eons, predating even the imperium was impervious to these primitive devices. He tried with a chainsword too, yet his strength was not enough… 

I grimaced. I had no desire to bask in the light of the warp again. Yet I must. I could feel the massive amount of kinetic energy wound up in the furiously whirring gears and pistons. I was certain releasing it would end the life of everyone in this room. I grimaced again! Had I not fired my only krak missile earlier, I might have destroyed it from, a distance. Such a fate was not to be…I strode up to the leftover bits of heron mask, took up his power sword and drew the butchers chain axe I found in the lair of the beast house.I motioned for trantor to run, but he stood his ground beside me as only a true friend would till the glorious end. 

The power field from the sword warped and weakened the masterpieces rods and gears, and my strength cut them from their bindings. The mono edged saw blades at the end of my axe cut through from the opposite direction. 

The ensuing blast killed nearly everyone in the clock room. Trantors small body was flung against the wall, crumpling the floor where he lay unmoving. I too was blasted, only into an adjoining room. My flak coat was in tatters, apparently doing it’s job. The xeno mesh underlay that I had pilfered from the dead man earlier still held up, and it’s hood had hardened to protect my head. My leg was broken, and I used my mind to repair it.  I’m nowhere near as powerful as Novus, or even a average grade psyker, but it was enough to knit bone and abate the pain. Unwilling to test my weight on my tender leg, I crawled to trantors body and checked for life… I found it barely… Reaching deeper into the warp then I have since the last I healed trantor, I healed him fully expecting to be immolated in a pillar of lightning… And was relieved when I opened my eyes feeling myself alive, and trantors heartbeat steady.




Gilgamesh achilles

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