Shadows Over Calixis

Shoot out at the forum

and I dont mean the online kind!

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: its in the food

We have tracked down the mutation problem on Gunpointe to a Baron Rhine , who was importing his grain from Hesiods wake. However, I do not believe he is knowingly spreading his dubious wares amongst the populace.

We made use of a Baron Carr, a grain importer who’d been hit the hardest with all the arson of late. We forwarded him the information, and waited to see what would pan out as a result.

Predictably, A Forum was called amongst the nobles of the Hive, where Baron Rhine was apprehended and then the guard attempted to take him away for questioning. Ahh the forum. I remember them fondly on Zilmans domain… Except they let us bring weapons to it… and for good reason too! How else could you prove someones guilt or your own innocense without one! The council chambers where the forum was held was grandiose. It was a large circular hall, with several Tiers of seating each one higher than the previous, and recessed alittle more into the walls, much like a Stadium, only indoors, with fine decor and smaller.

Baron Rhines men would not allow this however… but instead of defending him, they attempted to kill him with a Melta pistol and grenades! Fortunately due to Trantors newfound ability to fall from great heights without hurting himself too badly (no doubt an upgrade after the fall in the metalimax factory), we were able to reach the bottom of the forum hall and make it to him and protect him from being overly ravaged by the melta wielding madman. I took his head off with a clean swipe and saved the baron.

Rhine had been horribly wounded in the fighting, and it was only by sheer luck he had not bled out, since the melta had cauterized his wounds and miraculously missed his vital organs. We got him carted off to a close by hospital, and began interrogating him.

He is either an extremely accomplished liar, able to hold his facade under Trantors painful ministrations, or he was actually telling the truth, and that truth being that he knew nothing about the mutations, or any of the odd properties of his grain.

We gave him a once over with an auspex, in order to see if he was a tyranid,but while we were scanning him, we picked up something in his leg. It turned out to be a bomb, and we were unable to diffuse it (with dire consequences for the Baron). After questioning his wife, it became obvious that while the Baron was undoubtedly the perpetrator of these crimes, he was not knowingly doing it. At this time we have no suspects regarding who could have planted the bomb in his leg. Clearly this is the organization responsible for the arson

The arsonists are still at large as well. We suspect someone in the barons organization was perpetrating these crimes, most likely to spread the consumption of the grain.

We then went to search his residence out for any clues. After finding detailed documents after the fact in his personal residence showing that he was purchasing it from a Mr X at a below cost rate, it is no surprise that he was able to overturn the entire market place and gain near total control over the local grain supply.

Currently we are unable to determine the motivation behind this scheme to mutate the people of Gunpointe. It is possible it is demonic in nature. but it works equally well as a diversion to hide Tyranid Hybrids. We will head to Hesiods wake after resolving the tyranid problems here.

Regarding Interrogator Blade:

It has been sometime now that we have been on this planet, and we have seen zero progress from him. We have set a meeting with him, under the guise of a status update, but in reality to bring him in for questioning. Blade is no fool. he has set a meeting with us in the Lower hive. This is undoubtedly a Tyranid trap, and obviously confirms our suspicions. We are going to spring it and bring him back.


Gilgamesh achilles

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