Shadows Over Calixis

Fun with Rope!

whats a worm do?

After Defeating the Dark wizard of Khyber pass, we decided we had a little time on our hands to finish up some loose ends, like picking up the alien paper weight in the top of the windmill!

I devised a system to crane the device out from the roof of the windmill. I intended to accomplish this by building a rope basket around the device and using the support beams underneath it as the base. once the basket was constructed, I would run a goodly amount of rope out throug a hole in the roof to The Reaper, and cut away the support beams from the floor. and then pull it straight out through the roof, set the device on the ground outside and push it in to our Spacecraft.

After devising the system to remove the device through the roof of the windmill, I then set about to execute the plan. However, as we were about to leave the moldering remains of this once great structure, Magnus noticed the telltale shimmering we saw earlier at the base of the tower… One of the maggot men had been watching us the entire time!

After a furious fight, we persevered and defeated it. this time it left another curious artifact… a curious pistol of sorts. It fired at me in the fight, but it seemed far less proficient than I with a gun, and it missed with the pulsing black and red energy ray that issued forth from its weapon.

While upon our errands to pick up copious amounts of rope, pulleys and a wagon, we yet again noticed another of these demons following us. They seem to be masters of disguise (given that they look like large roving masses of worms), appearing as deformed parodies of the people of the noble Imperium. Despite their deformities, they still passed enough to not be given much of an afterthought by those around them.

Kiyra split off and tried to get around behind it, so that we could ambush it in a manner similar to what we did with Theodosius on Scintilla. Unfortunately these maggot men seem to have a keener eye than he, and it quickly caught wind of our game and as such confronted her with us several meters in front of it.

Whatever was said, it resulted in Kiyra drawing her Greatsword and slashing through it with great fury. afterwards, I drew back its hood and by some supernatural ability of sorts caused an irrational fear to creep into everyone nearby, not unlike the feeling you get when confronted with Warp-Daemons. Kiyra promptly passed out and it then proceeded to grab her and slink off through the now-panicked crowd with great proficiency!

Trantor was able to keep us close enough to it with his auspex that we eventually found Kiyra.

From what I can gather, it drew her into the basement of a warehouse where it attempted to question her, but she escaped its clutches.

She led us back to the warehouse, but the only thing waiting for us was a sophisticated alien bomb that Trantor was unable to defuse, so we did what any smart acolyte would do, run for it and later act as if nothing had happened.

It became clear to us that this being was trying to cover its tracks. We rushed to the windmill to head it off. We werent able to stop him from setting the bomb, but Magnus’ attention to detail detected the bomb in a corner under some rubbish. Trantor then bravely set about to disarming this one and managed to do so!

Then, after a little work on my pulley system, we were ready to try it. Much to Trantors dismay (which I suspects stems from my refusal to believe that machines have spirits), my pulley system worked, and after cutting the support beams holding the alien device away from the floor, it hung freely in the air! Pulling out of the windmill and then getting it into the lander was a simple matter.

He said it would never work, and paced about angrily refusing to help me, but once it did work his attitude shifted to one of glee as he realized he would soon have a new toy to play with!


Gilgamesh achilles

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