Shadows Over Calixis

Queen Maker

I brought a gun to a knife fight

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Tyranid infestation
Location: Elros
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: There be monsters here

I never been shot by an entire regiment of Savages. Even with their Flint-lock pistols, they managed to severly wound me in my Storm Trooper Armor.

Fortunately it takes a long time to reload these weapons, and so it gave me plenty of time to Deliver my speech.

“If any of you have honor enough to treat with me inside and not attack me upon entrance as your others did, I invite you to do so, in the hopes we may yet avoid any more violence and blood shed.”

With that, I was able to bring one of these savage women, Mi-jin, inside and have the remotest of conversations.

After briefly conversing with her, I was able to convince her to take a note to her Master, the Governess’es Sister Hyua. I enclosed a micro bead to see if I could get a response.

When I asked her about the rumors regarding the Dark wizard of Kyber Pass, she flatly denied the use of Daemons. I was inclined to believe her based on her units conviction to the Emperor I had just experienced when they pierced pierce my armor with flintlock pistols!

I was to find out later that I was so very wrong.

As we waited in front of the oncoming army it became apparent they had no intention of stopping to converse, regardless of the might of my “metal box guns” (we call them Auto-cannons in the civilized parts of the galaxy)

Governess Hyun’s army exited the city, and marched by us, and both proceeded to form great lines so that they could butcher each other with great efficiency.

Imagine them! The governess was outnumbered 3 to 1 and she rides out IN FRONT of her city, and decides to fight them on an open field! Lunacy from all of them. So I did what any perfectly insane Imperial commander would do when being ignored; I bullied my way to the command center near the front lines!

When Trantor and I arrived, we attempted to talk sense into her, tried to get her to take refuge on my Lander. Then the battle started. Bullets were flying everywhere , and it was at that point we decided to leave. Unfortunately as the press of soldiers behind us moving up to the front lines was so dense, we couldnt leave the command area of get away from the fighting. We radio’ed Kiyra and Magnus to come pick us up with the Lander, and waited.

As it turned out, the Usurper Hyua and her elite guard were hacking a way to our very position. When we got wind of this, Trantor knew immediately knew it was a trap of sorts. May the emperor bless his rickety metal body! He thought it was a bomb of sorts, which I agreed with, assuming the Xenos Tech we found in the windmill definately indicated someone else from offworld was trying to influence the politics around here as well.

What we got instead was a hideous Daemon that appeared in a flash of white light, and proceeded to paralyze everyone with fear. I know not what this daemon was, only what it did to me. I have seen daemons before, and while they all possess the ability to inflict supernatural terror in their victims, they themselves might not be worthy of that fear. This monstrosity deserved his fearful reputation every bit. It had its compliment of claws, fangs, horns and sharp pointy teeth… in reality, what daemon didnt! What really disturbed me tho was the all-pervasive smell of blood, nausea and the continuous screaming at the edge of my hearing.

The governesses guards discipline broke apart and Hyua’s elite forces breach our defenses. Even I found myself unwilling and unable to approach it. Only Trantor seemed possessed, seething with fury and a strong desire to see it gone from his presense! At this point the governess was a gibbering mess, fortunately for her, her low profile made it difficult for the daemon to execute her as it slipped on the corpses around it!

Trantor did what any good soldier would do, he raised his grenade launcher and hit it with a krak grenade! I followed with a Krak Missile, straight to its face, blowing most of its features straight off! This didnt stop it tho… it charged me and by some twist of fate (or the lack of any sensory organs intact on his mangled face) missed me with its massive rending claws. I tried finishing it with a toss of a grenade, but it nimbly twisted out of harms way (more likely I was busy avoiding its rending claws!). It went to crush me in earnest this time, but it was if it was pulled back into the warp by some unseen master. With a flash of light it was gone once again. Even though I know it would have done no good, I would have rather I sent it back personally. I still feel its corrupting touch upon me, and no amount of showering will get rid of it.

At this point, the elite guard were on us, butching everyone they could find (which wasnt very hard considering most of them were still terrified, passed out, or gibbering) and shortly after we saw the Dark wizard of Kyber pass, and his associate Hyua. The wizard attempted to dominate me, and force me to attack Trantor. I resisted not once but twice. It was at this point I made a horrible mistake. I assumed b/c he was trying to dominate me, that he had already in fact dominated Hyua, and that she was under his control, and so I directed Trantor and myself to concentrate all fire on the wizard, in hopes of breaking the spell he had over her.

Our grenade and bullets passed through him as tho he wasnt there. Trantor however, was able to pinpoint him with his auspex, and then I illuminated him with my bolt pistol. Boltguns are perhaps one of the most horrible of weapons man has ever created. Essentially miniature armor piercing rockets fired from a weapon the size of a pistol, they penetrate the body and explode inside of it. They are guaranteed to send gore, shrapel, and just about anything else in close proximity flying.

After seeing him explode into bits, this didnt stop Hyua one bit. She proceeded to behead the governess and scream with a perverse pleasure…At least until a whole in the sky to the warp ripped open and a giant clawed hand reached through it and dragged her back with it.

I STILL don’t know what I saw, what the daemon was, or anything else about this dark wizard. I DO know he had Xeno Mesh under his set of Feudal Plate…

After picking us up, we looked for anyone in charge of the army. The battle had degenerated into a mass melee… neither side being controlled at all as both rulers were dead. we eventually found a Musa Jung under the former governesses control by the name of He-Hoe (yes. you heard me right) after explaining the unfortunate demise of the governess (and showing her body to her in the lander), we proceeded to snipe the enemy commanders with the auto cannon. Let me tell you, even krak missiles pale in comparison to the explosive ordinance released from an Auto-cannon on full auto! Whole swathes of people exploded under the fire! the trampled ground changes into red-mud slurry in moments!

And so, with our superior firepower we turned the tide of the battle and won it. He-Hoe was the unreasonable sort, and didnt know who or what the inquisition was. After taking her back to the palace she proceeded to ignore us, marry the Governesses Son, and proclaim herself governess. I dont much care if she wants to rule this mud ball filled with lunatic women who dont know their place. What I DO care about her apparent lack of understanding of what a Tyranid is, and the threat they face in the form of an unstoppable (tyranid) army from the west.

With barely a thanks, she proclaimed me ‘general of the metal box guns’ and told me I could have more status than any other MAN on this rock. I told her of course I would help her so long as she helped me. I learned later that she seemed dubious and so she cornered Trantor and pressed him to see if would in fact help her.

I think on hindsight I will have to help her. I am low on ammunition, have no more Krak Missiles and only a few more Grenades, and according to the Tyranid prisoner we have in the back, there is a Patriarch on this planet.

Considering my inability to bring the daemon down, and the past performance of the Acid-Spewing Tyranid hybrids, I feel I cannot execute this war against them, and as such I will need the aid of the new governess, or someone else at the very least to bring death to the ‘Nids.

In Any case; I count now 3 distinct power groups on this planet excluding the Imperium, vying for its control.

1) The Khornites. I can think of no other chaos worshipper that would engage in war the way I saw it outside of Taejon.

2) the unidentified Xenos who have the ability to animate worms into coherant masses. I’m not sure what they are, who they are, or what their goals are. Their technology is a mystery to us. but I’m hoping we can find them and kill them. They MIGHT have firepower to stop a Patriarch.

3) The Tyranids. it would seem they have the virtue of numbers on their side, AND several 4th generation human look alike hybrids. They have infested the administratum offices, and emperor knows what else.

Magnus has also heard rumor of a 4th group

4) a potential second group of off worlders (aside from us), here for purposes unknown. They could be the ones with the Xenos Tech.

We have also heard tale of a few shuttles leaving orbit over the last couple years, with no records in the administratum available as they did not land in port.

Much to the disappointment of Trantor and Kiyra, I don’t not yet believe Exterminatus is necessary, unless you feel it is not worth the effort to save this world. However even If I am somehow able to Kill the Patriarch, I believe this infestation has progressed beyond individual Cell resolution; they will just breed more with their newly born full-blown genestealers.

At the very least, please send the Imperial guard, and a detachment of space marines if they can be spared,unless you hear from me in 1 weeks time. Be advised that the Acid from these Tyranid hybrids far exceeds the destructive capability of a Lasgun, and while it is of short range, they are very fast and in the rocky terrain can avoid the long reach of our weaponry.

I also reccommend extermination of this new governor He-Hoe. She is remarkably thick headed, and may prove troublesome in the future. I suppose a tutor may also work, but I’d just assume save us the time and make an example of her. Works for insubordination in the guard, it will work for her.


Gilgamesh achilles

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