Shadows Over Calixis

Planet Collision III

rough draft still needs editing

I decided to lie to the Eldar. Not because they are Eldar, nor b/c I have a desire to see all xenos dead. No, I am not like that…They are no threat to humanity, and can only help us… I lied to them because they are a cowardly race, without compassion for anything not Eldar. Further, their courage is further marred… They would rather escape to their craftworld rather than save their Seed planet, and the humans.

So I told them these Smugglers might have Eldar prisoners. I’m doing them a favor. By saving this Hive planet, I will save the seed world. I will tell them the truth later. It is only just.

What I suspect these ArcheoTech smugglers really do is tinker with things beyond their understanding. I suspect they activated the Ancient spires on both planets, drawing them together. I suspect they will know about the enslavers. Besides, there really could be Eldar with them, if the smugglers are under the ‘Warp Jellies’ influence.

Both planets on the collision course have activated spires, appear to be archeotech, not xeno. If anyone knows who activated the spires, they will. Given this organizations proclivity for ancient technology, I suspect they accidentally activated them, drawing these planets together… Even if they dont, I’m betting someone knows something there that will help.

Hive ‘XXX’ was an industrial center… there was so much smoke and toxins in the air we were forced to wear respirators. Our ability to see into the warp became invaluable since we could see beyond a few meters. After fighting off several mobs of Enslaver dominated thralls, our investigation came to warehouse 9a. Behind the doors, 2 Ancient servitors guarded. They had no fleshy parts visible. Either they were murder Golems, or the Fabled Iron men. (note to self… do more research on the matter… are they one in the same?), Sentient artificial life is heresy in itself. We nearly killed ourselves with free thinking machines… These Iron men nearly killed Agamor, but my Plasma blaster saw them dead… eventually. That was not all that was in store for us. 3 enslavers came at us through the warp, and a pack of ravenous Xenos Guard dogs came at us. While Novus and I dealt with the enslavers, Agamor, Magnus and Trantor dealt with the dogs.

Unfortunately this gave the Smugglers ample time to warm up their cargo ship and escape.

Investigating the warehouse lead to a cache of archeo tech pistols, and a large stockpile of orc weapons (why you would want them I will never know.)

We Left the hive in defeat, decided to head back to the main hive, and see what we could learn about these spires. On the way back, see the smuggler ship going the same way! What fortuitous luck! I must admit these Eldar ships are fast. we caught it in no time, and now we prepare to board it…


Gilgamesh achilles

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