Shadows Over Calixis

Orbital Bombardment

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Tyranid infestation
Location: Elros
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Mission accomplished

It was no surprise to me that a good nights sleep resolved Trantors inability to deduce the purpose of the alien device we found in the windmill the night before.

With nary a thought he determined it was some sort of enhanced Auspex! It quickly produced a 3D map of the surrounding area, and all Psykers within its locale! The results were most illuminating…

What was more interesting, was the way one tuned the device… you see, the reason this device was so large, was not apparently because of Maggot men had a penchant for the grandiose, but because a living sample of the biological life form one was trying to detect had to be placed into a hidden compartment of the device!

So it was no surprise that when we opened this compartment that we found a starving and mostly dead psyker, driven completely insane, most likely due to his extended internment inside the device.

It is important to note, when the psyker was in the device, it detected psykers only. The psychic ability of the Tyranids to communicate was apparently NOT detected. This I believe lends to the theory that the device detects life forms with certain active genes and not specific abilities.

So we did what any good servant of the emperor would do; End the psykers miserable life , and throw one of our Tyranid prisoners in!

We took the reaper to Gorgon, purportedly where the Tyranid Patriarch had taken root. This city was odd in that it had large stone walls around it… very odd considering every other city we had seen on the planet had none. My musa servants confirmed this as well.

And this brings me to my favorite part of the report; the part where Trantor, with all his techno-superiority, his fool hardy belief in this ‘machine’ god, fails to detect the teaming mass of Tyranids below us, and the beginnings of very deep cave complex below the city!

I Constantine, Surivor of Mara, Slayer of Thousands, Servant of the Emperors Ideals, brushed him aside and turned the alien’s sensor device downward , to detect that the city was almost entirely Tyranid!

Since none of us thought crawling through a complex of caves to try and combat the Patriarch was a particularly intelligent idea (to his credit, Trantor wasnt against it, but he thought that perhaps fighting so many of them would make him late for dinner, and furthmore he didnt want all the blood on his new robes, since we would run out of bullets long before all of the ‘Nids were dead, which meant he’d had to perform several ‘meaningless vivisections of aliens for no other purpose but to pass the time when an imperial fleet could save him the muscle cramps he would get killing them’), we elected to try and assault the city again with our small Arms fire and fire bombs.

Within minutes of raining death on them however, they all went to ground, and unlike the fields where I slaughtered them, this place was rife with places to hide from my peerless aim.

Further, their Psykers prevented me from burning their city, as they surpessed the flames with their abilities.

So we instead settled on leaving you with a notification about the ‘Nids, and moving on to purge the unclean from the dark wizards tower.

His Tower was situated against the side of the mountain side, within a lifeless, secluded valleyone of the highest peaks. Large Stone doors barred our entry, and upon inspection, it seemed to be trapped. Trantors ears perked at this, and he promptly decided to ventilate the doors with his heavy stubber, until they came crashing down!

I will leave what transpired inside to a separate report, however suffice to say the tower was cleansed. Regretably I must inform you that the horrors within have left their indelible mark on Both Kiyra and Magnus. Surveillance of them should be increased. I myself find myself less and less concerned with my own well being, perhaps Trantor enthusiasm for violence has rubbed off on me. Despite me trying to be the voice of reason, I had my Taro reading when inducted into the inquisition to be more and more true. Violence solves everything. However it would seem there is wisdom in this… Despite Trantors obviously bloodthirsty nature, I see none of the corruption in him that I see in the others.

Suffice to say, there were many daemons inside, including a Daemonhost! I have never been hit so hard in my entire life, and I never intend to repeat that experience!

It should also be noted we found 3 cases of Mark 3 Hellfire bolter rounds in his tower. SOMEONE has been stealing powerful technology designed to combat Tyranids and giving them to Heretics! Some investigation of ships in this area recently is recommended.

After this, I thought that perhaps salting the fields of the Tyranids would work, for such an town would require vast amounts of food to support itself.

This of course failed, as the fuel requirements far exceeded the amount of salt I could ferry there and drop in any reasonable period of time.

It was during this first trip of salting, that the others discovered the whereabouts of the last maggot man!

After yet more violence from Trantor (he mowed down atleast 20 civilians by my count in the gunfight that erupted outside this beings lair, truly he has some issues that counseling might resolve), they brought it down, and proceeded to discover 10 psykers in stasis pods.

From what I can gather, Trantor opened one of the pods to have some sort of discussion with one of the latents (as if you can could actually have one with these criminals who do not turn themselves in!), and it proceeded to use its power with disastrous consequences, turning himself into a daemonhost!

Amongst its possessions, we found some sort of Teleportation device, of which we intend to investigate in more detail after the Threat of the tyranids are removed. We suspect it must lead to some cloaked ship in orbit where these beings operate.

When the Death guard arrived in orbit, they promptly informed us to get out of the way, so they could bombard the countryside with artillery and clean nuclear weapons!

The Space marines came and blasted city from orbit. now they are invading. we will have to go as well! p.


Gilgamesh achilles

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