Shadows Over Calixis

Internal Affairs

Friends are Close, but Enemies are usually closer

Ref: Inq/084635455/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Mission Briefing
Location: Samson IV, orbital Dock, Dylars Lament
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: The rot within

Inquisitor Van Vuygens,

I attach this report as an interim update should you not hear from me in the short future due to the incident on our Elros bound transport.

As you know, we utilized the mid range trading frigate , Dylars Lament, to travel to the eastern most fringes of the Calixis sector, and reach the hive world Samson IV.

Magnus had found a merchant ship headed to Sampson IV to drop off an ex governor named Mithra to the authorities via a posting in the Arbitrator Halls looking for additional manpower to guard this high profile suspect.

We signed on to provide that additional support. Afterward we were to find a tramp trader to the Backwater planet Elros.

It was during this trip to Sampson IV that we picked up some additional passengers. One of them was a woman with a Robotic arm, who introduced herself as Erya Nepthis. After approaching her (I must admit my libido may have been getting the best of me on this year long voyage), I learned of her stern and dour demeanor. What I did not do next, I consider a failing on myself, one I will rectify from this day forward.

With the exception of spending time with the condemned Governor of Samson IV, I spent my time in solitude in the Aquila lander we had acquired on Twilight.

For whatever reason, I did not spend my time attempting to converse with the rest of the crew, or with the other passengers. She struck me as odd, and for whatever reasons, I did not pursue her. Perhaps she used her abilities as a psyker to dissuade me from attempting. Had I bed her as I would have done with any other woman, I may have found her secret long before it became a problem.

In the future I will be more diligent in my efforts to bed any suspicious women (even if they have robotic arms) and use whatever means at my disposal to make accurate threat assessments of them!

Sometime during our second warp trip, the ships Gellar field collapsed. it was down for 7 minutes. A number of Daemonettes boarded the ship and proceeded to kill a great many of the crew. While they were dangerous to the crewmen, and were tough to kill, they were in my estimation not terribly dangerous to ourselves. After a lengthy conflict, we prevailed and moved on to the crew quarters, on a hunch of mine regarding our new passenger.

Upon arrival, my suspicions were confirmed. The prisoner was gone, and so was Erya Nepthis. We searched her quarters and found the remnants of a dark ritual on the floor! The arbites transporting our prisoner to Samson IV were dead, however it appears they had helped some of the other passengers to safety, locking them securely in their rooms.

We then made our way to the Bridge, which we found to be empty. Empty but for Erya in full Storm Trooper armor complete with Hexogramatic wards. She informed us she was an Inquisitor, and that these demons had come to hunt her. Obviously we had our suspicions… but she DID have a rosette, and knew her part well.

I did not inform her of our own status, since I was suspicious. Instead we acquiesced to her orders and formed up around her and proceeded to sweep the ship for the demon she claimed hunted her. I found it curious however. she did not proceed in any logical fashion. Either she was inexperienced in search and destroy missions, or she knew where she was going.

Eventually we found Mithra, our prisoner. He had become a Daemon host! After a furious battle, we best it in combat.

Shortly afterward we found the captain and his bridge crew huddled away from the slaughter. What a cowardly man, He left his entire crew and passengers to die!

During the final months of our voyage, I had decided to tell Erya that I was an acolyte. I wanted more information about what was going on, and I felt hiding my occupation from others in the inquisition as wrong. She didn’t tell me much, other than the Daemons’ name was Kalvar. I know not if she spoke the truth or not. I do know after what happened next that she had no real reason to lie to me though.

I awoke to agony in the last day of the trip as I was burned alive by her will. She unleashed a firestorm in the cockpit of our lander. Not once, but twice. By whatever twist of fate I survived long enough to engage the warp suppression fields in our modified black ship transport and get to its safety (the field does not extend to the cockpit. Having my sleeping quarters in solitude, away from the rest of the passengers, and my traveling companions, saved many lives. Had I stayed with the others, they would now be dead. In this I am consoled; My sins and faults did not cause others harm.

I have sent this correspondence to you and Interrogator Blade via astropath relay, so that you know to send another group with all haste to Elros should we fail to contact you once we are safely away from this Inquisitor Erya. If she is waiting for us outside, I fear the worst. I am presently huddled Warp Suppression field transmitting this message to the astropath via vox-link. I am certain in my heart that if I were to step outside she would slay me.

Should I live to see scintilla again, I would like to start a full scale investigation on the Ordo Hereticus. it would appear to me they are woefully inadiquate at policing their own. Between this woman and Inquisitor Soldevan, I do not have a very high opinion of their ordo, and would further appear they do nothing but hinder our own efforts at every turn.

The Tyranids must be stopped! if you do not hear again from me in 1 weeks time, assume we are dead and send another group to Elros!


Gilgamesh achilles

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