Shadows Over Calixis

Elros Mission

Ref: Inq/084634839/QP
Author: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
To: Omega Cell
Subject: Elros Mission Briefing
Location: Elros – Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis (Hazeroth Sub)
Tithe Grade: Solutio Prima
TFTD: The female is deadlier than the male

Omega Cell – Remit Four: Proceed to Elros. Investigate possibility or actuality of genestealer cult infestation. If deemed within your capabilities – destroy infestation. If cult deemed to be too widespread for single cell resolution – contact Interrogator Blade on Gunpointe for further instructions.

Mission Details: As you are aware your cell found a data slate on the Space Hulk Twilight on the body of a dead commissar. The data slate contained the flight plan of an imperial ship called the Emperor’s Bliss and marked two planets in particular, Gunpointe and Elros. Trantor was able to activate the console that the commissar was using before his death and extract the beginning of a message the commissar was trying to send. The message read, “Tyranid infestation likely to have occurred on Elros and Gunpointe, I have discovered…” The message seemingly interrupted before it could ever be finished or sent. You are being sent to discover the veracity of this commissar’s message. I am also sending forces to Gunpoint under the leadership of Interrogator Blade. Should you encounter unforeseen difficulties you may try to contact him for aid. One of his aliases on Gunpointe is Alvar Farb, a traveling gun merchant.

Addendum 1: Emperor’s Island
The only port of entry for incoming shuttles and spacecraft, it is here you will find what Administratum, Arbite, and other Adeptus presence Elros has.

Addendum 2: People and Government
Elros is dominated by a female death cult. Sources suggest that males are treated as second class citizens. The Planetary Governor is Governor Sarna. She is the nominal head of government and the one ultimately responsible to the adminstratum for the planetary tithe. Sources suggest that Elros is a feudal world and loosely knit together. Individual Musa Jang, seem to rule their own bits of land and war with other Musa Jang for territory and status. Culture con Elros can be equated to medieval Korea and Japan on ancient Holy Terra. The main tithe from Elros is assassins for the Officio Assassinorum and a small tithe of food stuffs, mostly rice.

Founding: The first imperial guard forces to arrive on planet were met with fierce resistance by what was termed, “a host of women warriors.” Subsequent pacification forces were met with open arms and treated with deference, until, “ the night of red beds” when a mass of imperial forces were cruelly slain after apparently having accepted the favors of the local women. Final pacification of the planet was only had when the Sun Blades Astartes Chapter was brought in to crush the resistance against the Emperor’s will.

Past Inquisitorial Involvement: To the average resident of Elros, the Inquisition is merely another half-legendary power from beyond their world or perhaps unheard of altogether, and while there have been several Inquisitorial missions to Iocanthos in the past, such missions are beyond your security clearance and are not deemed relevant to your current mission.


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