Shadows Over Calixis

Eldar Invasion

Eldar Invasion II

Eldar, I’ve seen enough of them to last a lifetime. I feel sick trading with them, but I know its the right thing to do. They murdered the Women and children here. NOT the Dark Eldar.

Its True, this was their world before it was ever man’s. Its true we are tresspassers. Its true they are dying as a race and The Imperium will achieve its manifest destiny and rule the galaxy.

Clearly there is an agreement of sorts with the Eldar and the Imperium… There are strict orders not to approach Craftworld Kaelor as it passes through the Calixis sector every thousand or so years. We even protect the world from contact.

Set up a trade for the Wraith beacon, We get the world for 5000 years in return.

Dark Eldar come to muck it up. We shoot the dark eldar tank driver, but it crashes into the building around the wraith beacon.

On the way into town, Dark Eldar in hover bikes and troop carrier intercept us. Constantine kills all but a single bike, which races after Magnus and Novus, who carry the Wraith beacon and Inquisitor. They kill him in a spectacular game of chicken with their vehicles.

Magnus Burns fate to recover it.

Eldar Troop ship lands on town, its the size of the town. Carrying enough troops to board other starships. We burn rubber, leaving 1 Dire Avenger behind as there is no space on his bike.

Constantine floats up to the booby trap nuclear bomb near the warp gate, attunes it to himself so he can summon it later.

He gets a stasis Grenade from trantor. hold hand out as far as I can from my body, and activate stasis field so that it doesnt cover my hand, just as I call the bomb, blowing the dark eldar to pieces.


Gilgamesh achilles

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