Shadows Over Calixis

Eldar Invasion

Eldar Invasion I

Our Inquisitor Van Vuygens was in trouble. The Emergency broadcast message transmitted directly to our minds was evidence of that. He was captured, incapacitated, or dead. We rushed to Zel Tertius to effect a rescue as fast as possible. We were tired of Spectoris anyway. He’d been on a foundling world called Zel Tertius. It had no imperial records, save a single Flier that indicated it was a new colony, and was welcoming people to come there and start new lives. While we orbited it, it appeared as such; an untouched Paradise, and a Welcome child to the Aging Imperium of man.

The attack came swiftly. No more than 15 minutes after entering orbit. The Bulk Freighter we had commandeered to reach Zel Tertius was ripped apart almost immediately by the Dark eldar Raider that had appeared without warning. 20,000 souls loyal to the emperor perished in an instant.

Without my skills as a pilot, we too would have been torn apart by its forward lances. The Eldar vessel turned to fire on us directly, and I was forced to cut the power on the Yacht in the atmosphere and free fall, hoping to confusing their targeting systems. I would then re engage engines close to the surface and look for a place to hide.

Obviously since I am writing this it worked. I touched us down at the bottom of a lake and powered down.

We Hiked into what Trantor recalled as the main settlement. Zel Tertius was a Frontier world. The Imperium had colonized it only 100 years prior. I later learned my suspicions were true; The Imperiums frontier was also an Eldar Maiden world. How unfortunate for the both of us.

On the way into town, we found a camp of slaughtered women and children. I was surprised to find the weaponry used to slaughter them was not of Dark Eldar origin. It was solid core ammunition similar to my own Avenger Shurikan catapult. There were no signs of torture either.

I was angry before, I expect such behavior from Dark Eldar. They are warped and twisted parodies of their eldar relatives, and humans for that matter. But to see this done by a rational thinking Eldar Sickened me more so. That anyone would ratio would do this was disgusting.

As we moved into town, we saw a number of Eldar hanging from the walls. It would appear the humans had atleast put up a fight. In the hospital, we found a single life. A poor girl had been dismembered and had hall her organs removed; we tried to put her together using our psionic and medical skills to no avail. We were forced to kill her, but not before we learned that the Dark Eldar and (regular) Eldar had been going at it on this planet to each other as well.

In the towns only hotel, we also found Brother Seargent Agamors signature on the guest list! the Deathwatch here did not bode well. We stayed the night and followed the tracks out of town the next morning.

We came across 4 damage space marine bikes. We later found Agamor and Inquisitor Vuygens, surrounded by 5 Eldar Warriors. In the ensuing madness, I was able to cut down two of them before they fled into the woods and escaped. They appeared to have a Far seer with them. I only say this because he did not wear armor like the others, and because he did not bother firing his weapon at us.

After the fight, Agamor told us what he knew; The locals had uncovered a webway and several Eldar Pre-fall artifacts. Vuygens had eagerly come to study it, but had touched something he had called a ‘Wraith Beacon’, Which had then sucked his mind into the device and turned him into a Vegetable since. Predictably the Beacon, now turned on, made the Eldar in the surrounding area (who knows how far that really is given the expansive size of the webway) aware of its existance and they converged to recover it.

From what I know of Wraith beacons, they are both incredibly ancient and rare, and extremely powerful. They are able to mold Eldar Wraithbone on a massive scale. Possibly even able to construct an entire Craftworld over night with one. Useless to the Imperium really… We do not produce the Plastic known as Wraithbone, and I’m guessing that nobody wants to live in Wraithbone hive worlds anyway.


Gilgamesh achilles

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