Shadows Over Calixis

Die Eldar Skum!

Violence Really Does Solve everything!

Author: Constantine,
Type: Personal Journal Entry

After discovering that Dark Eldar were here, and that furthermore, they knew of the book, and even more, there were lots of them, and their little chaos doggies too, I decided I wasnt going to play this one fair.

Like I always say, you there are the smart, quick, or the dead. I suppose if you were an imperial battle Titan, then you dont have to be any either. Exceptions aside, I find these fundementals to be true, every single time.

Somehow I always thought that these larger than life space marines were unstoppable brutes. Today I was both wrong and correct.

Brother-Sergeant Agamorr, Space marine designated to escort us to the Wreckage in order to recorver the Luminous reproach (I now believe van vuygens not only knew about the book, but wanted us to retrieve it without alerting others to its presence) stopped to annihilate an oncoming horde of Chaos Beasts. while we fled onwards to complete our mission. At the time I thought him the bravest AND dumbest person I had ever met.

I was wrong. But I digress, we’ll get back to that later.

I had waited near the crack in the hull of our black ship for over an hour. After repeatedly doing the math on the odds we faced, I decided this plan would fail. Not only would we have to hold the eldar at bay, we would have to find a way off the hulk… WHICH would have meant we’d have to travel back to our drop ship (an unlikely prospect given time constraints), OR wait for the navy to blow the space hulk apart and use escape pods to get out(equally futile if you ask me).

So I did the next best thing. I went and got a new Lander, flew it through the many cargo holds of our black ship until I found the Eldar , and blasted them to pieces with an Auto cannon!

Hah, I bet they didnt expect that!

There were some unfortunate mishaps however. While I was in the shuttle bay, I used a power loader to rip off the auto cannons from the other drop ships, and attempted to rig them up to the cargo ramp and top mount for additional firepower.

Some of the Eldar flew in using some sort of flying device, and during the ensuing firefight, brought the tech priest Xbox and the Arbite X down. I’ve seen a lot of death in my time, and I must say even I might believe in miracles after seeing they hadnt died. Kyra Rushed them with a sword (even more insanity if you ask me!) and I was forced to bring the eldar down with my auto gun.

After the Brawl in my lander, I Turned the guns on the foot soldiers. They couldnt even penetrate the armor of my lander. Oh but did my bullets pierce them! It was akin to blasting overripe melons with bolter rounds… The voice in my hand returned, urging me to kill them… to gun them down like my fellow soldiers on Mara IV … For once I agreed with the voice. Dark Eldar skum should be systematically butchered. I suppose I should thank the Eldar the next time I run into them for being negligent in their duties to cull the dregs of their decaying society… I still have nightmares of Mara. So many deaths. No small number due to myself. Yet it could not be helped… I cannot write on this more… it pains me to even think on it.

We had some others in the brawl too. 2 Acolytes of Inquisitor Soldeven. how these incompetant fools got to the center of this hulk , let alone how they became acolytes is beyond me. Calculus-Logi Trempan the tech priest, a nice enough fellow, but not terribly good at killing, healing , or Teching in my opinion was next to useless. Lady D WAS useless. I think in the end, I had brought down over 30 Eldar warriors. She might have seen 1 of them. maybe even shot at it. I dont know.

During this massacre, Brother-Sergeant Agamorr came crawling through the hull of the Black ship. Somehow he had beaten those Dogs! That man is made of Sterner stuff if he survived them. I’m still stunned.

Now that they were dead and we were aboard our shuttle, we waited until the Black ship was blast free of the Space hulk wreckage and we flew ourselves free of the debris.

All in All, They can have the damn book, AND the sword. I got myself a space ship with big Honkin Space Guns!


Gilgamesh achilles

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