Shadows Over Calixis

Debriefing Kiyra - Iocanthos Affair

Ref: Inq/04568356/BI
Author: Acolyte Kiyra
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Mission Debriefing

The journey to Iocanthos was uneventful.  Upon arrival we were approached by a cherub servitor that beckoned us to follow to our contact in Port Suffering.  As we followed the flying servitor we were attacked suddenly and without provocation by the local populace.  A half dozen individuals attacked us and engaged our guardsman.  I moved in to support him with my blade.  Unfortunately the situation escalated quickly and several of the attackers were purified.  We were unable to capture any of the attackers alive, but deemed the incident to be minor and of no consequence to our investigation on Iocanthos, so we moved on to meet up with our contact.

Our meeting with our contact in Port Suffering was as expected and he provided ground transportation to the outpost.  The passage to Stern Hope was far from uneventful.  While we were not directly threatened we noticed an unusual concentration of odd, eyeless birds.  We heard reports that these birds had been growing in numbers recently.  We were not able reach Stern Hope in a single days travel and were forced to make camp until the next day.  That evening we were awakened to find a grisly totem of a dead native without eyes displayed at the edge of our camp.  Further study found no explanation of how the body got there or who did it.  Time was of the essence, so we had move swiftly to reach Stern Hope.

Upon arrival we met with Abbot Skae and Interrogator Aristarchus.  After the routine pleasantries we were shown to our rooms where we formulated a plan.  At first we found no clues or evidence that anything was out of the ordinary.  We decided to investigate the reports of the lights in the hills surrounding the settlement. 

We set off early the next day as we arrived late in the day.  As we hiked through the outlying area, we were once again attacked, but this time our assailant was a wild feline-like animal.  Something was odd about the animal, something not normal.  Even though nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the outpost, the wilds around the site certainly seem to be warp-tainted. 

Not far from where we were attacked, we noticed an unusual rock formation in the hills.  As we approached it looked at first glance to be nothing more than the animal's den.  We found the remains of what may have been five individuals.  Identification of the exact number was impossible as the bones were scattered and our only guess came from the skulls we found.  As we looked around the den, we noticed that it looked like it could be a crude altar.  Further examination proved that it indeed was being used as an altar of some sort.  While we searched for more clues as to the purpose of this altar, one of our members keenly spotted something in the remains and rubble.  When he pulled it out we all recognized the holy symbol.  It belonged to the Abbot. 

We made haste for the Outpost.  Night was closing in on us, but we knew we couldn't stop to rest.  The christening ceremony was the next day and if anything was to happen, we knew it would happen then.  We had to get back.  When we arrived back at Stern Hope, we learned that the Abbot and Aristarchus were in the Cathedral.  We moved swiftly to confront the Abbott but noticed the entrance was being guarded.  Before moving in, we needed to know what was happening inside.  The rest of our team remained on lookout while I stealthily scaled the side of the Cathedral.  What I saw was Abbott Skae and Aristarchus opposite each other in front of the altar in the Cathedral.  Something seemed wrong about the situation.

I reported my findings to the rest of the group and we decided to confront the Abbott about his holy symbol at that point.  When we approached the guarded gate, our suspicions were further confirmed by the odd behavior of the guardsmen.  We insisted on seeing the Abbott as we had information important to the safety of the Cathedral and everyone in the Outpost.  Instead of letting us pass, they continued to bar our entrance.  We finally had to coerce them into letting us in with force.

When we entered the door the Abbott confronted us from across the chamber.  Aristarchus however did not seem to notice us.  We informed the Abbott that we had information for him, but he insisted it wait till the morning.  Throughout our exchange with the Abbott Aristarchus continued.  We became concerned when the Abbott ordered Aristarchus to dismiss us.  At that point we asked him about his holy symbol, he claimed it was stolen from him.  We did not believe him.  When we directly accused him of heresy he changed.  At the same time Aristarchus pulled out a deck of the emperor's tarot and began to lay the cards one at a time in front of him.  Suddenly a wave of terror erupted from the Abbott.  Warp tainted power overcame myself and our techpriest.  We both retreated from the encounter, but the arbiter and the guardsman remained.

Fortunately we were able to subdue both the Abbot and Aristarchus, however, neither survived the altercation.  At that point we contacted you.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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