Shadows Over Calixis

Cult Exterminated

Purge the unclean!

Still needs revision

One of the subjects of interest that came up recently, was a cult in the underhive distributing food for cheap. This seemed suspect to us because of the Remarkable lack of food anywhere else in the hive! Further investigation led us to the fact that the cult was populated by many mutants! After the Tyranid infestation on Elros, and seeing the vast number of Human Hybrid mutants, we concluded this would be a good way to lure unsuspecting citizens into the waiting arms of the Hive mind.

As such, we went below and tracked down this cult… and in the slag fields far below the city, we found them preaching their dark arts in a profane temple of some chaos god!

After Kiyra snuck about the temple and witnessed them transforming someone into a giant metal encased super mutant, we took upon ourselves to apprehend the priest and exterminate the cult.

The temples double doors led inside to a small antechamber with another set of double doors leading to the chapel, and two flights of stairs to either side that led up to a ramshackle balcony. We rigged the inner doors with frag grenades in order to stop people that would flee, then proceeded to the balcony to lair down fire and separate the hoard from the priest (the former which would have presumably flee into the waiting grenades.

Our plan worked all too well. after I fired a frag missile into the big mutant, the resulting explosion blew apart the priest (somehow the big one survived), and goodly amount of the mutated parishoners. The survivors ran towards the doors, which exterminated anyone else in the room. Trantor put a bullet into the large metal encased mutant, and despite his heavy armor plating, it penetrated just slightly enough to bring him down, dead on the spot. The sole remaining survivor knew nothing of interest, which wasn’t surprising, as he was a puppet for the priest.

Unfortunately, searching through the cults belongings we discovered little of interested. The priest had given the Super mutant some wafer or something before his transformation. The blasts destroyed most of the equipment anyone was carrying. We werent able to determine if the transformation was due to Daemonic or Xenos influence. None of the dead bled blue however, and further inspection revealed none with Tyranid traits… Whoever these mutants were, they werent Tyranid in origin.

We DID discover however large tracts of grain stored in this area, stamped with the symbol of Baron Rhine! We took a sample of it, to see later if it was responsible for the mutation (indeed mutation is completely rampant on this world)

Alittle investigation of the Baron revealed he was an impoverished nobleman, barely able to make minimal tythe requirements until recently, and now he is Emporer sent, and not only feeding the whole of Gunpointe (underhive mutants included!), AND far exceeding his tithe requirements! Clearly he has a patron backing him with vast amounts of capitol in his bid for taking over the planet.

We are now inspecting the Grain silos that have been under constant threat for the last few years. Hopefully we will find something that ties this Baron to the recent crimes and suspicious activity here.


Gilgamesh achilles

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