Shadows Over Calixis


I hate bugs.

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Elros Tyranid infestation
Location: Elros
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: There be monsters here

We arrived on the feudal planet Elros approximately 4 days ago. Nearly 6 hours in our tech ‘priest’ Trantor divulged that we were looking for signs of Tyranid infestation in the local Administratum building, which ofcourse was ‘bugged’ by Tyranids. Fortunately the ‘bug’ was alittle too jumpy and ran for the door.

Thanks to Magnus’ superb pursuit of him (even if during apprehension he managed to destroy 2 store fronts with bullets and las fire), we were able to capture it alive for interrogation… I use that term loosely as Magnus and Trantors method of interrogation more resembles torture. Not as if I was going to say anything… it IS a tyranid after all.

Unfortunately, the two seem to have been more practicing for the main event rather than actually getting anything out of it. After nearly killing our charge, they relented tho. In hopes of getting information out of it later. I could heal it, but I see no reason to risk invoking the warp over the enemy, when time will do the same thing.

It now lies slumped in one of the Prison cells on our lander, shackled and chained to the steel floor plates, comatose.

A thorough search of arbitrator Jenks private quarters yielded some interesting Xenos Tech. As far as we can tell, the large mushroom shaped device is some sort of Hivemind Amplifier/vox caster… Perhaps letting him commune with the hive at great distances.

After secreting that away on the The Reaper, we then flew to the mainland, careful to avoid any of this worlds primitive inhabitants.

We set down in some fields a few hours from the capitol city of Elros, Taejon. Elros is in the throws of Civil War. When the former Governess Sarna passed away, her two daughters Hyua and Hyun began a power struggle control of the planet. While Hyun is the new governess, it would appear her reign will be short lived, as her siser Hyua advances on the capitol with incredible haste.

I have no doubt in my mind this has been caused by the Tyranids, as a precursor to their own attack in which they will conquer the planet and assimilate its people into their hoard.

After a few days of searching, we uncovered a number of rumors that would seem to back this theory up. Of those, these 3 were the most relevant.

1)Musa Jung Hyua has entered an alliance with the Dark wizard of Khyber Pass, it is only with his sorcerous aid that the Governess’ armies are defeated.

2) A new young Musa Jung has arisen in the west during this time of turmoil. she leads an invicible army that cannot be defeated.

3) The City has already been infiltrated by the enemy. They prowl the streets of the paupers district at night and terrorize the people of Taejon.

Because it was the easiest one to investigate, we headed to the Paupers district to investigate it. There were also reports of something stealing the bodies of the cities dead, and they seemed related. We soon learned that most of the trouble was coming from a massive dilapidated windmill near the outskirts the city. The term massive does not give it justice. It Stood over 600 METERS tall! It was a disappointment to see its form in shambles. We ventured near it at night, using our night vision to easily avoid the guard patrols. It wouldnt do for us to be discovered with advanced weaponry, not to mention we were men as well! As a native to Zilmans domain, I can say that showing a primitive a Lasgun can be a harrowing experience for those viewing it. There, the King owns a lasgun and that makes him King! Showing these savage women what an autogun could do to their pretty little bodies would accomplish nothing but mass panic. as we reached the windmill, the stench of corpses became unbearable.

Using an Auspex, Trantor was able to detect something large and inhuman inside the structure. At first we believed it to be a Tyranid… after all.. thats what we came to this planet to find and kill. What was inside the windmill was horrifying. only once in my life have I seen such insanity… this came very close tho. The ground floor of this massive windmill was filled waste deep with corpses. it was a mass grave, only no burial had taken place. Despite my searching… I could not see the beast from the outside… I heard it feasting on bodies. it was eating them! I backed away from the entrance to consult Trantor and the Auspex, in hopes of seeing it. When he showed me, it had moved up to the entryway in preparation for ambush.

Magnus, had decided he’d had enough of this beast, whereever it was and so he readied his combat shotgun and jumped into the breach… and promptly fainted in Terror! Janus, the local Arbite we took from Emperors island to assist us in talking with the female rulers of this place, fainted dead away as well.

The thing revealed itself… and I while I have no experience with Tyranids, other than the human form Tyranid lanquishing in my Acquila lander, I was sure this was not one.

It was a writing mass of Worms, dripping in Acid, covered in some Xenos tech cloak that nearly rendered it invisible. I fired with my auto-pistol, with minimal success.The bullets had no flesh to ruin, but a few worms. Trantor hit it with a krak grenade, sending hundreds if not thousands of liquefied worms in all directions and it barely gave the being pause… A krak grenade of all things? We’ve killed Daemonhosts with such ordinance! The worms around its head parted to reveal a metal orb, which then enunciated in a emotionless metallic voice that it would destroy us. It slammed me with its ‘arms’ nearly killing me. I was on the ground barely conscious… I let loose another volley, and once again I wonder again about the emperor being an almighty god who watches over us. It could have been just chance, but by some twist of fate, one of my shots flew threw it and must have ricocheted off the metal Annunciator of its face and hit some vital animating force inside this mass of worms. b/c the whole thing flew apart into a gout of Acid!

After peering at the remains of this thing. 3 things became revealed themselves; the metal orb and the Shroud both were obviously some form of advanced technology, any normal cloth would have dissolved in the acid,Their design was obviously of Xenos origin. Secondly, I don’t believe it was Tyranid. According to the Infantry mans uplifting primer, a book given to all soldiers in the imperial armies, it clearly describes the Tyranid as a race of beings whose technology is almost universally Biological. This was the second occurrence of machine high technology in a week on a planet with little more than sword and basic black powder muskets.

We roused Janus eventually, but Magnus would not stir. we drew him away from the bubbling pool of acid left by the worm beast, and ventures inside the place, creeping up the stairs to see if anything else was left behind.

When we reached the top of the rotting windmill, yet another Xenos marvel awaited us. Even Trantor, with his vast knowledge of Technology (despite his superstitions regarding it) was unable to decipher what we found. We found a pedestal, with strange writings and digital map on the top of it, which was a screen. while it was clear it was a cogitator of sorts, we had no idea of its purpose. Not wanting to dally here any longer, I affixed my personal homing beacon on it in a place I hoped would be inconspicuous. if the humans of this planet found it, I’m sure they would do nothing with it, as they probably would not be able to even understand what the technology was let alone what the beacon was… if any other Xenos come back, I can only hope they don’t notice it!

When we reached the floor, we saw a large group of Musa standing near where we entered, and Magnus’ body was gone! Due to our nightvision, they were unable to see us in return, and so we escaped via another hole in the structure and followed them back to the palace.

Afterwards we made our way back to the lander in order to retrieve the head Arbite on emperors island to intervene on our behalf with the governess, and to leave this message with you.

Be advised, whatever is on Elros, I do not believe it is Tyranids alone. Sending a fleet here with a legion of Astartes recommended. We were barely able to kill this worm beast with our weaponry, the local population would have virtually no chance at all to, barring large numbers of them. Because of this, I can only assume there are a great many Xenos, Tyranid or otherwise. At first I thought they might be necron, but I have never heard of necrons using anything but mechanical components in their construction and never talk. Perhaps more Eldar trickery? I do not know. Eldar make much more beautiful things. This was horrific, almost daemonic in appearance.

I have a feeling things are coming to a head regardless of whether we will it or not. If you do not hear from us in 2 weeks time, assume we are dead and send a fleet to scour this planet. I cannot at this time recommend exterminatus, but I can recommend a force with heavy weapons at the very least. the imperial guard with lasguns will not suffice.


Gilgamesh achilles

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