Shadows Over Calixis

Bad Robot!

who equipped them with krak missiles!?

Ref: Inq/084735225/QP
Author: Acolyte Constantine
To: Inquisitor Van Vuygens
Subject: Gunpointe Tyranid infestation
Location: Gunpointe
Sector: Calixis
TFTD: Necrons

After finding the Barons grain down with the mutants, we moved to have a sample of the grain examined. We are still waiting on the results to come back. We also played doctor for a day and examined the the mutants, the results of which were also inconclusive.

We DID uncover a few things tho:

1: The food shortages started a few years ago. 2: the mutations also started a few years ago. 3: The Baron started shipping in his own supplies, a few years ago.

At this point we are leaning towards arresting the Baron and wringing the information out of him.

We moved to search the grain silos and the surrounding area. And during one of the nights we were there searching the silos, another arson occurred! We tracked them to another burnt out silo and thanks to Magnus’ years on the force hunting down criminals, we were able to track them to the roof, where they had exited this hive level to the one above us via a cleverly hidden passage (protected by melta bombs of course) the secret passage opened into an upper middle hive night club!

at this point we lost the trail, so we alerted the authorities to the existence of the tunnel and had it sealed permanently.

As we are currently at a stand still until our results come back for the grain and mutants, we turned our attentions elsewhere.

During our investigation of the Tyranid on Gunpointe, we came across rumors of the Serrated Query again. Although we didn’t know it yet, their head quarters were located with the Metallimax manufacturing facility. The green lights that seemed reminiscent of the necrons had intrigued us, and so we set about to sneak into the place and look around.

Observation of the facility proved useless, so we decided to enter the complex via the massive ventilation shafts that proved air circulation for the toxic chemicals.

When we found a vent leading to Metallimax, we tried to remove it and drop down from the roof using our mag-grapnels. Pressing my face against the grill, and focusing my will, I was able to detect two hulking presenses below us, and Trantor confirmed them with his auspex. We decided to carefully try to remove the vent grill and descend into the manufacturing plant silently.

Unfortunately, Kiyra set off a melta bomb attached to the air duct, causing a massive explosion that nearly killed us! The explosion also destroyed our ropes holding us to the ceiling, which left us free falling towards the ground!

What happened next, I don’t know if I should be thankful or fearful. My suspicions were confirmed in that moment. Kiyra stopped in mid air, floating 30 feet off the ground. Trantor and I were able to grasp onto her, saving our own lives as well. Kiyra is a rogue Psyker. I have witnessed it many times since Elros, and possibly even on the Space hulk twilight. I hope she will go to the black ships willingly as I have, realizing it is the only way to safeguard her self and those around her, from the daemons of the warp.

The commotion however alerted the 2 unknown entities to our presence… Two Praetorian battle servitors, one of them armed with Krak Missiles! After a furious fight (which mostly involved Kiyra chopping them up with her sword, since our small arms fire did absolutely nothing to them) we left them as two smoking heaps of metal and flesh. By some twisted turn of fate, Trantor was able to avoid the missiles that came flying at him! Being a krak missile enthusiast myself, I can say with a degree of certainty that being hit with one of them is not conductive to long life.

At that point, we had decided that something illegal was going on here. Who guards their warehouse with melta bombs and Military grade war machines? I must admit, even if there wasnt something illegal here, we’d certainly be planting some evidence of something illegal after this mess!

We worked our way back , careful to remove any evidence of our presence here, and then found a familiar sight, an extra dimensional drug lab!

Kiyra also found, when she opened the door, a volley of fire from several men covered by large crates firing Necron weapons and hell guns erupted around her. Needless to say, she wasnt standing after the volley, and by some grace of the emporer, she even survived (mostly intact anyway)

Trantor rushed their position trying to get to Kiyra to save her life before she bled out, but met the same fate as the she.

It was then left to myself and Magnus to take care of business. So I did what I do best, and sniped them with Krak Missiles! Despite my best efforts, I am not well equipped to take prisoners. I blame it on my Imperial Guard training. Emporer bless the core, I am too well trained to kill , and not to maim! it is no wonder the imperium rules the galaxy!

Fortunately, Magnus is a far worse shot than I, and he was able to disable one of the guardians which enabled us to subdue him….

As Trantor was barely clinging to life, and missing a hand entirely (a blast from a Hell gun melted it off, boy will he be happy about that when he comes to), it was left to me to investigate the place. I profess to be no great sage of technology. I admit I am but a novice with Archeo-tech, but I was not so inept as to not recognize a count down on a bomb when I see one! They had rigged the place to blow!

I grabbed what was close by and handy and ran towards the door, sure to grab the prisoner on the way out.

We weren’t sure if only the extra dimensional space would implode or if the entire building was, but given that the timer said 5 minutes, I could only drag our downed comrades to some metal crates outside the pocket dimension, and build a flimsy cover that I hoped would be sufficient to save them should the entire place blow!

I then quickly ushered Magnus towards the vent shafts and climbed up and ran for it down the vents. and as luck would have it, only the pocket dimension dissolved.


Gilgamesh achilles

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