Shadows Over Calixis

A Spacehulk Gone Wrong

Constantine, acolyte of the inquisition, servant of Inquisitor Van Vuygens

Private Journal Entry

Ah Spacehulks. What would seem to be a treasure Trove of forgotten Lore and Xenos Tech, usually turns out to be a pile of Trash infested with all manner of Evils.

Fitting really for those that travel there for plunder.

I find myself sent there to recover the Luminous Reproach, a holy sword made for killing demons. As I learned from some of the unfortunate souls Living there, well if you could call it living, since they are in fact ghosts, and living as in trapped for all eternity, the Sword isnt all that its cracked up to be, and what was really important was the Space marine Demon killing howto guide that was about to be snatched up by Eldar Skum.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m sent to pick up Trinkets, and who forgot that the book was here. Seriously, its so hard to find good Adepts these days to do all the digging that is required.

Or why I was sent to recover a weapon for the Ordos Malleus… Myself belonging to the ordos Xenos.

What I do know, is that I am sitting here in the middle of a space Hulk, waiting for the Eldar to come, and try and take this book from me, and simultaneously waiting for my commanders in the Battle fleet outside of the Space hulk to start blasting this thing to pieces, so I can escape upon an escape pod!

Another Group of inquisitors was sent here to recover the luminous reproach as well, one of their band was a traitor. He found the price for treachery on the business end of a Great sword. I will have a word with their master when I return. again, so hard to find good help…

I prevented the Loss of Life of the other acolytes who were duped, but only barely. My companions are Bloodthirsty! After killing the traitor, and one of the acolytes, they wanted to kill the remainder, meanwhile calling my desire to preserve life into question, b/c one of them was a sporty little poke Hole!

I can already sense corruption seeping into them. Wanton killing shall not be my way.

The Voices I’ve been hearing in my head for sometime feel more focused here. I am concerned the Warp is seeping into me. Perhaps it is my desire to learn more of it… I know I shouldn’t, I’ve seen what it does to you… Yet I feel I am denying part of myself. Part of my humanity. Its probably a foolish and terrible mistake, but I MUST know about the voices. I Bought some spook planet side and I think I will use and see if I can bring a little more understanding to myself about whats going on. True, I might just go insane, or worse yet I could get picked up by the black Ships… but the alternative… slowly losing my sanity over the course of my life by hearing this voices seems equally unappetizing.

I hear them coming. I must prepare…


Gilgamesh achilles

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