Shadows Over Calixis

Planet Collision III

rough draft still needs editing

I decided to lie to the Eldar. Not because they are Eldar, nor b/c I have a desire to see all xenos dead. No, I am not like that…They are no threat to humanity, and can only help us… I lied to them because they are a cowardly race, without compassion for anything not Eldar. Further, their courage is further marred… They would rather escape to their craftworld rather than save their Seed planet, and the humans.

So I told them these Smugglers might have Eldar prisoners. I’m doing them a favor. By saving this Hive planet, I will save the seed world. I will tell them the truth later. It is only just.

What I suspect these ArcheoTech smugglers really do is tinker with things beyond their understanding. I suspect they activated the Ancient spires on both planets, drawing them together. I suspect they will know about the enslavers. Besides, there really could be Eldar with them, if the smugglers are under the ‘Warp Jellies’ influence.

Both planets on the collision course have activated spires, appear to be archeotech, not xeno. If anyone knows who activated the spires, they will. Given this organizations proclivity for ancient technology, I suspect they accidentally activated them, drawing these planets together… Even if they dont, I’m betting someone knows something there that will help.

Hive ‘XXX’ was an industrial center… there was so much smoke and toxins in the air we were forced to wear respirators. Our ability to see into the warp became invaluable since we could see beyond a few meters. After fighting off several mobs of Enslaver dominated thralls, our investigation came to warehouse 9a. Behind the doors, 2 Ancient servitors guarded. They had no fleshy parts visible. Either they were murder Golems, or the Fabled Iron men. (note to self… do more research on the matter… are they one in the same?), Sentient artificial life is heresy in itself. We nearly killed ourselves with free thinking machines… These Iron men nearly killed Agamor, but my Plasma blaster saw them dead… eventually. That was not all that was in store for us. 3 enslavers came at us through the warp, and a pack of ravenous Xenos Guard dogs came at us. While Novus and I dealt with the enslavers, Agamor, Magnus and Trantor dealt with the dogs.

Unfortunately this gave the Smugglers ample time to warm up their cargo ship and escape.

Investigating the warehouse lead to a cache of archeo tech pistols, and a large stockpile of orc weapons (why you would want them I will never know.)

We Left the hive in defeat, decided to head back to the main hive, and see what we could learn about these spires. On the way back, see the smuggler ship going the same way! What fortuitous luck! I must admit these Eldar ships are fast. we caught it in no time, and now we prepare to board it…

Novus' Best Hits

... Novus and Constantine walked into the tunnel.  The criminal was just ahead of them, trying to run away but was only able stumble in fear.  Constantine prepared himself to run and tackle him, but before he could move, Novus spoke, Wait… I got him."  In moments he seized the thug's mind.  The man was paralyzed.  He couldn't move, his mind raced with fear. 

Novus and Constantine strode up to the man.  Constantine looked at him pathetically as Novus grabbed the man's forehead, his thumb and forefinger at opposite temples.  In seconds Novus was sifting through his mind for the answers to his questions.  Every important moment in his life swept aside as Novus searched for the information that the man wasn't even conscious of possessing.  Soon Novus possessed everything he needed.  With a nod to Constantine they walked away from the man paralyzed and slumped against the wall.  

Novus' eyelids close for a moment.  A sickeningly wet noise resulted from the criminals head exploding upon the wall.  His torture by corruption and insanity mercifully ended by Novus' will…

...Novus was apprehensive at the thought of being separated from his new position within the Holy Ordos.  His encounters with the Inquisition have been less than pleasant, but now he's on the other side of the glass, at least that's what he thought.  Now this new assignment.  Novus' strength of will is well documented and known within the Scholastica Psykana.  He can only assume the Inquisition checked him out and are testing him prior to assigning him to the cadre. 

The Thunderhawk hit the deck of the cruiser with a thump.  Novus' mind wandered to the sight of the sight of the mighty ship as they approached.  Aboard was his assignment, the astartes had captured a target that they couldn't break.  

Five psykers have tried, and five have failed.  Their minds broken, and their will shredded.  He wasn't nervous about losing himself, or dying.  He'd already lost himself, he'd been mind cleansed, the only life left is that which he lived from that moment from leaving the Scholastica Psykana.  

Novus approached the reinforced door.  Two large astartes marines flanked either side.  He could feel their contempt pouring through their armor.  He didn't know much about the different astartes chapters, but he had heard that the Black Templars are especially intolerant of psykers.  He can only assume this must be an important prisoner, or a prisoner with important information.   The slid open like large slabs of granite grating across the floor.  The chamber beyond the door was pitch black except for center which was illuminated by a single intense light.  Below the light sat a man, from this distance and despite the terrible wounds across his
body, you could see something wasn't right.  Most of his wounds were fresh, but others looked like they'd been weeping open sores for days, or even longer. Even from this distance, Novus could feel the corruption emanating from this individual, tickling at his mental barriers.

As he approched the chair he could sense that the two of them weren't alone.  He dare not reach out with his mind as he didn't want to provoke the Black Templars anymore than he had to.  He circled around the chair and could see the man's head was slumped forward, staring at the floor.  The restraints were thick and covered in hexagrammatic warding.  At this distance Novus could see he was covered in chaos runes.  As the being raised his head he could see the spiking emblem of chaos tattooed across his head.  Novus could see this experience was going to test every fiber of his being…

...Novus had been released by the Black Templars.  Apparently they were satisfied that the encounter with the Chaos Sorcerer hadn't tainted Novus.  En route Inquisitor Marr had sent orders for him to meet up with the rest of the Cadre at an auction of some sorts.  He sat in his quarters reviewing the dataslate containing the details of the mission.  He was relieved to be heading back to his squadmates.  Something started nagging at the back of his mind.  Someone was in the room with him.  He looked up to see the dart spinning inches from his forehead.  A green film coating the dart.  Two more darts joined it, spinning silently before him.  

Novus rose from his position, in the shadows across the room he saw the glint of glass right before the cloaked individual burst from the shadows.  Her black hair flowed behind her, her red stained lips peered from beneath the photo-goggles.  

She elegantly unsheathed two powerblades from her back.  Her lithe form slid around the obstacle between him and her.  Novus still felt nothing.  He could tell by her facial structure and body that she was very beautiful.  His mind slid into carnal thoughts for a moment before he snapped back to reality.  The two blades arced towards him with deadly intent.  

It is strange that they send a simple assassin to kill him.  Perhaps they didn't know of the power he could wield.  As she pounced, she slid through the telekinetic wave that would have thrown a space marine across the room.  The blades pierced him through the lungs.  A sly grin washed across the assassins lips, just inches from Novus' face.  He didn't react, it happened so fast.  The nymph of death withdrew her blades.  Blood bubbled from Novus' mouth.  To her surprise, instead of agony, Novus was smiling.  She puzzled for the second that cost her life.  She slumped to the ground, a cauterized hole through her chest.  Novus slid into

...the new lungs worked well.  They were the best respiratory implants they could find.  It wasn't even necessary to breathe anymore, however he kept the breathing anyway, it made him feel human.  The encounter with the assassin happened only weeks earlier.  They had replaced his lungs before he became conscious.  He couldn't regenerate the damage now. It was in the past now, and the past is nothing, just like his past.  

The doors to the auction opened.  The corruption issued forth like a roiling fog.  This has to be the place he thought to himself.  He reached out with his mind and found Constantine and the others.  They communicated their plans in silence.  Constantine warned Novus of a woman nearby who was apparently a dangerous psyker of notorious repute.  Novus decided to test the woman's resolve.  

The first shots rung out, Novus plied past Sartha Garns mental barriers, and seized her easily.  She had scholastica psykana training, however her will was weak.  She most likely followed the discipline of the weak, pyromancy.  Novus pulled her strings like a master puppeteer, dispatching the heretics at will.  It wasn't long before another psyker in the room noticed Novus take control of Sarth Garn.  This other psyker attempted several times to destroy Novus' mind and body by his sheer will, but time after again Novus withstood the attack and repaired any damage caused by the attacks.  Novus lashed out with pure anger and destroyed the psyker that was assailing his mind.  In the end, Novus alone stood, while the auction house lay in ruin, most dead or hiding behind cover… the distance.  Clearly the pirates were studying something.  They were stationary.  Constantine and Novus decided to assault the main ship under cover of night as they were the ones with heavy armor and infiltration capabilities.

They made their way slowly across the distance between their small boat and the pirate flagship.  Constantine began climbing the side of the ship in his power armor.  Novus timed his arrival at approximately the same time Constantine arrived on deck.  Suddenly the scene before him blurred and distorted and in a split second re-focused.  He had arrived on deck as he had hoped.  Constantine had arrived a second before Novus and was surrounded by pirates.  They had taken them by surprise.  Constantine shot the las cannon on the foredeck with his krak launcher, severely damaging the gun.  

Pirates burst forth from the holds.  Novus whirled on them, distorting his features into an image of utter maddness and fear, torn from the minds of the most vile and debased creatures that Novus had encountered.  Pirates abandoned ship, some passed straight out, while others just huddled in a corner murmuring to themselves.  Only a few stalwart individuals were unaffected.  It wasn't long before Constantine and Novus had cleared the ship, however the two other pirate vessels turned towards them…

...being stuck on this damned ship is a curse worse than death.  It is all he can do to stay sane. Novus has taken up a curious hobby.  The las cannon lay on the workbench, damaged by the krak missile.  Novus examines it curiously.  

The cannon raises off the bench and hovers in the air.  Novus examines it as it slowly twists and rolls with a thought.  Pieces start to disgorge from the cannon.  First small screws, then larger plates, springs, wires, and lenses.  It's not long before a cloud of parts hang in the air in front of Novus.  He identifies the parts that need repair or replacing and has Trantor make new parts.  While he waits for trantor he amuses himself by making the parts orbit each other in interesting and seemingly random patterns.  It's not long before Trantor enters the room muttering to himself something about monkeigh and disrespecting the machine spirit.  He's clearly uncomfortable with this method of repair.  The pieces
float from Trantors grasp into the whirling maelstrom of parts, the same number dropping to the floor that enter, presumably the damaged parts.  Within seconds the parts come together to form a las cannon.  Novus slowly rests it on the workbench.  Novus depresses a button and the cannon hums to life.  He smiles at Trantor as the tech-priest turns shaking his head…

...something is drawing Novus into the woods away from Landing.  He decides to explore this sensation alone, informing his compatriots he's going to look for some local fauna to subjugate. 

He wanders further into the woods when he comes across four pillars in the ground.  The trees envolope the pillars.  They appear to be covered in runes of some sort.  Runes he's never encountered before, maybe xenos.  "You're very powerful mon-keigh…" a voice says from behind him.  "I have only encountered a handful of mon-keigh with your strength, however I sense you possess a stronger will than the others.  You must understand that we must have that beacon.  Don't bother calling your friends, even you can't send a message from within these pillars." The eldar steps from beind a pillar with is arms raised to punctuate his words.  Novus turns toward this eldar.  "You will have the beacon when our Inquisitor's mind has been released from its prison."  The eldar's face contorts in frustration. "I have told you, there is nothing we can do for him."  Novus turns to leave, "Then I guess we have nothing to talk about."  With a sigh the eldar whispers "I may know where to go to help him, if you give us the beacon, I will do what I can to help."  Novus glances over his shoulder,"then we follow through with our deal.  Meet us at Landing and we will make the exchange."  With that Novus leaves the ring, leaving the Eldar standing alone, looking after Novus as he leaves…

..."you have not come to retrieve the beacon eldar, we will not leave completely until you uphold your end of the bargain." Novus telepathically communicates with the eldar he had met previously.  Before the eldar could respond Magnus reports that Dark Eldar are heading to Landing and they will arrive shortly.  "Too late eldar, your mistrust has cost you your beacon."  With that Novus motions for the bag the beacon was in.  The bag floats into the air and towards Novus.  With that the eldar open fire.  A massive hail of shuriken assault Novus.  The ineffectual fire spins harmlessly feet from him while other ricochete off his force field…

...Novus turns to see Magnus' shot barely miss the driver of the Dark Eldar transport, only to see the driver's head errupt in plasma as Constantine relieves the eldar of life.  Suddenly the transport veers out of control straight for the doorway that Novus is standing in.  Before he can react the enormous transport slams into the building and exploding killing all aboard and showering the town center with debris.  Novus pulls himself up, several meters from where he was standing and brushes debris off himself.  The wounds seal and melt away as if they were never there.  To everyone's amazement he strides out of the now destroyed doorway brushing himself off…

...Constantine and Novus both react before the others.  Their supernatural senses alerting them to danger approaching.  The first of the assailants bursts from the treeline straight for Constantine.  The tawny furred feline pounces on Constantine raking him several times, causing deep gouges in his power armor.  The second erupts into the clearing charging at Magnus. Constantine spins on the cat attacking him and tears it open with his sword.  With a demon-like howl of pain the feline dies at his hand.  The second feline had leapt and missed Magnus, however he was entirely unprepared to respond.  Quickly Novus seized the cats mind, and ordered it to lay down.  Constantine instantly recognized the tell-tale sign of a Novus-puppet and uneasily sheathed his sword, knowing that usually he is the recipient of any backlash cause by Novus.  Novus beckons the cat to approach and sit next to him.  He closes his eyes and caresses the poor creature, attempting to calm it.  Minutes pass for everyone, when Novus' eyes flick open.  He smiles at his new friend and strokes the fur on it's neck…

Through the Eye of the Needle into the Fire

After months of travelling through the webway we finally arrived at an Eldarr occupied Deathworld.  However something was definitely not right as the ground shake.  In the sky another planet loomed closer than naturally possible.  With the help of Prince Vharr we made our way to the closest eldar encampment which turned out to be completely abandoned, along with the psykic stones needed to impart the knowledge of the location of the craftworld back to Prince Vharr.  After accessing the various logs Trantor discovers that the planet hovering above the deathworld is populated by humans, which humans is still a mystery.  Also the planet had only arrived a few days ago.  After much debate we decided to head to the human world.  On the way to eldar hangar some ways a way from the main encampment I discover an area of the jungle that had recently had direct contact with the warp.  With that warning we picked up speed to the transport bay. 

As we took off we noticed some odd pillars in the distance rising up out of the jungle.  As we flew closer Trantor screamed for us to turn away in panick as he detected a massive radiation field around the pillars.  Circuits all across the control panel sparked and sputtered as we turned away just in time.  Contemplating if there was any way to approach the pillars we decided to resume course to the planet above. 

Now outside of the atmosphere and close to the other planet Trantor was able to get decent readings of the mysterious planet.  It is Salvation from the Segmentum Pacificus.  Silence filled the cabin as we approached the world from afar.  A flash of familiarity and homecoming was instantly replaced by foreboding and sadness as the arrival of this planet could only mean something terrible has happened.  The silence was broken by Trantor scanning through the various vox transmissions.  A few moments of switching a familiar sound filled our ears.  An inquisitorial order being transmitted to any that could hear ordering the Exterminatus of the planet.  We all exchange glances, realizing we have no means of carrying out these orders we decided to look Salvation.   After we landed near the bottom of the main hive, we geared up and left the Eldar Transport. 

 We made for the nearest Arbite enclave to discover it being beseiged by a mob.  We made our way through the crowd and managed to disperse them easily.  Magnus pulled rank and requisitioned the use of three rhinos and thirty arbites.  We mounted up and headed to the source of the Inquisitor's transmission in the Penny Pincher's District.  When we arrived chaos had erupted everywhere.  Gangs of thugs were kidnapping people and killing others.  Magnus took one of the Rhinos and troops to 'acquire' some subjects for interrogation while Trantor used the voxes on the remaining two Rhinos to narrow the location of the transmission even further.  Shortly Magnus returned with a subject.  I took him into the back of the Rhino while the rest of the squad stood guard.  Soon after my 'questioning' it became apparent that this individual was under some sort of influence, almost like he had been dominated. 

Shortly after my revelation my familiar, an impressive felid from the deathworld, began yelping in pain.  It became clear it was being attacked by something I couldn't perceive.  We mounted up the rhinos and moved out.  There was no way we could fight something we couldn't see.  By this time Trantor had located the transmission source coming from the main depository in the district. 

The driver made for the building, as we closed we detected eldar in the windows and on the roof.  They clearly had superior position.  We sent brother sergeant Agamor to distract the Eldar while we tried to breach the bank.  On Agamors mark all the arbites and him opened fire.  We took our rhino and tried to ram it through the front door.  We impacted the door with a great crash but it didn't feel like we smashed through.  Upon investigation it looked like we just damaged it.  We tried to ram it twice more, however on the third attempt the driver misjudged and caused the ammo bin to explode killing everyone within the Rhino except for the members of the Omega Death Squad.

Eldar Invasion
Eldar Invasion II

Eldar, I’ve seen enough of them to last a lifetime. I feel sick trading with them, but I know its the right thing to do. They murdered the Women and children here. NOT the Dark Eldar.

Its True, this was their world before it was ever man’s. Its true we are tresspassers. Its true they are dying as a race and The Imperium will achieve its manifest destiny and rule the galaxy.

Clearly there is an agreement of sorts with the Eldar and the Imperium… There are strict orders not to approach Craftworld Kaelor as it passes through the Calixis sector every thousand or so years. We even protect the world from contact.

Set up a trade for the Wraith beacon, We get the world for 5000 years in return.

Dark Eldar come to muck it up. We shoot the dark eldar tank driver, but it crashes into the building around the wraith beacon.

On the way into town, Dark Eldar in hover bikes and troop carrier intercept us. Constantine kills all but a single bike, which races after Magnus and Novus, who carry the Wraith beacon and Inquisitor. They kill him in a spectacular game of chicken with their vehicles.

Magnus Burns fate to recover it.

Eldar Troop ship lands on town, its the size of the town. Carrying enough troops to board other starships. We burn rubber, leaving 1 Dire Avenger behind as there is no space on his bike.

Constantine floats up to the booby trap nuclear bomb near the warp gate, attunes it to himself so he can summon it later.

He gets a stasis Grenade from trantor. hold hand out as far as I can from my body, and activate stasis field so that it doesnt cover my hand, just as I call the bomb, blowing the dark eldar to pieces.

Eldar Invasion
Eldar Invasion I

Our Inquisitor Van Vuygens was in trouble. The Emergency broadcast message transmitted directly to our minds was evidence of that. He was captured, incapacitated, or dead. We rushed to Zel Tertius to effect a rescue as fast as possible. We were tired of Spectoris anyway. He’d been on a foundling world called Zel Tertius. It had no imperial records, save a single Flier that indicated it was a new colony, and was welcoming people to come there and start new lives. While we orbited it, it appeared as such; an untouched Paradise, and a Welcome child to the Aging Imperium of man.

The attack came swiftly. No more than 15 minutes after entering orbit. The Bulk Freighter we had commandeered to reach Zel Tertius was ripped apart almost immediately by the Dark eldar Raider that had appeared without warning. 20,000 souls loyal to the emperor perished in an instant.

Without my skills as a pilot, we too would have been torn apart by its forward lances. The Eldar vessel turned to fire on us directly, and I was forced to cut the power on the Yacht in the atmosphere and free fall, hoping to confusing their targeting systems. I would then re engage engines close to the surface and look for a place to hide.

Obviously since I am writing this it worked. I touched us down at the bottom of a lake and powered down.

We Hiked into what Trantor recalled as the main settlement. Zel Tertius was a Frontier world. The Imperium had colonized it only 100 years prior. I later learned my suspicions were true; The Imperiums frontier was also an Eldar Maiden world. How unfortunate for the both of us.

On the way into town, we found a camp of slaughtered women and children. I was surprised to find the weaponry used to slaughter them was not of Dark Eldar origin. It was solid core ammunition similar to my own Avenger Shurikan catapult. There were no signs of torture either.

I was angry before, I expect such behavior from Dark Eldar. They are warped and twisted parodies of their eldar relatives, and humans for that matter. But to see this done by a rational thinking Eldar Sickened me more so. That anyone would ratio would do this was disgusting.

As we moved into town, we saw a number of Eldar hanging from the walls. It would appear the humans had atleast put up a fight. In the hospital, we found a single life. A poor girl had been dismembered and had hall her organs removed; we tried to put her together using our psionic and medical skills to no avail. We were forced to kill her, but not before we learned that the Dark Eldar and (regular) Eldar had been going at it on this planet to each other as well.

In the towns only hotel, we also found Brother Seargent Agamors signature on the guest list! the Deathwatch here did not bode well. We stayed the night and followed the tracks out of town the next morning.

We came across 4 damage space marine bikes. We later found Agamor and Inquisitor Vuygens, surrounded by 5 Eldar Warriors. In the ensuing madness, I was able to cut down two of them before they fled into the woods and escaped. They appeared to have a Far seer with them. I only say this because he did not wear armor like the others, and because he did not bother firing his weapon at us.

After the fight, Agamor told us what he knew; The locals had uncovered a webway and several Eldar Pre-fall artifacts. Vuygens had eagerly come to study it, but had touched something he had called a ‘Wraith Beacon’, Which had then sucked his mind into the device and turned him into a Vegetable since. Predictably the Beacon, now turned on, made the Eldar in the surrounding area (who knows how far that really is given the expansive size of the webway) aware of its existance and they converged to recover it.

From what I know of Wraith beacons, they are both incredibly ancient and rare, and extremely powerful. They are able to mold Eldar Wraithbone on a massive scale. Possibly even able to construct an entire Craftworld over night with one. Useless to the Imperium really… We do not produce the Plastic known as Wraithbone, and I’m guessing that nobody wants to live in Wraithbone hive worlds anyway.

Message From The Dark

Loss of senses, loss of awareness, loss of self. Your brain seems to have become a living pict screen. Green glowing letters scroll downward, its all that you can see, everything else is black.

BEGIN ASTROPATHIC ALPHA OVERRIDE TRANSMISSION+++++++Hunter Cell Down, Hunter Prime – In Jeopardy+++++++++++ All cells prepare to receive new primary objective+++++ Ensure survival of Hunter Prime+++ Location Zel Tertius+++++Haste is paramount, loyalty to the emperor is supreme, maximum firepower is divine+++++++Beware xenos in++++++++++++ END TRANSMISSION

Sight, sense, awareness, fade back into existence….

Sailing Sailing, sailing the ocean blue!
Spectoris Part IV

Day 1.

I remain in good hopes. I work in the machine shop with Novus, repairing the Las Cannon. hopefully we can repair this before we get back.

Day 3.

The Las cannon is finished. We go upstairs and squeeze off a few shots at birds and fish.

Day 5.

Our rations taste like shit. I hope we find someone soon. There are no women on this boat.

Day 6.

I’m bored. I start paging through Redoles work, trying to find out what he was really doing. Tech priest Magos’ don’t research something for the sake of research, and nor would they care about a local mystery of a planet like this outside of how to exploit it. there is something bigger here that he wishes to learn.

Day 14.

I vomit up the rations. They have gone bad. The humidity has caused bacteria to form on the dry stores, rendering them inedible. Everyone else stopped eating them 2 days ago. I did not notice as I was reading Redoles work…. you wouldnt believe what the Adranti created over this sector.

Redole was collecting things all over the sector for something…

Day 28

Immortality. So thats what Redole was looking for, and thats why Soldevan wants this remaining research. I dont know what day it is, These books are rotting me away. Time to put them down and do something else before I am like an Obscura addict. I have a beard now. Shit, I better go shave.

Day 30.

I’m reallly bored. I’m tired of the small fish Novus is bringing in with his psychic powers. I mop up all the human bits on the ship. I push half of them over board, I’ll save the rest for later. They form a giant chum lake in the middle of the ocean. I check the seals on my power armor, and Las cannon, and make sure everything is covered in Coral Paste. I secure a line to me from the crane, and nod to Novus to fling me into the trailing Chum Wake behind our boat.

The sea roils with fish, both large and small. My mind searches for even larger prey. I want to ride one. I watched an old Pict once where a real bad ass was riding a giant sand worm. I bet I could do it here too, only with a fish. One such creature comes, its giant fishy bulk was enough to swallow me whole, Power armor and all. I swim toward it lascannon strapped to my back just in case.I try to jump on its back and sink my hooks and ropes onto it. It seems incredulous that anyone would try this. As if no man has ever tried. Sane or otherwise. I will ride this beast.

It snaps at me and swats me at first, but when it sees the lascannon, it flees to the depths. It knows what it is, I can see the giant scorch marks on its face. I signal Novus to real me in, happy that we have fresh fish. I sigh. I wanted to ride the Kraken like a vengeful sea god delivering righteous vengeance to all who defy the emperors word!

Day 80.

We try again. I leave the las cannon on board this time. It fears it,and every other time I have brought it out has resulted in it not showing up. even the little fish arent showing up. Its playing with us. We need more food however, so we have to bring the fish back. I go down with some chain Knives, a chain axe, and a Shock Prod, I found amongst the dead.I will repair them later in the machine shop.

I have 2 long ropes, each with hooks on either end. I am going to wrangle this beast whether it wants it or not.

It comes this time. Smaller Fish come with it too, to watch in the spectacle, partake in the fish food, or assist. I don’t know. Novus Broad casts to them for me, “I am Constantine. I will break thee, Kraken of the sea, and I will ride thee. You will serve as my beast of Burden, and you will know your master.”

I can tell Novus is disapointed. This is probably the dumbest thing I have done. He thinks I will die. In fact, that was the only way I could get him to announce to the fish psionically. If I were to die, he would see that I go to the emperor Gloriously. Trantor manned the las cannon on deck should I need the help. Magnus was nowhere to be found. In fact we hadnt seen him in many days. I’ll take care of him when I get back.

The Kraken first tries grabbing me and dragging me to the depths. I knew he would try this. I chose a shallower area in the reefs so he would be limited. It was out of its depth here just as I was. It was a creature of the deep, not a small reef dweller. I stabbed the tentacle with my chain knife, its teeth hungrily sawing through its flesh. until it let go. The water was still deep enough here that I couldnt really see the reefs below, but I could see it coming for me again. another tentacle came at me, I hit it with my shock prod. The resulting roar vibrated my armor and caused the smaller fish to bolt.

It sped off. I sighed, thinking it was over again. Then it came out of the depths again, charging me, its mouth extended so large it caused a noticeable drag in the water. I’m not sure what happened next, but soon I was above the water being expelled from its mouth as it broke the surface, such was the fury of its charge. It smashes me with its tentacles in the air, dragging me towards its Gaping Maw. I rip the chain axe free and cut quickly sever the tentacle holding me, and I being to free fall towards it.

I get a good look at the Kraken finally. Like many of the larger creatures on spectoris, this one has tentacles. It resembles a giant shark and squid Crossed. Now that I have the moment to ponder, it seems obvious to me that no research would be required to determine that these creatures are engineered. Nature could not, would not produce something like this. It looks man made, like a submarine with arms to help it attack ships and eat the people on board.

I used the axe to slow my fall, I hacked into the beasts face as I fell, and used it to keep me close to the beast as I slid down it. I took out my hooked ropes, and hooked them to the krakens gills.

Thrash as the beast may, I managed to ride him for almost a minute before it kicked me free, and retreated to the depths never to be seen again.

The Brain Fish
Spectoris Part III

Arch Magos Redoles deep sea research lab gave new meaning to the word secluded. Over 1000 feet deep in the water, sensor shielded and equipped with industrial strength Psi Dampers, there was no real way to find it, unless you knew where it was.

It was a giant sphere, and inside contained his most personal research that was never turned over to the inquisition. These texts would be heretical even to the most radical inquisitor I suspect.

They elaborated how the life on spectoris was in fact artificial, created by the Adranti… Obvious, I know. what was not obvious however was that life ALL OVER THE SECTOR was artificial. These Adranti were not only theoretical geniuses, they made practical application of their skills a point in their daily lives it seems.

Additionally, Redole had captured something I call, ‘the brain fish’. it was an over sized piranha, with a giant brain, suck in a fish bowl in the center of the sphere. what he was attempting to uncover from it I do not know, but he had acquired it by working with an indigenous sentient species on spectoris called the ‘xxx’. the brain fish was their ancestor, a being a great primordial power… The Psi Dampers were here to keep it in line.

There was a cult here on Spectoris that worshipped the ‘xxx’ as gods a few centuries back. They worshipped under the guise of claiming the fish was an aquatic incarnation of the Emperor… The Ministorium did nothing until the worship turned to human sacrifice. Always leave it to cultists to blow their cover by sacrificing. Idiots.

We found Caerivus and his band down near the brain fish. They resisted violently. They put up a good fight too. The Melta Gun momentarily kept us at bay. But you can only carry so many grenades, and when your side arms are Needle pistols, and your opponents wear power armor, The fight can only go one way.

Trantor hit the Melta Wielder with a fire bomb. He ran off around behind the fish bowl screaming and dying has he went. The remainder were shreded by my Avenger Shurikan catapult. Never in my life have I seen such a weapon of destruction. it tears through armor as if it were not there, and will turn anything it hits into a red mist and bone fragments.

We collected the relevant notes from Caerivus and the sphere in general. we didnt know what to do with the brain fish, so we just left it there… It obviously wasnt going anywhere!

We returned to the ship to find more bodies on it than when we left. The other ships had attempted to board us. but something had killed them. When we stood on deck, we found out what. A giant fish monster had jumped on deck with us, and because biting and mauling Trantor. after it was unable to kill him, and it heard the hum of my chain swords. It fled.

We had no idea how to navigate, and the ship had no emergency beacon (perhaps salvaged), so we roamed the ocean for the next 6 months trying to find someone else to help us. But that, is another story….

Amphibious Assault!
Spectoris Part II

Having secured an ocean going transport, We made our way to Skellas reef in pursuit of Caerivas. When we got to the den of Scum and villainy, we didn’t learn much that we didn’t know. Caerivas was in ‘the Gorges’, a region of deep sea, that was little traveled on account of the high depth of the water, and accompanying extra-large sea beasts. Magnus was able to barter the power swords we retrieved from the drug lord earlier for some coralite made heavy stubbers.

we then made our way to the Gorges. We were faced with 3 large pirate ships, equipped with Las Cannons and heavy stubbers! These ships would tear our small cargo barge apart without even getting close to them. They hung stationary in the Ocean, clearly using their diving apparatus to search the bottom of the ocean for whatever they were looking for.

It was then I realized I would have to swim underwater, board their ships, and disable the Las cannons at the very least, less they bring them to bear on us in the water and tear us to shreds. Novus accompanied me, as he was the only other one who could swim in the water, as his armor was coated in the same coral paste to deter the marine life that mine was. I ferried him through the water as he was unable to swim (why they fail to provide Psykers even minimal physical education is beyond me).

Once we reached the flagship, boarding was a trival matter. I simply walked up the walls, and Novus Teleported. I used my Missile Launcher to disable the lascannons on each ship, while Novus paralyzed them all with fear, while he amused himself by flicking people overboard when it suited him.

Upon seeing the explosions from my krak missiles, Magnus and Trantor ordered our Ferrywoman Tam to bring them in close during the fighting so that they might board safely.

The occupants of the other 2 ships trained their Heavy stubbers on us for a time, but after watching futily as the bullets bounced from my armored bulk, and just stopped in front of Novus, they then set about to perforating our Transport! within moments they had sunk our ship, and both our Ferryman Tam, and our informant died screaming as the ship sank, and the fauna of Spectoris consumed them utterly. Magnus and Trantor made it safely to us, thanks due to the carapace armor we had taken from the kill team on Solomon once again saved us!

By the time they reached us, the flag ship was ours, and the 2 other ships had retreated, unwilling to challenge us w/o their las cannons.

We discovered Caerivus had indeed found what he was looking for, and had found some deep sea labority in the form of a giant floating sphere beneath the waves. we hauled up the diving bell, so that we could follow him down into the depths…

Part i

Erya nepthys killed again! Lord, please find the enclosed gene data against secured remains of erya nepthys. I have encountered, again on Solomon.  Here are

Spectoris, the azure water world gem of the calixis sector. Teeming with so much life, it can It sustain several nearby systems… also happens to be a death world…it’s local flora and fauna attack anything not natural to it with murderous intent. Marked by Angevin during his initial crusade to conquer the sector, it has finally been put to use within the last 600 or so odd years to feed the starving masses of man.

  Its many delicacies also attract poachers. The many tastes of spectoris are said to make men strong and women wet. It boasts the largest and most hostile marine life on the western fringes.

inquisitor sills marr, in his generosity, decided to strip us of the vast majority of the equipment we had picked up on Solomon, AFTER we had spent our pay on unnecessary frivolities! This left us with little money for anything else we moth need.

Another Inquisitor, Soldevan, had re tasked us to spectoris with little time to spare.

We were penniless when we got there, so we decided to take up a bounty on a local criminal to get us some operating capitol. A local drug lord had set himself up in the bowels of the Fishing Hive. He was using an airlock to lure in large marine predators whose body parts could be refined into an addictive narcotics so that he could kill and process them. When we found him, he was equipped in Light power armor, with several Xenos watchdogs and well armed minions. A swift thought from Novus mind sent them reeling, and we were able to apprehend the criminal, but not before a large deep sea predator broke through the air lock during the fighting and began to flood the place.

We took his gear, and brought him to justice, procuring enough money to pay for transport into the oceans of Spectoris.


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